Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Overlee Community Center

April 11, 2016


·         Attendance – Tom Ugast, Bill Marlin, Tim Husson, Jim Garner, Greg York, JD Foster, Mark Faherty, Jack Neill, Merari Chollette, Heather Purk, Kurt Thiel, Miriam Lynch, Jacob Lynch, Evan Stiles and Kevin Smith (parent from DC Wave).

·         Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by General Chair, Bill Marlin

·         Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient number voting board members for a quorum.

·         Approval of March Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the March BoD meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Approval of Chair Reports and March Financials – Motion to approve all submitted chair reports and financial reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

·         Old Business –

o   DC Clean Hands – Tom Ugast spoke with the Law Firm that was recommend to us. They do not see any reason not to sign the paperwork as DC Parks has requested. No SSN will be needed, there are no taxes due to DC, so we should always be in good standing. As we move forward, the three that will need to sign this document annually will be the General Chair, Admin Chair and Treasurer.

·         New Business –

o   General Chair Comments –

§  HOD – An nomination committee, Ward Foley will be the chair, Riley Eaton, Jim Garner, Paris Jacobs and Murphy Freal (athlete)

·         Admin Vice-Chair (Tom can re-run), AG Chair (Steve can re-run), Operations Chair (Tim was appointed to his first term, then elected, so he can rerun), Strategic Planning (it is open), Safe Sport (it is open). Board of Review – Ward is still chair – minor position, as BOR has been moved to Zone level

·         At-large delegates: one to each of the top 5 largest clubs (RMSC, NCAP, YORK, MACH, PM), then representation from the Officials, Miriam Lynch will represent Diversity, 2 more that will be athletes (committee will have to find)

·         Chair reports are due April 30 to Terri. They must be posted a minimum of 20 days out.

§  Copyright infringement – Bill was served a letter from an individual that he feels that an article that Bill included in the December 2013 GC Newsletter was a copyright infringment. Bill properly sited the passage in the article. USA Swimming’s General Counsel has been involved and it helping to take care of this matter. USA -S may file a countersuit in Maryland and force him to come to MD to fight it. USA Swimming may just try to talk him down in the amount he is seeking.

·         Captive insurance and liability will cover all costs. PVS and Bill Marlin will be free and clear on any amount due.

o   Officials Travel Reimbursement – March Meets – EZ Age Group and Sectionals. There have been 7 requests for reimbursement.

§  Motion to approve all 7 requests for reimbursement, seconded and approved.

§  Since they do have 30 days to submit request and it has not yet been 30 days and we will not have a Board Meeting in May. Tim makes a motion to approve any additional that come in the next couple weeks, there are roughly 6 more. Motion to allow Operations Chair, Tim Husson to review and approve any outstanding Officials Reimbursement requests until the 30 day time limit passes., seconded and approved.

o   2016-2017 Budget – JD is finalizing our recommendation of the 2016-2017 budget that we will be proposing to the HOD

§  Current Year Projections:

·         4% increase in athletes

·         Income as budgeted

·         Expensed also as budgeted – with the only exception LC Zones. We budgeted for Richmond, but will be going to Long Island. This would give us a net loss. This is fairly typical during an Olympic year.

·         Reserve ration – measures of the financial strength of the LSC. You have reserve 80-85% of the total amount. This year, we will be closers to 70-75%. There is a gap of about $66,000.

§  Budget for next year –

·         Being an Olympic year we expect an increase in athletes. We are predicted about 5% growth.

·         We have discussed an increase in athlete fee for the PVS fees from $27 to $29.  (paralleling the USA Swimming – multi year increase). Also discussing increasing the Open meets from $4.50 t0 $5, LC Open meets from $4.75 to $5 and Champs meets from $8 to $10 and relays from $10 to $15. With facility rentals constantly increasing we need to increase are entry fees to break even. PVS meets, even with these increased fees will still be amongst the lowest entry fees in PVS.

·         Also looking to increase the splash fee from $.55 to $.65


·         We have added $2000 for Club & Coach Development

·         Increase the Coaches Continuing Education budget to $1500

·         Provide for Swimposium in 16-17 (increased cost $10,400)

·         What is the right amount for the for the operating budget ration? That is a good question. There is not an exact amount. But most feels that 75-85% is acceptable.

o   JD explains that as long as we stay close to the 80% then we will be keep PVS in a strong organization for the future.

§  Changes – Proposals

·         Diversity - 2 years ago the Diversity budget was $12.000, that year we held the Diversity summit. This past year the budget amount was $6,500; by the end of the fiscal year, it is projected for all of it to be spent. Merari explained that in the 16-17 season there will be a Diversity Camp in Niagara and is asking for $3000 increase for the Diversity Budget. She is also looking to add a Grant Program for clubs who want to add a Diversity/Outreach program ($5000); An interested club would put together a proposal, bring it to the BoD for approval. Because of the increased amount needed for the Grant Program, there would be a decreased amount for some of the current programs. This would be identical as what is offered in Pacific Swimming. It is a program that works and is being showcased by USA Swimming. P&P currently says we have a grant program, but we are not currently supporting any grant programs. The increase is $7130. Total budget would be $13,630.

o   Are there any measures in place to see the benefits of these programs?

§  The organization/club would bring more children/swimmer who could not afford swimming into the program. A mid-program report and end of program report will be required.

§  PVS will be able to approve the amount that will be submitted.

§  Merari feels that at least 4-5 clubs would apply for this grant if offered. Feels that ERSC will be looking for funds to offset for swimmers to participant in practices something they can’t afford otherwise. DC Wave is looking for help with a program they offer in the summer, possibly to even just purchase caps and goggles.

§  Currently there is funding for meets, but nothing for these swimmers to practice/train.

·         Hardship Grants – What is the difference in this money vs Diversity grants? – this is for swimmers going to Zones and can’t afford it. One of the difference is that these requests go to the General Chair and not through Diversity. It is used from time to time. Each of the Zone athletes do ultimately pay something, but those funds can be tapped when needed.

o   Tom would like to start this Grant program, but possibly not at the amount being proposed. He recommends $2,500. But Merari doesn’t feel that is enough.

o   Shouldn’t the discretionary fund help with drowning prevention programs, as the numbers of substantially disproportionate minority vs majority. However, there are programs in USA Swimming, with the Foundation. But in PVS our goal is competitive swimming. Merari feels that is does fit in, she wants to provide programs for clubs to offer additional programs to help take swimmers from learn to swim to competitive swimming.

·         Motion to accept the proposed increase to the Diversity budget from $6,500 to $13,630 to include the Grant program, seconded and approved.

§  Athlete Travel – Mark Faherty is proposing an increase in Athlete Travel reimbursement starting for the December 2016 Junior and Senior National meets. PVS Is vastly behind in the amount of reimbursement for athletes in comparison to other LSCs. Mark gave specific examples from other LSC, a majority offer more than PVS currently offers. One of the big challenges in PVS is that the small clubs have not historically wanted to pay for the larger clubs to send athletes to these meets. But this is not about big clubs vs small club; this is about assisting the athletes and their families.

·         The proposal is for Senior meets to go from $450 to $600. For the Junior Meets has been $250 and to increase to $600

·         And hopefully as we move forward, we can possibly start adding other meets.

·         Motion to increase all individual reimbursement to $600 for each meet the total athlete reimbursement by $8000 for a total of $40,800, seconded and approved.

·         First we are reimbursing the clubs not the swimmers. We did keep the amount of money down, we also kept the amount of requirements on the athletes to participate in PVS meets.

o   Officials Support – Motion for education and travel reimbursement, seconded and approved as amendended (18,500).

§  Currently there is a program in place to allow for reimbursement/grants for Officials to go to National Level meets. A couple years ago we added Sectionals. It has been up to $250 with receipts and there are requirements (sessions in PVS and number of years as an official, limited to 2 per year). They are not looking to increase these amounts for National Level meets.

§  For Nationals and Open increase to $600. For Juniors, winter Juniors and Disability $450, for Arena Pro, Futures and OW Nationals to $345 and Sectionals/Zones stay at $250. They will still be limited to 2 per year. Right now they are required to 4 sessions, but for Nationals will expect them to work the whole meet, if they don’t’ then they can get $250. Zones stay at 4 sessions.

§  With an increase in the budget from $11,600 to $15,400

§  Amendment to increase Seniors levels to $600, Juniors to $600, Pro Series, OW to $500 and Sectionals/Zones to $400, seconded and approved.

o   $23000 combined in increases for this budget as discussed. Looks like we are closer to the ratio we are looking for with these increases. All the numbers will need to be run again. There are several increases in income proposed. JD wants to reserve to make the changes as needed.

o   For the increase in registration fee from $27 to $28, and we will raise it $1 per year, as needed. (this reduces the income by about $12,000). Going to do $1 for next year.

·         Round Table discussion topics –

o   Zone team – if we are no longer sending out best swimmers to the Zone team because we have so many going to the different meets. Greg wants to propose at CCM that we no longer go to Spring Zones. We are no longer sending an All Star team. At the last CCM we discussed giving the zone meet one more year to see how the other spring meets affected the Zone Meet. So it will be appropriate to discuss in May.

o   Online application and payment for the Zone Team  - it was a success! In quite a number of areas. It streamlined the process for the parents, not having to fill out all the forms. Streamlined for Dave in terms of entries, streamlined for apparel and all payments were made and all refunds for those who didn’t go. This went really well. Are we going to do it again this summer? YES. (Kelly Rowell created the form and did a terrific job)

o   Chris Whipple from University of Maryland is our new equipment manager.

o   UMD has a new Aquatics Director, Yevonne. Tom thinks she will do a great job.

·         June meeting – Monday June 6 in person at Overlee

·         Adjourn