Minutes approved at the October BoD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors

Conference Call

September 8, 2015



·        Attendance – Tom Ugast, Jim Garner, Tim Husson, Greg York, Steve Menard, Bill Marlin, JD Foster, Heather Purk, Jack Neill, Mark Faherty.

·        Approval of New Club (WEAquatics) – Motion to approve WEAquatics as a new club in PVS, second and approved.

o   USA Swimming has approved a new club WEAquatics, it has been brought to PVS for final approval

o   This is a new team in PVS, Brad Worrell is the head coach. They will be practicing at Chinquapin in Alexandria, two days a week. All paperwork has been properly submitted. According to our Club Registrar, Sumie Emory and USA Swimming everything is in line.

o   WEA is mostly a “learn to swim” type program. There are about 20 athletes on the club at this time.

o   Once they get the club going and we see their registration numbers we will make them aware of the Official requirement and all upcoming meeting dates.

o   Tom Ugast will contact the team and Sumie to inform them that the Club has been approved and are ready to move forward.

·        QDD/PM merger – Bill Marlin offered to give further explanation of the PM/QDD merger if there are any additional questions.

o   It was thought that the recent letter to the board regarding the merger was well written and explained the process of the merger fully.

o   One concern was expressed; At what point will VSI become tired of the “encroachment” of PVS? This merger was done with their blessing, but when will they start to fight back?

§  The two General Chairs have had open communication regarding the borders. One thought that will be discussed with the coaches in PVS is allowing some VSI teams into the October Open in 2016.

o   How many athletes have been added to Potomac Marlins from QDD? Last year they had about 130 athletes, currently they have 114, so there should be about the same number as last year.

o   The Officials have been notified about switching their affiliation from VSI to PVS and the process has begun.

·        Officials Reimbursement – Motion to approve the Officials Reimbursement as submitted by Tim Husson, Official’s Chair, seconded and approved.

o   It has been verified that all Officials have met all requirements. Tim will notify John Ertter with the names and amounts.

·        Athlete Travel will be discussed at Convention. Assuming everyone approves, then we will do an e-vote after convention.

·        JO Relays – Coaches have asked about making some changes to the JO Relays. In order to stay consistent, historically what is the formula used for relay cuts? Qualifying time for the Individual Event plus 5%.