Minutes have been approved by the BoD

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Video Conference

July 12, 2016



·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Tim Husson, Jack Neill, Evan Stiles, Kurt Thiel, Heather Purk, John Ertter, Linda Klopenstein, JD Foster, Mark Faherty.

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by the General Chair, Bill Marlin at 7:00 pm

·        Proof of Quorum – There are 7 voting members in attendance, enough to form a quorum.

·        Approval of June Minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the June Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports – Motion to approve the financial reports and chair reports as submitted, seconded and approved.
Reports: June Financial Report, Finance Vice-Chair, Coaches Representative

·        General Chair Comments –

o   Update on the status of the pending lawsuit was given. Tom Ugast and Bill Marlin met with USA Swimming at trials. USA Swimming feels strongly that PVS would win if it went to court, but they are afraid this will continue with this individual.

o   Update on Convention – only 2 people have not responded to Linda. Please be sure that everyone responds.

o   Status of the BoD Elections – Tim has posted all nominations on July 10. The voting will take place 20 days from the date they were posted. The voting will start on July 30.

·        Old Business – No old business.

·        Since we ran 3 sites for the LC Open meets and we only have enough equipment for 2 sites. Tim worked a deal with Oliver at Fairland. In exchange for doing training for Fairland Staff, we were given the equipment rental at no cost.   

·        New Business –

o   Officials Travel Reimbursement – Two meets in the last month.

§  One Official attended the Arena Pro Meet in Indy, it was reported they met all the requirements. Motion to reimburse that Official, seconded and approved. ($250)

§  For Olympic Trials- PVS had 5 Officials at Trials. Of the 5 there was one who does not meet all the requirements. Tim recommends reimbursement for 4 of the 5 Officials, unless the board feels differently.

·        Motion to approve full reimbursement ($800) for the 4 Officials who met all the requirements and airfare only for the one who did not meet all the requirements, seconded, approved. (2 abstain)

·        Linda would like to make the recommendation that the reimbursement capped at $270 and upon receiving receipts (amendment).

o   Update on Jr/Sr Champs – 519 athletes (Sr), 684 athletes (Jr), 2300 splashes. Close to what it was last year. A good size meet.

o   AG Champs –  1200 athletes again this year. Each year the meet’s qualifying times get faster, and the same number of swimmers qualify.

§  Mark reported on AG Champs – Bill gave Mark the authority to coordinate the efforts to look at AG Timelines and make adjustments. The 11-14 sessions were again very long (5-6 hours) on most days. We had previously asked the teams to turn their entries in early, so we had more time to make changes. And come up with other options. #1 – current format, #2 – move 11-12 into the 9-10 session and #3 three age group sessions. Mark’s option was that #3 is the best option. He reached out to Bill and Tim (Admin Official) to get their opinion. In addition, he reached out to 9 other teams (77% of all entries) and they went with Option 3. There were a few who preferred option 2. They know it is not ideal, but feel it was the best option to go with. Mark will follow up an email to Tim and Sam (meet director). Information will need to be sent out and posted on the website tomorrow. We will also ask Sam to post Warm up times/schedule by Friday.

o   Update on location for Swimposium – Evan reported that he has not heard back from Helena (Arlington County). He is confident it will get it done, but should start looking for something else. If we do not hear anything by the end of July, then we will find another venue. Bill and Terri will start to look at GMU and UMD for possibilities. [Ultimately there was not a site found in time to successfully plan a Swimposium for fall 2016, we will regroup and try for 2017]

o   P&P updates for meets – This is more for information. Need to find a way to get payments from clubs in a timely manner.

§  We tend to ask for payments post meet for sanction fees. Often times John spends a lot of time tracking down the fees.

§  It would make things easier if the check and the request came in together, and payments made up front.

§  Reserve Ratio – We need to bring P&P in line with what we are currently doing, as we have changed the way we are currently operating

·        There was a discussion on how better collect payments.

§  Open Water EZ Champs – Almost didn’t happen because no one put a bid on it. Mid-Atlantic and Kurt worked on it. They combined the Bridge to Bridge meet, got a late sanction and it all went well. Plenty of officials and swimmers came. 5k, 2k and a 200 for little kids. There was also an open category for Masters and other USA Swimming members.

§  Quarterly Safety Report just came out. Will send it to Terri to send out to the Board.

§  38 athletes who have applied and paid for EZ Zones. The pace should pick up quickly.

§  For January Open we will have to be out by 4 on Saturday only at Audrey Moore. If we want to do something different we can do that. We could potentially add Friday night (it has to do with inauguration day).

§  Tom met with Sumie regarding a family who left one club and moved to another club. The parents have done everything there were supposed to do. She is being asked to testify.

·        Adjourn – Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.