Board Meeting minutes were approved at the January BoD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Video Conference

December 14, 2015


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tim Husson, Jack Neill, Steve Menard, Kurt Thiel, Heather Purk, Tom Ugast, Mark Faherty, Merari Chollette, Greg York

·        Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Bill Marlin at 7:08 pm

·        Proof of Quorum – There are 8 Board Member in attendance.

·        Approval of November Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the November BoD meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Report and Financial – Motion to approve the Chair reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   Reports to pull – No reports to pull

·        Old Business

o   Outstanding Athlete – We did not receive enough ballots returned from the online voting. It was recommended to post all the OA applications in a Dropbox file so coaches can review between Christmas and New Years. [Nominations for the age groups requiring a vote were sent to the club contacts and voting took place at the 2016 Winter CCM].

o   Lee District – Mark and Kurt were not able to schedule a time to go to Lee District to assess the backstroke flags. They will schedule a time in 2016.

·        New Business –

o   Officials Travel – Motion to approve Officials Travel as submitted to the Officials Committee for the Arena Pro-Series, seconded and approved. 

§  Bill asked if the Arena Pro-Series was an eligible meet for Officials reimbursement. Yes, under the current policy it is an eligible meet for Officials.

§  Should we consider the Arena Pro-Series be made and eligible meet for athletes?

o   Survey cost reimbursement – Heather Purk submitted a request for a refund for $25.99 or Survey Monkey. This fee would cover the surveys for October and November.

o   Let’s look into an annual membership.

o   Motion to reimburse Heather Purk for the $25.99 for October and November and then create an annual account, second and approved.

o   Carrie Tupper submitted a travel request for a deaf swimmer. The paperwork will be sent to Mark Faherty and Bill Marlin.

·        Round Table discussion topics –

o   Short Course Zones – The NCSA is adding an age group National Meet the same weekend as SC Zones. RMSC has committed to going to that meet to continue to support the NCSA. They will be giving their athletes the choice. It is thought that there may be a number of PVS clubs/swimmers going to this meet. How will this impact the participation in Zones?

§  The NCSA meet has not really done it’s research. There are multiple flaws in their date in regards to expense, the relation to Easter, number of days missing school, etc.

§  This discussion is regarding for 2017.

§  Let’s see how the 2016 meet plays out.

§  Dave wants to know the philosophy of PVS in regards to do we want to go to Zones to attempt to win or just go to participate?

§  There is a feeling that we should give our athletes the opportunity to attend the highest level of meet possible.

o   LEAP 2 is done. Getting a few things to Tim to start on LEAP 3. [On Monday, January 4, we received an email from USA Swimming stating PVS had achieved LEAP 2]

o   Officials – There were 2 PVS Officials at Nationals and 4 PVS Officials at each of the Juniors.

o   Next Meeting – January 11, 2016

o   Meeting adjourn