January minutes were approved at the February BOD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Lee Graham Community Center

7319 Lee Highway

Falls Church, VA 22042

January 13, 2015



·        Attendance – Tom Ugast, Bob Vincent, Tim Husson, Mike Rubin, Steve Menard, Manga Dalizu, Merari Chollette, Jim Garner, Heather Purk, Murphy Freal, Trey McKula, John Ertter, Kurt Thiel, and Sumie Emory.

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Admin Vice-Chair, Tom Ugast.

·        Proof of Quorum – It has been established that there are enough board members present to form a quorum.

·        Approval of December minutes – Motion to accept the Board Meeting Minutes from the December Board Meeting, with two editorial changes as presented, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and January Financials – Motion to approve the reports as submitted including the monthly financials, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair comments – QDD request to join PVS, follow up – Bill Marlin sent out an email to the Board with some of the email exchanges between himself and the VSI General Chair;

o   VSI is in general agreement that there is concern that by allowing QDD to move from VSI to PVS may likely open the flood gates as other teams are in similar situations may also request a move from VSI to PVS.

o   Bill will continue with his discussions with VSI, and feels that PVS should wait for VSI to make a ruling before PVS makes our final decision.

·        Old Business – no old business to discuss

·        New Business –

o   Competition Committee Action Items –

§  2015-2016 Club Meet Schedule

·        Motion to accept the 2015-2016 club meet schedule as endorsed by Competition Committee, seconded and approved.

o   Tim Husson, as Operation Chair, expressed concern regarding the new meets on the schedule. These meets were approved without any knowledge of structure of these meets.

o   Draft meet announcements are expected to be turned in prior to the CCM.

o   There was a discussion regarding the process of adding meets to the schedule. It was noted that the process for adding a meet to the competition schedule was recently changed and that we would give it the year to see how it is working.

§  Zone Coach approval –

·        Motion to accept Mary Carter-NCAP, Heather Purk-HACC, John Aldonas-CSC, Nick Mason-NCAP, Liz Badley-HACC and Michelle Blanton-YORK, as assistant coaches for the 2015 SC Spring Zone Team as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

·        Motion to approve Derek Young as Head Coach and Heather Purk as Assistant Head Coach for the 2015 LC Age Group Zone team by acclimation as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

§  Outstanding Athletes – Richard Rosenthal presented a proposal for a new process during the Winter Competition Committee Meeting. Coaches offered comments and suggestions. Richard and the others on the task force will take these comments and suggestions and make some changes and present them again several weeks prior to the Spring Competition Committee Meeting for all coaches to review.

o   National Anthem at PVS Swim meets –

§  There have been several emails sent to PVS over the past several months questioning why we do not play the National Anthem before PVS and club meets. Do we want to make this a policy for PVS Meets?

·        Several Ideas were discussed, but it was determined that in most cases due to the lack of equipment at the various facilities, playing the National Anthem likely wouldn’t work.

·        We will add a note to the Meet Director’s Handbook, stating that the National Anthem may be played at any swim meet if the host team/meet director wishes.  

o   LEAP 2 Update – A letter has been received from USA Swimming if we want help from their consultants, they are willing to help. Tom Ugast indicated we will take them up on their offer. Tom Ugast and Bob Vincent reported on the progress they have made.

§  COPPA Statement – When you collect information for children under the age of 18 – this statement has been written and posted on the PVS website.

§  Crisis Management Plan – has been created and will be loaded into the LSC Portal.

§  Safe Sport in Championship Meet Programs – we will need to do this for LEAP 2. We will get a copy from the National Safe Sport to be added into program/meet sheets at Junior and Senior Champs.

§  The Quad Budget plan has been presented by Bob Vincent and is included in the financial report for January.

§  There are a few things we know we still need in order to complete Level 2:

·        Diversity Committee Members – This list needs to be added to the website. Merari will send it to Tim for posting.

·        Registration Seminar for club registrars – this can be an online document for those clubs who need it. Tom Ugast will work with the PVS Registrar, Sumie to create an online seminar.

·        Volunteer Recruitment posting – Tom will look up to see what is required

·        CPR class offering – We did this at Swimposium in September. Terri will find the documentation on the classes we offered and submit.

o   Schedule LSC Workshop with USA Swimming in 2015 – USA Swimming has will be conducting LSC workshops this spring. PVS will begin to look for dates in April/May and Tom will coordinate with USA Swimming.

o   SC/LC Zone team fees – John Ertter sent a report out regarding the proposal for the Zone Team fees for both the 2015 SC and 2015 LC fees. Age Group Chair, Steve Menard, agrees with the proposal.

§  It was questioned as to why the amounts were reduced for SC, but increased for LC.

·        The summer LC Zone Trip is more expensive per athletes than the SC Zone trip, due to the total number of athletes, number of buses required, hotel fees and the fact the meet is in Richmond, which is a more expensive area than Rochester, NY.

·        Proposal is to charge $465 for spring Zones and $575 for summer Zones. In addition there will be an additional fee of $30-$40 for activities for some of the 12 & U swimmers.

·        There was a discussion regarding the activities and the fees associated with the activities.

o   Bill commented the concern regarding how the money for the activities is filtered through. All money for the activities should go through PVS.

·        Motion to set the Athlete fees for 2015 Short Course Zones at $465 and 2015 Long Course Zones at $575, seconded and approved.

o   With the new meet this summer, will we lose some athletes from Zones to the new LC meet? It is possible; however John Ertter doesn’t feel that losing 10-15 swimmers will change the pricing of the zone trip.

·        Round Table discussion topics –

o   Explore getting Freedom Center or Claude Moore for Open Meets with VSI approval –

§  John Ertter was asked to look into the pricing for a new site for all open meets. He will bring the prices back to the BoD for approval and we will see how it affects the 2015-2016 budget. 

o   PVS Business Management Documents Policy – A sample was pulled together, John Ertter will look at it and bring it back to the board with a recommendation and will get board approval.

o   Registrations – The numbers are tracking roughly the same for this year in all areas.

§  About 350 Officials will be paid for by PVS.  

o   Twitter – Just to note several weeks ago it was discovered there was a Twitter handle called PVS Twitter Swimcest – It was on Twitter for about 10 hours. It was a group of kids who were trying to be silly but were walking a fine line of being highly inappropriate. Tom Ugast contacted the administrator of the account and it was promptly taken down. We need to look ways to ensure, as a Board, that our athletes are behaving in a safe manner.

·        Motion to adjourn, second and approved.

·        The February Board Meeting will be held Monday February 23. Location TBD.