Minutes approved at the November BOD meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting

Lee Graham Community Center

October 14, 2015


·        Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Tim Husson, JD Foster, Jack Neill, Mark Faherty, Merari Chollette, Heather Purk, Murphy Freal, Bob Vincent, John Ertter,

·        Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by General Chair, Bill Marlin

·        Proof of Quorum – There are 10 of voting board members in attendance.

·        Approval of July meeting minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the July video conference, seconded and approved.

·        Approval of Chair reports and financial – Motion to approve the submitted reports and the September financial reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   Items to be pulled – Operations report to be pulled

·        General Chair Comments – If there is a quorum then there will be a short Executive Session to discuss teams who owe PVS money from meet entries and other fees.

o   Welcome to Jack Neill as the new Officials Rep to the board members.

·        Old Business – No old business

·        New Business –

o   Conflict of Interest statement forms – the Conflict of Interests Forms were passed out to the attending BoD members and returned to Tom Ugast. Others will be mailed out and returned as well.

o   Travel Reimbursement Motions –

§  Officials – At the September Conference call we approved the Officials Travel. There is one additional request that has been submitted. Motion to approve travel assistance for one Official from summer meets, seconded and approved. Tim will provide the name of this Official to John Ertter for reimbursement.

§  Athletes:

·        From Summer Juniors there were 16 applications and 1 appeal (FISH-2, NCAP-14) submitted for travel reimbursement.  

·        From Summer National there were 15 applications submitted (NCAP-15) submitted for travel reimbursement.

·        All applications were in compliance and had all requirement, including the one appeal.

·        Motion to accept 16 shares for Juniors and 15 shares for Seniors, seconded and approved.

o   Request to amend by adding one from PM that was submitted.

o   All names will be submitted to John Ertter who will submit checks to the teams. Each applicate will be check for doubling dipping.

o   Outstanding Athlete Fees from LC Zones –

§  There was one check that bounced and they have been contacted, by John Ertter and it is being taken care of.

§  There are two athletes from one club who were accepted on “scholarship” to the Zone team. However this was never requested to the Board. Ertter commented that he fully expected the “Parent’s Club” to pay those fees.

§  There is one additional athletes that the Zone Coordinator accepted a “hardship grant” from the Board, but did not follow through with the board. This is a situation that requires General Chair approval.

·        It was recommended that as the General Chair, Bill should contact the Zone Coordinator and explain that he must go the board first.

o   Competition Committee Meeting Action Items –

§  Travel Reimbursement – Motion to accept the recommendation from the CCM to set the travel reimbursement to $350 for Junior Nationals and US Open, $350 for Senior Nationals and $1000 for Olympic Trials, seconded and withdrawal.

o   What does this do to the budget? The 16-17 budget has been set by HOD in May. This will possibly cause an issue with the HOD.

o   Currently there is $32,000 in the budget for trials

o   Don’t believe that we can allow this to pass given that the HOD

·        Motion to make this effective in the 17 budget, seconded

·        It is recommended that this motion be withdrawn. Both motion are withdrawn.

§  Zone Coaches – The following is from the CCM Meeting.

o   Motion to accept Chris Schlegal, as head coach for 2015 SC Zones by acclimation, seconded and approved.

o   Heather Purk and John Aldonas are both interested in being Assistant Head Coaching. Voting took place. There was a tie. It was recommended to make them Co-Assistant Head Coaches.

o   Motion to accept John and Heather as co-assistant head coaches, seconded and approved.

·        Motion to accept the Head Coach, Chris Schlegal, and John Aldonas and Heather Purk as co-head assisted coaches, as endorsed by the CCM, seconded and approved

o   The compensation for the co-head assistant coaches will be the combination of the Assistant Head Coach Salary and one share of the Assistant Coach Salary, then split between the two.  

§  Junior & Senior Champs in Spring 2016

·        (Motion) For Senior Champs (dual course) warm up at 6:30-8:20, events 8:30 and create a 2.5 hour session…regardless of the size of the meet from 8:30 to 11:00. Then for Junior Champs (dual course) warm up 11:30-12:20, events 12:30, and 2.5 hour session. Finals: Warm up 4:00-5:20 Events 5:30, those events should be done by 8:15 followed by Time Trials. Second, and approved

o   This motion was endorsed by CCM.

o   What about cuts? The goal will be to use roughly the same formula that has been used in the past.

§  Motion to accept the 2016-2017 PVS schedule as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

·        Bill had a conversation with Dave Greene and that he can pull the Zone Team entries together in time. As long as the applications are out…

·        Bill talked to Bob York, who also confirmed that he can have apparel ready for zone in that short of a turn-around time.

§  The was a motion for 2016 LC Age Group champs from the weekend after July 4, to the push both weekend by one week. However the body of CCM felt that it would be better to set AG Champs and move to July 21-24 and leave Jr/Sr champs will stay July 14-17.

·        Motion to change the 2016 summer LC Champs, as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

§  Motion to follow the same as USA Swimming/EZ for the PVS Championship meets (that use OME) for late entries; $150 per team Admin fee and then double the entry fee, seconded, approved.

·        There was some discussion that the $150 per team could be difficult for some of the smaller teams

o   Eastern Zone Action Items – Banning tech suits for 12 & under for the LSC meets. Being discussed ny the AG Development Committee

o   Athlete Committee – There will be a meeting on Oct 22. What the athletes were doing.

§  Thinking about starting an athlete blog and update the Athlete page on the website.

·        Round Table Discussion topics

o   Leap 2 update – Riley Eaton, Bob Vincent and Tom Ugast met in July and went through all the documents that were sent out. Changes are being made and reformatted. They should be ready to be uploaded by mid-November. Then we will report on the number of points that we have and if we need anything else. Assuming not, then we will start on Leap 3.

o   Outstanding Athlete of the year update – Final ballots will be sent out for voting.

·        Date for next meeting on November 16

·        Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.