Minutes were approved at the February BoD meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

3020 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22205

January 11, 2016


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Greg York, Jack Neill, Jim Garner, Tim Husson, JD Foster, Heather Purk, Mark Faherty, Steve Menard and Tom Ugast.

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:06 by the General Chair, Bill Marlin

·        Quorum – There are 9 voting members in attendance.

·        Approval of December Minutes – Motion to approve the Minutes from the December 2015 Board of Directors meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair Reports and December Financials – Motion to approve the reports submitted by the Vice-Chairs and the Financial Reports as presented, seconded and approved.

o   Pull the Operations Report

·        Old Business –

o   Backstroke flags at Lee District - Mark and Kurt had planned to meet with Lee District regarding the backstroke flags. Mark has talked with Jeff King and Matt Murray and noticed that the holes are still in the bottom on the pool. If we use them then we can only use the pool as an 8 lane course, when the pool is 10 lanes the swimmers hit their hands on the poles. The height of the flags can be adjusted but the flags were moved higher to improve the line of sight for the lifeguards. Lee District is under all new managements and it sounds like they are willing to help, if PVS will be willing to help pay/purchase flags or flag system. Mark and Kurt still plan to go over towards the end of January/beginning of February

§  Tim agrees that we could purchase a new set of flags.

·        New Business –

o   Officials Travel – Tim Husson sent out a request for Officials Travel for December meets; Motion to approval the Officials Travel Reimbursement for the 9 officials for the December meets, seconded and approved.

o   PVS Zone Team Apparel Coordinator – Emily Menard will not be able to continue to do the Team Apparel Coordinator. Heather Purk has expressed an interest, Bob York has offered to have a staff person. What does the bod think?

§  Tim suggested that we move forward and find a more up to date system. This needs to be simplified and put into a spreadsheet.

§  There may be a few options available. 1. Using Google Docs 2. Use Team Unify system for sales

§  There are also other options for forms with PayPal.

§  Tim Husson and Kelly Rowell are willing to help with the technology.

§  JD Foster agrees that we need to move towards a more updated and auto-pay system.

§  Motion to nominate Heather Purk to take over as the Zone Team Apparel Coordinator, seconded and approved.

o   Approval of SC Zone Coaches – Ballots were handed out during the CCM.

§  Motion to accept Liz Badley, Rob Green, Megan Edwards, Kristina DeWeese, Derek Young, Michelle Blanton as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of LC Zone Head Coaches-

o   Motion to approve Heather Purk (MACH) as the Head Coach and Jeremy Schineder (TIBU) and the Assistant Head Coach for the LC Zone Team by acclimation as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

o   Approval of the Club Meet Bids for 2016-2017 Schedule – The 2016-2017 Club meet schedule was reviewed and endorsed at the Winter CCM.

§  Motion to approve the 2016-2017 Club Meets as presented and endorsed at the CCM, seconded and approved.

o   CCM Motions

§  Motion to have LC Senior and Junior Champs use the standard scratch policies we use during open meets starting the summer of 2016 seconded and approved.

·        Tim Husson and Mark Faherty gave some historical perspective.

§  Motion to make a recommendation to the BoD to do away with OME for the PVS Championship meets, seconded and approved. (add meet entry chair)

·        Coaches expressed concern at the difficulty in using OME during the entry process. This is particularly difficult for the larger teams. In many cases teams have to do the entries twice once in Team Unify and/or Team Manager especially for financial reasons, then again in OME for the entry process. OME can take a lot of time to verify times, load, etc.

·        OME is great in terms of verifying that athletes are registered and have times.

·        USA Swimming is meeting with the third party vendors and there may be some improvements in the new future.

·        Tim is fine doing away with OME, as long as we continue to run the meets as Championship meets and follow all the proper protocol.

·        There is someone else in the LSC handles the team entries, not the Meet Director. For example; the meet Admin Official, or another designated person.

·        There is a feeling that the meet director should also have their eyes on the entry process.

·        Amendment – to do away with OME for all Junior and Senior Champs and will add a Meet Entry Chair, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to amend the policy from P&P preventing clubs from hosting meets on the same weekend as PVS hosted meets and begin to allow club meet be hosted the same weekend. PVS will have the first right to secure pool space for PVS hosted meets (Opens, Distance & Championships) then clubs can secure pools for their own meets, seconded [Tabled until February, Jim Garner will create a draft proposal with the proper verbiage].

·        Motion to table to until February. Jim Garner will work on rewriting the motion, seconded and approved.

·        There will possibly be a financial impact to PVS.

·        If we allow club meets the same weekend, we may also have issues getting Officials.

·        Would like to see that clubs can petition the BoD

·        Amendment to only allow club meets during Open, Distance and 18 & U Championships, seconded and approved.

o   Operations Report –

§  Equipment Manager - We are currently searching for a new PVS equipment manager. There is one person at UMD who has expressed interest. Carrie Tupper is checking with this individual. If this doesn’t work out, then Tim will open it up to all of PVS.

§  Olympic Trials Announcement -  5 of our Officials have been selected to work 2016 Olympic Trials (Jack Neill, Tim Husson, Denise Wepasnick, Jan Van Nimwegen, and Tony Rongione). Congratulations to all five Officials.

o   Age Group

§  Swimmers for JO’s – Currently there are 1273 qualified, which is about the same number as last year. The least event is the 10 & & 500 freestyle. The biggest is the 13-14 50 freestyle (about 150 entries).

o   Safe Sport –

§  There was an incident at a swim meet several months ago with a coach, who apparently did not have all of their certifications in place, Greg is still looking at this. We need to do a better job looking and checking Coach Certs.

§  There was also an incident at Oak Marr with a 10-year-old who was sexually assaulted. It was not a PVS athlete. The clubs at that facilities have made a rule that kids do not go to the bathroom alone. All clubs will need to make their own rules and guidelines. This is going to be the big push this year from Safe Sport.

o   18 & Under Champs – Motion to change the name to PVS 18 & U Qualifier Meet and remove the awards since it is not a Championship meet, seconded and approved.

§  It is not a true Championship meet and in most cases, swimmers are still trying to qualifying for the spring champ meets

·        Round Table Discussions

o   DC Clean Hands Vendor Law – DC Government is trying to tell PVS that we have to apply to be a “clean hands” vendor in order to do business with the DC Wave team. The fee is only about $200 which is not an issue. However; they also want all Board Members to provide their social security numbers and personal guarantees as to the money.

§  After doing research it doesn’t appear PVS falls under the rules of this law.

§  Rob Green is telling us that if we do not do this, they will not be able to register their athletes or coaches.

§  Are there anyways we can get through this law?

§  If you read the 4 classifications, we do not fall/qualify into any of these.

§  We will continue to register their athletes and John Ertter will continue to work with DC Parks and Rec to resolve this issue.

o   From JD Foster (treasurer) – Board members were reminded to start looking at the budget now, if you want to make changes to any line items. We will be discussing the budget in April, so any changes will need to be brought to the Treasurer and Controller by March to be included in the 2016-2017 budget.

o   Coach credentials – We need to do a better job of checking coaches prior to all the meets to ensure that they are all registered.

§  Tom commented that Terri and he are looking at this now.

·        Motion to adjourn, second and approved.

·        Next meeting on Monday April 8 – video conference