Minutes approved at the June meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

3020 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA

April 20, 2015


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Bob Vincent, Tim Husson, Mike Rubin, Jim Garner, Mark Faherty, Greg York, Steve Menard, Murphy Freal, Merari Chollette, Heather Purk, . John Ertter, Art Davis, Kurt Thiel, JD Foster, Ward Foley, Sumie Emory,

·        Call to Order – Bill Marlin, the General Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

·        Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient number of voting Board Members in attendance to make a quorum.

·        Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the March Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports & Financials – Motion to approve the reports as submitted including the monthly financials, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair comments –

o   Murphy submitted athlete names to be put on the Committees: For CCM, Olivia Bartholomew (UMCA) & Rachel Tao (NCAP), Officials, Jon Bendana (UMAC), Diversity – Ally Bedell (MAKO), DeAngela Fobbs (UMAC), Technical Committee – Jack Galbraith (MACH).

o   Nominating Committee – Art Davis and Bob Vincent introduced JD Foster as a nominee for the PVS Treasurer. He is a PVS Officials and a good volunteer.

§  JD has children who swim for AAC, he has great respect for PVS and has significant experience in the accounting and finance.

o   Art Davis recommends that since there is one solid candidate for each position, that the BoD endorse the candidates.

§  Motion to accept the slate as presented as the nominees, seconded and approved.

o   Art Davis also reported there is no longer a LSC Board of Review, all BOR now go directly to the Zone. It is recommended to have an advisor as the Administrative Board of Review person to assist the BoD when there is a possible issue and to be the person between the BoD and the team, club, individual.  This BoD has proven that they are capable of handling issues, such as fines, 4-hour violations, etc. It would basically be a mediation process before it goes to the Zone BoR.

§  We will have to add the position at HOD, so there is a person to talk to if they do not like the resolution the BoD makes. Without this position, then the only way to appeal, it will have to go to the zone level.

o   All Safe Sport issues will now be under Code of Conduct, so anything that happens and someone breaks a Code of Conduct, then the individual will be brought up to the Zone BoR.

§  Ward Foley has been appointed as the Special Advisor to the BoD for the Board of Review.

o   Eastern Zone meeting – Everyone who responded has been registered. A rooming list has been established and will be sent out. Please send any request of changes, please let Bill know. Arriving Friday May 8, leaving Sunday May 10.

·        Old Business – no old business

·        New Business

o   PVS Junior/Senior Champs – Manga has informed the Board that GMU will no longer allow PVS JR/SR champs to be held at GMU in the current format. He is proposing to run Senior Champs in the early morning prelims, followed by Junior Champs and all together in Finals. This format will save about an hour for each session and cut the numbers on deck in half. This will be discussed at the Competition Committee Meeting in May and then brought back to the board.

§  How many athletes are in both Junior and Senior Champs? Because coaches like that the swimmers can do both meets at the same time.

o   Proposal on Disability Funding – Don Reidlinger would like to add a meet for Disability funding. He requests that the World Deaf Swimming Championships. Motion to accept World Deaf Swimming Championships (a National Level), seconded and approved.

o   Officials Travel – Tim Husson has submitted a Motion to accept 6 travel meets in March, second and approved.

o   Budget – John Ertter has worked on the 2015-2016 budget based upon previous years and committee requests, Bob Vincent then reviewed the budget and has several ideas for changes to ensure the budget is balanced. Right now, the 15-16 budget shows a deficit of $14,000 and his goal is to have a balanced budget.

§  Recommendations: see his report for more details

·        Decrease the Camp Budget.

o   There was a discussion on if we continue to do camps/clinics which company will be the most economical.  

·        Open Water Support budget has been cut.

o   The organization that Kurt has been working with has not followed through and therefore Kurt doesn’t feel we should continue to pay this outside organization for Open Water.

§  Projecting a deficit in PVS meets, in the past we have always had a surplus. But the meet entry fees have not been increasing.

o   Last year our reserve was 90%, this year, we should be at 80%, we try to keep it between 75% & 90% and it is going down.

o   Propose that we raise the meet entry fees from $4.50 to $5 per event for the PVS Open meets (October, November, December and 2 LC Open meets), seconded and Withdrawn

o   Amendment to raise to $5.50, seconded

§  Club meets are generally at least $6.00

§  John Ertter reported that the meet host receives $1.15 if meet entry fees are under $4.75….if goes above $4.75 the meet host gets $1.50.

§  Bill has withdrawn the motion.

§  When the Open meets were started, it was to be less expensive and to be open to all athletes in the LSC.

§  We are trying to get the meet amount to a break even.

o   Motion to approve the budget as it has been presented, seconded and approved. If there are any changes after review the information that John Ertter is going to prepare regarding the meet entry fees, then it can be proposed at HOD.

·        Adjourn, next meeting is HOD May 19. All End of Year reports are due to Terri by April 26. Please send a highlight of your committee to Bill so he is able to report during his “State of the Sport”.