February meeting minutes were approved at the March BOD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Overlee Community Center

6030 Lee Highway

Arlington, Virginia

February 23, 2015


·        Attendance – Voting members - Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Steve Menard, Heather Purk, Mike Rubin, Trey McKula, Tim Husson, Murphy Freal, Mark Faherty and Merari Chollette

§  Non-voting members – Kurt Thiel

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by General Chair, Bill Marlin at 7:02 pm

·        Proof of Quorum – There are sufficient number of voting members present to conduct Official Business

·        Approval of January Meeting Minutes - Motion to accept the Board Meeting Minutes from the December Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and February Financials - Motion to approve the reports as submitted including the monthly financials, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair Comments –

o   New Budget Items – Bob Vincent and John Ertter have started the 2015-2016 budget process. If there are any proposed changes to the line items, please send to Bob and John and they will add it to the proposed budget to be presented at HOD.

o   JO/JR Champs – To clarify, the 13-14 athletes cannot double dip in both meets; they can swim in both meets; however not in the same events.

o   BoD Elections – At the May House of Delegates meeting, we will be holding elections for several Board positions. General Chair (Bill Marlin can run for a second term), Finance, Officials Rep (Officials Committee runs this election), Senior Chair, Diversity (Merari Chollette can run for a second term). Senior Coaches rep will run during summer Champ meets (Mark Faherty) and an athlete will need to be elected.

o   Art Davis has agreed to be the Nomination Committee Chair.

·        Old Business – What is the status of the QDD LSC transfer request? – Bill Marlin reported that the head coach of QDD moved to Georgia; however this has not changed their position on wanting to move to PVS. VSI has the same concerns as our BoD; which is if we allow QDD to transfer then there may be others teams that also want to transfer.  At this point it will be up to both House of Delegates. VSI will have their House of Delegates meeting prior to ours, so we will wait to see what their decision is before making our decisions.

·        House of Delegates will be Tuesday May 19, all reports due April 26 for posting by April 30.

·        New Business –

o   Officials Travel – Tim Husson presented a proposal to reimburse 3 Officials for travel to National level swim meets.

§  Motion to approve the reimbursement the three Officials, as presented by the Official’s Chair, seconded and approved.

o   Speedo contract – Historically, the Speedo contract has been used for shirts for the board (at Convention) and the zone team. We are going to ask for more support for Championship meets. PVS will also ask to supply all Officials shirts for the Officials who we pay for. The contract with Speedo was originally designed to assist with the zone team outfitting, to help make the meet more affordable for our athletes. This year we will also ask for the General Chair to have a fund for shirts, jackets, etc. for Board Members.

§  What will PVS have to do for Speedo? – Our primary responsibility will be to advertise for them, signage on deck, etc. We are able to secure this contract primarily because we send so many athletes to Zones and make such large purchases with Speedo.  

o   LEAP – A packet was handed out (and will be sent to additional bod members), this packet contains the items that are required to complete LEAP 2. If there is anything you think needs to be changed, please send to Tom Ugast by the end of next week (the first week of March). Most of we need to do, we already do. We just need to document it and load it up. There are a couple of things we need to work on is new Board Members orientation and Senior Coach of the year.

·        Round Table Discussion Topics

o   18 & U Champs Report – Tim presented a few items regarding the meet. There was a situation where equipment was unable to be delivered. Mark Murray stepped up and drove up to UMD to pick up all the equipment. Sam Burgi, did a great job as meet manager. He did a terrific job getting volunteers including timers. Heather Purk helped work with the coaches to come up with a solution for the unexpected bad weather on Saturday afternoon. On Friday a couple circuits blew on the deck, Tim believes it was due to running to two laser printers at the same time. Once they turned one off, everything worked well.

§  As coach’s reps, Do we need to rename the meet? Do we need to change the format? What is the purpose of that meet? We should revisit it, do you want it as a season qualifier (championship) for that level of swimmer, or is it a qualifier for the upcoming 14 & U JO’s?.

§  Heather would like to put together a coach’s survey to send out, asking their thought on the PVS Open meets.

§  Some teams set it up as a championship type meet, but some teams use it as a final, last ditch effort/qualifier.

§  Steve will put something together for coaches (a survey) as to what they want, why there were there, why they didn’t go, what they want to see.

o   JR/SR Champs entry status – Tim took a look at OME, with 24 hours left to enter. There are quite a few entries already in, but many teams still need to complete their entry and check out.

§  Junior champs – 2100 splashes (last year), so far this year 1500, looking to be about the same size. For Senior Champs 2300 last year, 2100 this year – will likely be bigger.

·        When Junior Champs was brought back and added to the Senior Champ meet, it was set up for the two meets to be about the same size. The first year, they were lopsided. But the past few years, they have been close to the same size, which is the goal.

o   Safety – See report from the end of the year. These reports are based on all Report of Occurrence, so if it wasn’t entered then it will not be on the report. If there is any occurrence, the form should be filled out, not just injuries. From what Kurt can tell, most are getting filled out and sent it. All reports ultimately go to Kurt.

§  Any idea how we do at reporting incidents that occur not a pool. The reason we do this, is to protect the athlete if for insurance purposes if they need/want to make a claim.

o   Athletes – Murphy reports that there have been 4 applications for athlete committees, they are from various teams and for various committees.

o   Diversity Summit – Merari reported that the Diversity Summit planning is going well. The event will be held in June. The facility contract at UMD is been taken care of and the deposit has been paid.  She has been working with Miriam (EZ) and Manny from USA swimming to make sure that everything is falling into place. The price will be under $300, which is less than two years ago. When all is said is done, it looks like they will be under budget. Merari will put the application information together and will get sent out through Flash Mail.

o   LSC Website – Bill and Tom have discussed the website and have both received numerous comments about how it could be improved.

§  Tim is willing to make any changes needed. Feels Team Unify is too cookie cutter.

§  All comments seem to be positive regarding the PVS website. The functionality is good.

§  A lot of information and can be overwhelming for first time users. There are pages that should be updated with information.

§  Possibly make it mobile friendly.

§  Please send ideas to Tim.

§  Maybe we need to just make it a little more user friendly with some slight formatting changes and remember who our audience is and who is really looking at our website.

§  If each BoD member can go into “their” section and find things that need to be updated, please let Tim know

o   Next meeting – Monday, March 16 by video conference…time TBD