Board Minutes were approved at the July meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

June 6, 2016


·        Attendance – John Ertter, Jack Neill, Bob Vincent, Kurt Thiel, Heather Purk, Jim Garner, Tom Ugast, Tim Husson, Bill Marlin, Evan Stiles, Murphy Freal, Mark Faherty

·        Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the General Chair, Bill Marlin

·        Proof of Quorum – The are at least 8 voting members in attendance.

·        Approval of April meeting minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the April Board meeting minutes, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and May Financials – Motion to approve the Chair reports and financial report as submitted, seconded and approved.

·        General Chair comments – We need to review P & P to make sure that all sections are up to date. Bill and Tom will meet and make a plan. Board members will be contacted to review the sections they are responsible for to review.

o   Strategic Planning – as part of Leap 3 we need to do a Strategic Planning session with USA Swimming. Bill will work on planning this meeting.

o   Zone Team manager – Dave Greene commented that he has every intention of Zone Team Manager for the LC meets. He indicated for Short Course he would prefer to do all the upfront set up work and allow Heather Purk go to the meet and do the onsite work. We will need to discuss how to change the pay for their two positions.

·        Old Business – No Old Business

·        New Business –

o   CCM items –

§  See notes

§  Discussion with VSI and PVS talks – This was looking at doing something to be good neighbors. Steve Hennessey, VSI General Chair, thinks if PVS opens some of our meets to VSI they would do the same. Steve Hennessey is interested in creating a “demilitarized zone” in the Loudoun/Prince Williams Counties, where PVS has started to move in.

§  Also looking at some shared services. Explore the options of a potential of a combined PVS/VSI Senior Champs, alternating years. Top 8 overall then the next 16 PVS, next 16 VSI...looking to bring Senior Champs back to life.

§  Combined Select Camps was also discussed.

§  Looking for ideas to make swimmer better for all our athletes together.

o   Officials Travel Reimbursement –

§  Officials travel reimbursement was submitted for the Arena Pro meet in May, as submitted. Motion to accept official’s travel as presented by Operations chair, seconded and approved.

o   Meet host for Jr/Sr Champs – Currently there is not a host for the 2016 LC Junior & Senior Champs. One option is for PVS to host the meet and hire a meet director.

§  Want to make sure that all meet directors will have the opportunity to apply

§  How do we want to select this person?

§  What do we want to pay them? Bill suggests about $5,000 for the meet.

§  Mark asks: John E gave us the numbers that the total revenue $3400-$4000. And remember we will have to deal with hospitality. Even if we have a meet director, we will still need to have more people help behind the scenes.

§  Mark commented that OCCS is willing to host both meets, but they want a guaranteed amount of $10,000 total.

§  Last year (from John Ertter): Junior: $2865. Seniors $3546: total about $6,000.

§  If we decided for PVS to host it and hire a meet director, then we will need to really define the job of Meet Director is. For example; there is the Meet Director is responsible for the deck marshals, but how will this happen if the MD is a single person.

§  Potentially will need multiple people: entry coordinators, hospitality and onsite supervision.

§  Maryland Swimming hosts their own meets. We could see what their model is. It is certainly possible. Tim will look into getting the information from Maryland Swimming.

§  Is this a one time deal or the way we are going to go in the future? Hopefully this is only for this year.  

§  We will still need a process running a meet, we will need to come up with a policy to do this in general, so we do not have to have this discussion every time it comes up.

§  Last year we lost money, which is how we budget each year. 

o   Update on Zone Coaches – Did Dave Greene finalize the financial from SC Zones. John Ertter received the package from Dave earlier this week.

o   Update on Swimposium location – Evan has been in contact with Arlington Public Schools as the location for Swimposium. Not sure which facility. Evan seems that Wakefield HS/Pool might be easier to get.

o   Update on DCPR/Clean Hands Act – The last email conversation is that the payment from registrations have been signed off on by the city and they should be sending the bill. It is has been authorized by the DC Accounts payable department. Ertter said it will likely take a month.

o   Update Budget – John Ertter sent out a revised budget after the actions after the May HOD. For 2016-17 with all the changes, we are looking at a deficit of $36,400. No changes in any of the revenue, except for the LC zone meet in 2016. All of the expense increase were approved, but none of the revenue was approved.

o   We should end next year with a reserve ratio of 71% (2017) for the end of this year the ratio is 75% expected.

§  Bob Vincent has some information he will share with the Treasurer and Controller regarding what USA Swimming is doing with their reserve ratio and what they recommend.

o   Ertter has paid the hotel deposit and will be paying the bus deposit for Zones, that is what that reserves that PVS has in the bank is most typically used for.

o   Motion to adjourn, seconded and approve. July 12 will be the next board meeting.