Minutes approved by the BoD at the April Meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Lee Graham Community Center

March 7, 2016


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, JD Foster, Mark Faherty, Heather Purk, Jim Garner, Merari Chollette, Tim Husson, Murphy Freal, Greg York, John Ertter, Rob Green (DCPR), Tyrell Lashley (DC Parks & Rec).

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Bill Marlin

·        We would like to welcome Rob Green-DC Wave Head Coach and Tyrell Lashley-DC Parks, Director of Aquatics

·        Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient number of voting board members for a quorum.

·        Approval of February Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the February Board of Directors meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and February Financials – Motion to approve the Chair reports as submitted and the financial information as prepared by the PVS Controller, seconded and approved.

·        Old Business –

o   DC Clean Hands – Thank you Rob Green and Tyrell for attending the meeting tonight.

§  John Ertter invited them to attend tonight’s meeting to talk face to face regarding the DC Clean Hands Act.

§  DC Wave stated there is a booster club that pays entry fees, suits, etc.  The DC government pays USAS/PVS registration and all coach salaries. The swim team is a DC Parks program therefore all financial responsibilities are with the DC Government.

·        Clean Hands law was put into effect to ensure that owners of organizations/representatives do not owe DC Government any money (taxes). That is the function of the law. They are asking for the top three officers to provide their name to ensure that they do not owe the DC Government any tax dollars.

·        There was a discussion as to how best to work this conflict out.

·        The law is looking at the top three officers of the organization to make sure they, personally, do not owe the DC Government any money. All they are currently asking for from PVS is the name and the signature of the President (Gen Chair), Secretary (Admin Chair) and Treasurer.

·        PVS wants our attorneys to tell us that it is ok that we can sign this form. PVS wants this to work and we want the swimmers in our association.

·        The two sets of attorneys talk and figure it out directly.

·        New Business –

o   Approval of Athlete Travel – Information from FISH went to Sumie and not directly to Mark and there was some confusion. Travel assistance we requested by 4 athletes for Juniors ($250). All athletes met the requirements.

§   Motion to accept the travel reimbursement requests from FISH for the 2015 Winter Junior Nationals , seconded and approved.

§  From UMAC, there was one athletes who competed in the Deaf Games in August 2015. The paperwork was filled out, but misplaced. Motion accept this travel reimbursement for the UMAC athlete who participated in the Deaf Games, seconded and approved.

·        Did she represent UMAC or UMD? The form says UMAC

·        The athlete fulfilled all requirements. And was sent in on time.

o   LC Zone Fees for 2016 (this summer in Long Island) –  with the current fee of $575 and our current amount budgeted, PVS will be $44,400 over the approved budget (with buses, food, hotel, etc.). In order to stay within the budget, the athlete fee would need to be raised to $745 (this way PVS will still pay close to the $27,000). The reason for the increased amount this year is due to the location of the meet (Long Island, NY).  A couple of things we can do 1. Increase the athlete fee so PVS only pays the $27000 in the current budget 2. We go back to HOD and ask for a change in the budgeted amount.  

§  We are going to go to HOD to ask and vote on what to do. Bill wants a compromise to raise the fees to $600 and PVS increase the budget amount.

§  The hotel reservation must be signed tomorrow.

o   16-17 Budget –  JD presented 16-17 budget. The goal is to air any issues; this is all just a draft.  We will go back and drill down the real number, then in April we will vote on the budget to propose to the House of Delegates in May.

§  Projections – At this time a deficit is projected. The amount of deficit will be dependent on the decisions we make and on the end solution of several pending issues. 

§  Revenue: Registrations and meets (we generally make sure the income offsets the expenses).

§  Income: Registration: 2016 will be an Olympic year, which is generally good news. In 2012 we saw a 10% increase. We will predict the increase at about 5%.

§  Registration fee: Registration is the second largest source of income after income from PVS meets.  For 2016 the total athlete registration fee is $81, of which PVS receives $27 while USA Swimming receives $54.  USA Swimming is increasing $2 per swimmer.  Should PVS do likewise and increase $2 per year as well, and make it known that we may do so again for a number of years?

§  Expenses – Pool are getting more and more expensive.

·        Right now we are discussing LC JR/SR and JO were increased to $8/$12 to be able to use UMD. For LC meets we are talking about increasing to $10/$15. For Open meets we are looking to increase to $5 per event – When we look at mini meets most clubs are charging at least $5 per event (these meet include 25s and 50s events). PVS is trailing the market.

o   Need to freeze the meet manager fees, we need to look at P&P and the rules regarding the entry fees and what the meet directors are paid.

o   One suggestion is to update the P&P and pay the meet directors a flat fee.

§  In P&P we say we offer up to 6 continuing education grants of $500 each ($3000). In the past budget it was decreased to only $500. Heather Purk has talked to Zone Team coaches and have had a couple coaches ask for information on the grant. If it is in P&P we will accept all 6. We will change the budget for 3 ($1500).

§  Diversity – Looking for ways to increase their budget, since the Diversity Camp will be in NI LSC. The goal is to send 4-6, plus a coach and Merari, we are looking at about $4000 for the EZ Diversity Camp. Asking to increase the Diversity budget $5000 and add funds for a Grant program in PVS for $2000. Many clubs are looking for ways to get assistance for their outreach athletes. Looking for increase from $6500 to $13500. For the Diversity Grant – Merari was asked to submit and specific plan/proposal for the Grant program.

§  Senior Chair – Travel Assistance: What would be of most benefit to the athletes, want to ask for an increase for Juniors (currently $250) and Seniors (currently $450). The recommendation is going to be $600 per athlete regardless of the level of the travel meet and to increase to $1200 for Olympic Trials. Winter and Summers Nationals & Junior Nationals and US Open and the Arena Pro Series Athletes ($400) because they have few days to travel. Include OW Nationals to $600.

·        Bill recommends that there is some sort of scale for Trials based upon the number events they are swimming. (we will make a plan for OT in the next couple of years…we have until 2020)

·        Will have to take this to HOD, but will have a hard time selling this to the small clubs because it will look like big clubs vs small clubs.

·        In looking for ways to increase the revenue…would we want to add a “travel surcharge” of $x for each athlete in meets (Open or Champ). This is done in some other LSCs.

§  Officials Budget: Officials are volunteers and typically pay their own way and often take vacation days to go to and be at meets.

·        Officials re reimbursed $250 regardless of the level of meet. In 2012 it was passed to reimburse $800 for OT. If you are selected to work OT, you are expected to be there 10 days. If it is Nationals, the requirement is 5 days. If we are going to have a discussion on increase for athletes, then we should increase the reimbursement for Officials. Tim will look at the numbers, but will likely be in line with the athletes. Tim will bring specifics to the April meeting and to HOD.

§  What about adding a little to the Splash fee? It is currently $.55. If we raised it ten cents, we could make about $22,000 in a year.

o   Athlete Rep Elections – Murphy is looking to change the election process for Athlete Rep. Maybe for next year, we have athletes sign up and find a way to put it all on line.

§  Murphy will write something up on how to make the changes.

o    Swimposium – We are looking to doing a Swimposium in the Fall of 2017. John has added the $10,400. We will look into WL pool in Arlington, when we did it several years ago.

·        Round Table discussions

o   PVS Jr/Sr Champ post meet review –

§  Meet went well. GMU happy with the number of people on the pool deck the crowds upstairs all was good.

§  The coaches discussed how to make it better, but didn’t complain. They all had the attitude of let’s evaluate this.

§  We will talk at the Spring CCM as to how we format this meet. There was some discussion of moving the meet in the future; but the concern is if we lose the pool, then we may never get it back. 

§  Felt it went well in terms of checking the coach’s credentials.

§  From the Officials side…many from Senior Champs stayed for Juniors…they all worked hard. Thank you to all the Officials who worked.

§  Managing timers was the toughest part. (Tom and Tim will work on a plan)

·        April Meeting (4/11)

·        Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.