Draft Minutes until approved by the BOD.

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors

Overlee Community Center

July 14, 2015


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Bob Vincent, Tim Husson, Mike Rubin, Heather Purk, Steve Menard, Jim Garner, Manga Dalizu, Murphy Freal, Sumie Emory, Kurt Thiel.  Special Guest; Tim DeLucia, Renita Depp and Chris Williams.

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by the Bob Vincent, Finance Vice-Chair at 7:00 pm

·        Approval of June Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the June BOD meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and June Financials – Motion to approve the reports as submitted and the financial statements from June, seconded and approved.

·        Coach Reports for Continuing Education Grants – Two coaches from PGPR attached the Eastern Zone Coaches Clinic and came back to the board with reports on what they learned. Written reports will be distributed to the board.

o   Renita Depp from PGPR will give a report from her educational experience at Atlantic Coast Coaches Clinic. She heard talks on stroke mechanics, how to break bad habits, in water and dry land skills, helping the swimmers learn about how to move their bodies in the water. She feels that her kids have learned a lot and the parents will start to learn how to keep the parents engaged. Learned some tips on teaching Stroke count, both in and out of the water. She commented that she really enjoyed meeting coaches and making contacts from other LSCs. She found they were all very different and learned how other clubs function.

o   Chris Williams – Felt the Clinic was an eye opening experience. Was taught how the different stroke drills are broken down for each part of the stroke, shared what the common issues are among swimmers with their stroke. Got an idea of how to better manage multiple groups in one practice. Was surprised at how accessible USA Swimming was, how much information was on the website and learned how to navigate around the website. Enjoyed and feels it was very beneficial and would love to be able to go again.

·        General Chair Comments –

o   USA Swimming is asking everyone to “Like” the USA Swimming Convention Education page, so you will receive all updates.

o   Thank Bob Vincent for his four years as Financial Vice-Chair. And thanks to Mike Rubin for 4 years as Officials Representative. You will both be missed on the board, but look forward to seeing you on deck!

·        Old Business – No old business to report on

·        New Business –

o   Fairland issues – John Ertter will be meeting with the facility manager at Fairland. He will be expressing the concern from PVS and how the loss of the pool ultimately cost PVS about $5000 in lost revenue.

o   Trans-Gender Policy – The board was emailed the guidelines from USA Swimming, it is very general, and intended to be general.

§  Bill spoke with Susan W and talked to her about the NCAA policy on the M to F and the competitive advantage that they may have. According to the NCAA that is unfounded. For athletes who have chosen to go through hormone therapy: male to female may not compete for one year from starting the therapy. Bill asked why USA Swimming left this off – Because we are dealing with minor athletes and not adults (in college) and felt that they do not want to tell minors they have to go through hormone therapy.

§  Bill’s recommendation is that if PVS has a policy, our policy will be that we are following the USA Swimming guidelines.

o   LEAP Update – Bill, spoke with Riley Eaton regarding the progress. Most of what Riley has received has been loaded. He believes there is only a little bit left. Once championships are done we should be able to complete loading the remaining items fairly quickly.

o   Report from Safety Workshop – On June 26-27, Kurt attended the Safety Workshop. There was a draft policy discussed on hypothec breathing training. Discussed policies and the Red Cross and YMCA, they also talked about black out training. Discussion on risk assessment and deck control. Just about the only thing we could do to improve our deck control would be to hire professional deck marshals, which is not really practical. The only Report of Occurrence that will be accepted is the USA Swimming form. You will need the form from USA Swimming, do not rely on the lifeguard form. No more pdf forms will be accepted. There was a presentation from the chair of the concussion group, there will be more information at Convention. Doctors, nurses, etc. can have additional insurance if they are USA Swimming members, so if clubs are interested in using a team doctor, they will be covered.

o   Adding something on the PVS Open Water page regarding ocean safety. What does the board think? Feels adding a link would be ok.

o   Kurt nominated Mike Clark for the Keifier Award – for saving a women from drowning over the winter, by jumping in cold water.

o   PVS Social Media – We currently have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. How do we want to proceed?

§  Do we want to hire a college student for an internship? Could also help getting the website updates with broken links.

§  Would rather see the important information

§  Social Media is constantly changing and how do we keep up.

§  Will ask the athletes what they want to see.

§  Will table this discussion until September at Convention.

·         – New Zone coaches: Jeremy Snyder-TIBU and Jessica Fry – NCAP have offered to be coaches for this summer’s LC Zone meet. They are both coaches in good standing. Motion to approve Jeremy Snyder from TIBU and Jesscia Fry from NCAP as PVS LC Zone coaches, seconded and approved.

·        Junior and Senior champs closes tonight. Waiting to see final numbers. But it is looking good.

·        Adjourn – Motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded and approved.