Minutes approved at the April meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Video Conference

March 16, 2015


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Mark Faherty, Mike Rubin, Manga Dalizu, Steve Menard, Heather Purk, Jim Garner, Merari Chollette, Murphy Freal, Kurt Thiel, Brian Pawlowicz.

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Bill Marlin at 8:45 pm.

·        Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient number of voting members in attendance.

·        Approval of February Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the February Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Report and Financials – Motion to approve the reports as submitted including the monthly financials, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair comments – Bill Marlin was asked to give an update on the QDD request to transfer from VSI to PVS. Bill reported that he has spoken with Chris Cook, a member of the QDD Board, regarding their status of the request. Both the PVS Board of Directors and VSI Board of Directors will agree to the transfer; however at this point it is up to the respective House of Delegates to make the decision. The VSI HOD meeting will be in April. If it passes in VSI, then PVS will discuss further.  Bill and Chris also discussed the meets that QDD ran. Bill explained that several teams in our LSC were note overly impressed with how QDD meets were run and were not sure they wanted to return next year. He indicated they will really make an effort to step up their efforts to run better meets and are hopeful that PVS clubs will come back and give them another chance. It was then asked “If they are accepted how quickly will they become a member of PVS?” Our understanding is that can be a fairly quick process once both LSC’s decide.  

o   Any new Budget items – Please remember to send your budget items to John Ertter.

o   Eastern Zone meeting update – Bill will be making reservations for everyone who is going to the EZ Meeting and John Ertter will pay of it. Please email Bill to let him know if you are planning to attend and if you plan to attend the reception.

·        Old Business – No old business to discuss

·        New Business

o   PVS Championship Meet Hospitality Session allowance – Based upon feedback from Brian Pawlowicz and Paris Jacobs the meet managers from the PVS Championships, it was noted that both meets went over the budget for the meet’s hospitality. These meets were large and they were feeding a lot of coaches and Officials. JO’s cost just over $5000, which breaks down to about $400 per course per session (14 sessions). JR/SR Champs was just over $4000 (12 sessions) which breaks down to $336 per session. The teams responsible for hospitality were cooking and making efforts to keep the cost down; however with the increased number of Officials and Coaches on deck for these large meets it was impossible to stay under budget.

§  Bill would like to propose $500 per session.

§  Can we have two different amounts for Championship meet and Open Meets? Yes, we can set the budgeted amounts to whatever the BoD feels is appropriate.

§  Why is it more expensive now versus the past? Primarily due to the fact that we can no longer do as much cooking due to health codes. And the number of Officials is increasing.

§  In general those think the $500 is a good amount.

§  Motion to increase the Hospitality stipend for PVS Championship meets to $500 per session per course, seconded and approved.

·        Round Table Discussions

o   Championship Meet Recap

§  Brian/Tom – Junior & Senior Champs. Manga did a great job setting up the plan with all of the changes due to the poor weather. There were other suggestions, such as running the timed finals on Sunday afternoon, to get them out of the pool earlier on the weekend. Struggled for timers a little bit, but not as much as in the past. Friday was the toughest. Saturday was good. Sunday night was a little rough, but was having issues filling all the lanes.

·        One girls cut her eye and received stitches. Brian followed up and she was fine.

·        GMU was great about the weather and communication, a huge thanks to GMU and their entire staff.

·        Total cost of GMU rental was $30,500, which was without Thursday, since that day was cancelled.

·        GMU indicated they are going to add an additional supervisor to the staff for all meets beginning in September. This will add an additional $20 per hour for staffing.

·        Harold and Sarah were great. Equipment seemed to work fine.

·        Several parents were angry in the stands. The GMU Fire Marshal came in and wanted to shut the meet down. They cleared the stands, but it over-filled the lobby. It seems we are outgrowing GMU with running both meets at the same time. Something we are going to need to address at the upcoming CCM.

·        Warm up/Cool Down pool was fine, the 10 minute breaks were worked into the competition pool and it all went smoothly.

·        GMU agreed to add a lane in the Juniors course so they were able to run it as 10 lanes, which helped timelines.

·        GMU is really starting to push the idea of giving us a roll of 500 tickets and only allowing 500 people in the building (spectators). We will have to discuss this at competition along with the number of swimmers as this will affect how many swimmers is reasonable, so the parents can watch.

·        Manga, Senior Chair, indicated that there will be discussion about moving the meet to Maryland and/or splitting the meet.

·        Murphy, athlete representative, indicated that the athletes would like to see it moving to Maryland.

·        OME, there have been some suggestions about how to do it better. The online process seems to be more difficult for the larger teams. It will be suggested to the larger teams that they plan to  have all their entries entered a few days earlier, this way they will receive the email with the entries, then they can review and make changes in a so I they can make any changes.

·        It was noted that the busiest time in the stands seemed to be during the 50 freestyle.

§  Paris – no report from JOS

§  Athlete Committee – Murphy emailed Art today about how to nominate these individuals. There are currently 3 athletes interested in CCM, 2 for Diversity, 1 for Technical and 1 or Operations.

§  Diversity – There is one athletes from Mark Faherty going to the National Diversity Select Camp. Congratulations to Mark and his swimmer.

o   Next meeting – Monday, April 20, location TBD

o   Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.