Minutes approved at the June meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Overlee Community Center

3060 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA

April 7, 2014



·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Bob Vincent, Paris Jacobs, Tim Husson, Brad Bowser, Manga Dalizu, Merari Chollette, Mike Rubin, Steve Menard, Emily Menard, Jim Garner, Greg York, Karina Kolb, Murpy Freal, Trey McKula, John Ertter, Riley Eaton, Art Davis, Tom Ugast, Sumie Emory, Kurt Thiel

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the General Chair, Bill Marlin

·        Proof of Quorum – It was noted that there are 15 board members in attendance.

·        Approval of March Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the March Board Meeting Minutes, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of March Financials - Motion to approve the March Financials as submitted by the PVS controller, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of April Chair reports – Motion to approve the submitted Chair reports, seconded and approved.

        Officials Report

        Age Group Chair Report

        General Chair Report

        Operations Report

        Senior Chair Report

        Treasurers Report

o   Proposal to change the investment policy – We currently maintain a roughly $10,000 balance in our account. Our bank has a new regulation that for more than 6 transfers they will access a fee. Lately there have been numerous transfers and in order to try to avoid the fees the Finance Vice-Chair and Controller would like to increase the balance of operations funds to $30,000.

§  Motion to increase the working operating funds from $10,000 to $30,000 in the general operating account, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair Comments – See the General Chair report: Art Lopez, Head coach of Nada por Vida, is moving out of the area and the Nada por Vida program is in risk of disbanding as of the summer of 2014. The Potomac Marlins were offered to take over as the parent team, with Arthur Lopez as the head coach, but now with him moving there is not a head coach available as it is currently being conducted. In order to keep this program functioning a new head coach with a passion for program will have to take over. Several members of the PVS board feel that it possible that PVS could keep it going from a financial standpoint if we feel this is a program worth saving. Lopez indicated that he is interested in opening another similar program once he moves.

o   His new program will be a separate entity.

o   USA Swimming and The Foundation are very interested in helping to keep the program going and will help as much as they can.

o   Fairfax County Rec will allow the current program to continue as long as it continues in the same manner, but the pool bids are due to the county in a few weeks.

o   Our role is to be a governing body for competitive swimming. The Diversity Chair would like to see some of these kids who participate in the program and then move into competitive swimming. She suggests that we look at this group of swimmers and their demographics to see where they could swim on a club.

o   If someone is interested in taking over they must: help with the fundraising, working with the county to set up the practice time, get donations of suits, goggles, fins, etc. Anyone who is interested should contact Arthur Lopez or someone on the Board of the Directors.

·        Old Business –

o   In the January competition Committee meeting, the CCM endorsed adding Inter-squad meets, but in reviewing for Policy and Procedure updates, we realized the BoD never voted to endorse the motion.

§  Motion to endorse Inter-squad meets as sanctioned event in PVS, seconded and approved.

·        It is would be handled in all manners, just like a dual or tri meet. 

·        New Business

o   Officials Reimbursement – (see request) – There were four qualifying meets over the past month. Three Sectionals and Zones. There are 15 Officials who have requested reimbursement.

§  If we approve these, we will have just about used all the funds in the current budget and we have not yet started the summer LC season.

·        Motion to approve the reimbursement for the 15 Officials who have requested the funding, seconded and approved.  

o   Public Relations Liaison Position – We have received an email from an individual who is interested in finding out what the requirements are for the Public Relations Liaison Position. As a note, Paris has offered to take on this position when she is off the board in September.  

§  One comment was that they feel that the only person who can speak for the LSC is the General Chair.

§  While there can be two facets of this type of position 1. To answer questions regarding what is going on in PVS. 2. Someone who can push out information on the happenings in PVS.

§  The General Chair and Admin Vice-Chair will discuss what this position might look like and then decide how we want to move forward.

o   Controller Job Description –

§  See report from Bob.

§  The Finance Chair will sit down with John Ertter and go over the job description for the Controller position. Once an agreement is made regarding the job description, discussions with the Compensation Committee will begin.

o   Approval of new club – There is a new club that has applied for membership, YMCA Silver Spring Piranhas. All paperwork is in order and YSS has been approved by USA Swimming.

o   Motion to approve the YMCA Silver Spring Piranhas as a new PVS Club, seconded and approved.

§  Looking at about 100 swimmers, Head Coach of record is, Stephanie Shepard, she been hired from outside the area and will be moving to the area.  

o   2014-2015 Budget – Finance Chair, Bob Vincent and Controller, John Ertter have prepared the budget for the Board to Review.

§  Bob would like to publicly thank John for all his hard work in the preparation for the 2014-2015 proposed budget.

§  If we were to approve the budget as proposed and we meet it, our reserve would go from 92% to 91%

§  There was a budget review meeting with Bob Vincent, John Ertter and General Chair, Bill Marlin in attendance.

§  Before the Budget is approved the Board is asked to add the following items: 

·        Add a Swimposium to the next year budget. It is projected to cost PVS $8000

·        Add a Budget item for Safe Sport, to include travel, education and training; $10,000

·        Increase Hospitality for PVS Championship meets by $2000 ($300 to $350 per course per session)

§  Motion to add the above budget items to the 2014-2015 budget as listed above, seconded and approved.

·        The increase in the hospitality budget from $300 to $350 per session will that be enough of an increase to cover the costs associated.

·        Paris who runs the JO meet feels that yes that is enough, but it is always dependent on what is served and how the host team manages the funds and food.

§  For the line item 54240 (Other Officials Support) from $1000 to $2000 due to Officials to attend seminars.

·        Motion to increase 54240 from$1000 to $2000, seconded and approved.

o   The question was that couldn’t it go under line item 54210, Officials Ed/Travel Assistant. Tim would rather see it under other Official’s Support. The other place it could go is 59170 (Other Meetings), but John Ertter feels that this part of the budget it more for Special/Extra meetings that just pop up and are not necessarily a yearly planned meetings.

·        Motion to increase 57135 (open water travel reimbursement) from $500 to $3600, seconded and approved.

o   Amended to $3600 seconded and approved. This will allow for up to 8 swimmers to receive a full share, or more swimmers to receive a portion of the funds.

§  Motion to approve the amended budget as presented, seconded and approved.

·        Round Table Discussion

o   Aloha Splash – This event took place at KSAC this past weekend. Murphy Freal attended and enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed that so few people attended. There were a total of 77 swimmers who attended. Some were PVS athletes, some were triathletes and a few were from Special Olympics.

§  Both the General Chair and AG Chair attended and felt it was a well-run event.

§  From a budget standpoint, roughly $1000 was donated to Special Olympics. They will refine the expenses and will ask the BoD for reimbursement for expenses; the funds will be requested out of the OW budget. Hoping to have more in attendance next year.

o   Eastern Zone Diversity Camp – a proposals was sent to USA Swimming for PVS host the 2015 Diversity Summit (June 25-28, 2015 general idea of the date). If you have any questions please ask the Diversity Chair, Merari Chollette. Currently PVS is the only LSC that has put in a proposal. The vote will take place at the Eastern Zone meeting in May. The proposed facility is University of Maryland then the athletes will possibly have pool time at two other pools (Takoma, Howard University and West Potomac Park are the facilities being proposed).The summit will include 2 athletes and a coach from each LSC. USA Swimming does provide some funding.

o   Housekeeping –

§  P&P was sent out late this afternoon. Please remember this is a working document. Most of the changes have been made. Please take some time to review it so we can do an e-vote for approval. There are a lot of red-line changes, there are a number of changes that are made based upon what we are doing vs how it was written. This does need to be endorsed to go forward to the House of Delegates in May. The By-Laws were updated and approved in October by John Morse from USA Swimming.

·        The 8 & U Coordinator position?? Where/what do we want to do with this position?

o   Manga, Age Group Chair, who proposed the position feels it falls under the Age Group side and flows up.

o   It will be added as a committee that reports to the AG Chair.

·        Warm up policy is continually being ignored so it has been moved from Operations to Competition.

·        Other things like OVC Officers, Hy-Tek dos file, etc. have been removed and/or changed to reflect our current policies.

§  There will be an e-vote in approximately one week.

o   The June meeting will be held on Monday June 9, 2014 at Overlee.

o   The General meeting was adjourned and an Executive Session took place.