Minutes approved at the July meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Video Conference

June 23, 2015



·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tim Husson, Bob Vincent, Steve Menard, Greg York, Manga Dalizu, Jim Garner, Mark Faherty, Murphy Freal and John Ertter

·        Call To Order – The meeting was called to order by the General Chair, Bill Marlin

·        Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient number of voting Board Members present to form a quorum.

·        Approval of May Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the May BoD meeting seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and May Financials (anything to pull?) – Motion to approve the June agenda and the financial reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   Approval of Open Water Requests – There are 10 NCAP athletes who have applied for travel reimbursement for Open Water Nationals. All 10 athletes have fulfilled all requirements. It is the recommendation of the Senior Chair to approve the travel requests. Motion to approve travel reimbursement to NCAP for their 10 athletes who attended Open Water Nationals, as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   CCM Items –

§  At the spring CCM meeting it was voted to add an Open Water OA award. It was recommended to start with one male and one female winner, it would be similar to the Distance Award. Whichever athlete has the highest rank. It would be established and the criteria would be decided on, then started in 2016-2017.

·        Bill recommended tabling this until fall when the CCM can establish the criteria.

§  Motion to approve the addition of the Marlin Mini meet in October and the move of the MAKO meet to the last weekend of September, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to reformat 2016 Jr/Sr Champs as a staggered meet, 2 sets of prelims each in dual course, then combined finals, seconded and approved.  (one opposed)

o   Approval of Coach Education for PGPR coaches – Manga has documentation from PG Pride from two coaches who attended the Coaches’ Clinic in Atlanta in April.

§  As per policy, in order to receive the continuing education grant, a report must be submitted to Board and Competition Committee.

·        Motion to approve the funding for the two PGPR coaches for the continuing education grant, the check will be sent to them after they present their report to the Board and a written report to the CCM, seconded and approved.

o   Approval of the 2015 LC Zone Assistant Coaches, as long as they are in good standing as of the zone meet, second and approved.

§  Chris Schlegel-ASA, Nicole Harmon-FISH, Liz Badley-HACC, Sam Brownel-SDS, Christine Vu-SNOW, Marye Carter-NCAP

§  Dave Greene has asked Steve Menard to find two additional coaches for LC zone, so there are a total of 10 coaches. Steve plans to talk with coaches at AGSR 2.

o   Approval for Officials Travel – Tim Husson, Officials Chair, presents the travel reimbursement for three Officials, one from Sectionals and two from the Arena Pro Series. All requirements have been met. It is his recommendation that this request has been approved.

§  Motion to approve the Officials Travel as submitted, second and approved.

·        Old Business – no old business

·        New Business

a)      Potential VSI Invites into the Freedom Center Open Meets.

a.      VSI General Chair, Steve Hennessey asked to meet with Bill during EZ meeting. Steve has been doing a lot of research on his own regarding the VSI teams that are looking to get out of Virginia. He understands that the PVS teams are just doing business and have pieced their practice schedule. Steve likes the philosophy that PVS has; that we are here to govern swimming in PVS, not focus on the business practices of clubs. He is looking for ways to ease the anxiety of the northern VSI teams that have issues with the larger teams in PVS. These ideas were discussed between Steve Hennessey and Bill Marlin.

                                                              i.     One idea is to run two 8 lane courses at Freedom Center for one of our Open meets in the fall, so we can open the meet up a bit and invite a couple of the northern VSI teams. Bill wants to talk to CCM before this can go forward.

                                                             ii.     Concern that we have a value that is unique here in PVS – why should we open up our meets and Officials training. It is like saying you can be a “part of PVS, but you are not part of VSI”

b.      There was also talk of a Combined Championship meet. Feels as if both Senior Champ meets have been going downhill, then maybe a meet like this would help the meets. The idea is to have 5 heats of finals over a 4 day format; 2 final heats for VSI, 2 final heats for PVS and 1 heat for the top 8 over-all.

                                                              i.     VSI is very interested in talking about this. But they understand that this is not something that PVS has to agree to.

                                                             ii.     The idea would be flip/flop between the two LSC.

                                                            iii.     If our Senior Champs is not working, then maybe we need to look at ways to fix it. Adding VSI is only one option, there are others.

                                                            iv.     As for running meets in their area, many of the teams (NCAP & OCCS) do open their club meets to VSI teams. There are certainly multiple solutions

                                                             v.     IF we did try to allow the northern teams into the Open meets was to start with the 12 & U athletes. One question our CCM is “why our SR Champs meet is open and allows other teams, but their meet is not open to us?”  These are all things to further discuss with the VSI General Chair.

b)      PVS LC 2 Meet at Fairland – Pool?

a.      Manga, Bill and Terri have been trying to find a third pool for AGSR 2.

                                                              i.     The balancing has been started, but we still need to find out about the 3rd pool. If we have to shift to 2 pools, then swimmers will be reduced to 2 events each and clubs will be given 24 hours to make meet changes.

                                                             ii.     It was felt that a meeting needs to be set up with Fairland to hold them accountable for all the times we have had to move the meets.

b.      EZ reimbursable – if you have not submitted your receipts to John Ertter please do so right away.

c.      Convention is right around the corner. Bill will submit the list of names who are expected to go and everyone needs to coordinate with Linda Klopfenstein.

                                                              i.     Please contact Bill Marlin if there is a request for At-Large votes at Convention.

1.      Greg York, Tim Husson has already submitted a request for a vote.

c)      The date for the July board meeting, Tuesday, July 14

d)      Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.