Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors

Video Conference

October 17, 2016


·         Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Tim Husson, Blair Piddington, Jack Neill, Dave DiNardo, Greg York, Murphy Freal, Merari Chollette, Heather Purk, Ben Gryski, DeAngela Fobbs, Mark Faherty, Kurt Thiel, John Ertter

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Bill Marlin at 7:00 pm.

·         Proof of Quorum – There are sufficient number of voting board members in attendance to vote.

·         Approval of July meeting minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the July BOD meeting, seconded and tabled. [July meeting minutes were corrected and sent out for approval. July meeting minutes were approved.]

o   Several changes were suggested to the July meetings minutes. There will be edits made they will be resent out and posted.

o   BOD minutes need to be sent out and approved quickly and more efficiently. Ideally they will be made and approved electronically within 15 days. We need to make sure that we are using our technology to our advantage and all board members need to be better about responding to e-votes in the allotted amount of time.

·         Approval of Chair Reports and September Financials – Motion to approve the financial reports and Chair reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

·         General Chair comments

o   Conflict of Interest statement forms – All Board Members will be asked to sign the conflict of interest forms. Tom Ugast will send it out electronically. Please sign and return to Ugast during the November BOD meeting.

o   Ben Gryski – Potomac Marlins, DeAngela Fobbs – UMAC, are the two new athlete representatives. Welcome to the Board.

o   Bill and Tom spoke with JD Foster recently. JD informed them that he will be resigning from the Board at the end of the year. We will be looking for a new treasurer to finish Fosters 2-year term.

·         Old Business – LC pools for PVS LC Championship meets: UMD and GMU will both be closed for the summer of 2017. We are still looking for pools for all three Championship meets in July 2017.

o   Mark Faherty has checked with several pools in the nearby Virginia Swimming territory. The Jeff Rouse pool in Stafford is not available. Freedom Center is available for one weekend, but only the weekend of July 6-9, so we need to discuss if we want to move one of the meets that early.

§  This might mean that we are doing Jr/Sr. Champs 2 days after Fourth of July…and only about 2 weeks after school is out.

o    Mark Faherty and Blair Piddington will also reach out to Rockville about using one of their pools for this summer.

o   There was a discussion on the pros and cons of the various dates proposed and possible facilities.

o   Athletes were asked their opinion. They were split and could offered additional suggestions.

o   What if you ran it at two sites? Split it in half.  – Not a bid idea…The plan for PGS&LC is to have the floor fixed. (Oliver is now at PGS&LC and Fairland has a new Aquatics Director, Matthew Wade).

o   It was noted that USA Swimming Futures is not currently posted because they are waiting for confirmation on the 4th site (Aug 3-6 in Ohio). Junior Nationals is in August. Currently there are no meets planned the last weekend of July. If we can find a facility, this might be a good weekend for the LC Jr/Sr Champs.

o   Mark and Blair will work on finding a facility over the next few weeks. Once we have a solid commitment on the facility, they will start talking with coaches as to what they prefer to do. They will bring their findings back to the Board at the November meeting.  

·         New Business -

o   National Travel Reimbursement Motions – Officials:  There are 9 officials that attended 4 different meets, all 9 met the requirements (receipts, required #sessions, required # sessions in PVS), Motion to approve the travel reimbursement for the 9 Officials from summer 2016 meets, seconded and approved (1 abstain)

o   National Travel  - Olympic Trials:

§  Motion to approve 26 athletes for travel reimbursement for the 2016 Olympic Trials, seconded and approved ($800).

§  9 athletes for appeals for Olympic Trial reimbursements (8 of the 9 are college students and also represented their clubs in additional to their college). Motion to approve travel reimbursement for Olympic Trails for these 9 athletes who appealed, seconded, approved.

·         What is the process for appealing? – it order for athletes to receive the travel reimbursement they meet certain requirements; be members of PVS for at least 6 month prior to the meet the request is for, represent their PVS club, swim the event they are applying for in a PVS sanctioned meet. It was noted that full time athletes living away from home are exempt from the PVS participation requirements.

·         All appeals were all registered as PVS athletes.

§  Four athletes traveled and competed at LC Junior Nationals.

·         Motion to approve travel reimbursement for the 4 athletes who participated in the LC Junior Nationals, seconded and approved. (All four met all requirements).

§  It was noted that all requests fell within budgeted amounts for 2016.

§  John Ertter commented that he has been hold money in the books from April Open water. If no application were accepted, then we should remove it from the books.

o   CCM Action Items – Mark Faherty reported:

§  Travel reimbursement criteria for Winter Jr and Sr Nationals: Motion to approve the criteria for 2016 Winter Junior and Senior Nationals, seconded and approved.

·         Criteria: Athletes must participant in at least 4 swims in at least one PVS sanctioned meet from April 1-meet entry deadline.

§  For summer 2017 Juniors and Seniors (same requirements proposed):

·         motion to approve travel reimbursement policy for the 2017 LC Junior and Senior Nationals, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to accept the 2017-2018 PVS schedule as accepted by the CCM, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to approved Michelle Blanton -YORK, as the Short Course head coach and Liz Badley as the assistant head coach as recommended by CCM, seconded and approved.

§  Coach Awards: Heather Purk proposed three coach awards (Sr. Coach award, Future Champion award, Rising Star Club), this is all part of the LEAP 3 requirements.  All three were brought up and approve at CCM. Motion to approve all three coach awards to be added to the PVS list of awards, seconded and approved.

·         As a Board will have to decide on when these will be due and how we will give them out.

·         Heather will work on the general frame work set up. She will update the form when USA Swimming updates their Virtual Club numbers.

o   Easter Zone Action Items – Eastern Zone meeting update information was sent out today for meetings in April.

o   Athlete Committee –

§  The athlete committee will host a safe sport scenario in late January. This will be new and there is a guide from USA swimming will be sent out (Maggie Vale – USAS is bringing this in – they did it at convention last year).

·         The athletes are currently looking to secure a facility to host and will begin to work on a plan for registration. They will be asking the Board for help.

§  At convention, the athletes do a service project. The PVS athlete reps are thinking of doing a community project in PVS. They will put out information boxes at PVS Champ meets to see what the interest is.  

§  Would PVS be able to reimburse Maggie to come for the Safe Sport? We will have to check to see if USA Swimming will cover it first.

·         Merari has offered to help the athletes with the Safe Sport Scenario since it also falls under her programing.

o   FBST Out Reach Athlete Status – Mark Murray sent a request that one of his athletes be an Outreach Athlete. This athlete has a medical issue that is a big financial burden on the family and wanted to see if we would be willing to accept her as Outreach. The family doesn’t qualify through the free/reduce lunch program.

§  Motion to approve this FBST athlete as an outreach athlete, seconded and approved.

o   PVS Equipment Contract with UMD – University of Maryland has requested an explanation of the contract between PVS and Chris Whipple, the current equipment manager. Tim Husson, Tom Ugast and Bill Marlin will discuss off line and will finalize the contract with UMD.

·         Round Table Discussion

o   Leap 3 Updates – Tom and Dave will begin to review what needs to be done and uploaded. They will check the list and will get with other Board Members about what they need to do to help complete LEAP 3.

o   P&P on Charity Meets – OCCS requested to run a Charity meet. Historically when a club requests to run a meet for charity, PVS agrees to waive the splash and equipment fees. OCCS is a 501©3, they are saying they are a charity and want to host a meet as a fundraiser for themselves.

§  In the past PVS has followed this policy when the proceeds of the meet are for an outside charity.

§  John Ertter said that being a 501©3 is a non-profit, not a charity.

·         According to P&P it has to name the charity the money is going to. OCCS is claiming they are a charity that the money is going to. They are a non-profit club, most likely under the educational charter, not the charitable charter.

§  Tom Ugast will review the policy one more time will then contact OCCS to explain what the policy says. 

o   PayPal Set up – VSI uses PayPal and is able to use the reduced non-profit fee. John Ertter was directed by the Board to figure out how to get PVS PayPal account designated as a non-profit. Mary Turner from VSI is a good resource.

o   Select a date for Strategic Planning meeting – Jane is available on USA Swimming’s dime to come to PVS to work on LEAP 3 and other Strategic Planning issues in PVS. The proposed date is Sunday, December 18. She would facilitate ½ day on LEAP and ½ on governance.

o   Motion to approve the Continuing Education Grant for Heather Purk, seconded and approved. Heather Purk presented what she learned at ASCA this past summer to fulfil the requirements for the Continuing Education Grant.

o   At Open meet, how can PVS Meet Director ensure all coaches are certified and up to date? PVS can create lists. The biggest issue at the Open Meets is the number of entrances. Our decks are not locked down. The discussion on how to better screen the coaches will continue.  

·         Next few meetings: Monday, November 14 (in person), Wednesday, December 14 (probably video). For information: January CCM is Wednesday, January 4. Possible January BoD meeting: Monday, January 9 (?)

·         Adjourn