Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director Meeting

Overlee Community Center

January 18, 2017



·         Attendance – Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Jack Neill, Tim Husson, Evan Stiles, Mark Faherty, Murphy Freal, Dave DiNardo, Blair Piddington, Ellen Coclett, Rob Green, Heather Purk, Greg York, Kurt Thiel.

·         Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by General Chair, Bill Marlin

·         Proof of Quorum – There is a sufficient number of voting board members to conduct business.

·         Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda, seconded and approved.

·         Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the December Board of Director’s meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Reports and financials – Motion to approve the reports and financials as submitted, seconded and approved.

·         New Business

o   Athlete Travel Assistance approval – Mark Faherty presented the athlete travel for the final two teams (NCAP & RMSC) from Winter Nationals. All applications have been reviewed and have met all the requirements.

§  Motion to approve the $600 travel reimbursement for the athletes from Winter Nationals as reported, seconded and approved.

o   Competition Committee Action Items –

§  SC Zones Assistant Coach approval – Selection of SC Zone Team Assistant Coaches – Bethany Ellis – AAC, Christine Canty (MACH), Jim Gully (NCAP), Leslie Tomlinson (NCAP), Morgan Henderson-Kunz (MACH) and Dylan Jones were nominated. There are six coaching positions available and six nominations. All coaches certifications will be verified.

·         Motion to accept Bethany Ellis – AAC, Christine Canty (MACH), Jim Gully (NCAP), Leslie Tomlinson (NCAP), Morgan Henderson-Kunz (MACH) and Dylan Jones as SC Zone assistant coaches as voted on by CCM, seconded and approved.

§  LC Zone Head & Assistant Head Coach approval – Elections were held during the Competition Committee Meeting for the Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach for the Summer LC Zone Team.

·         Motion to approve Jeremy Snyder (TIBU) as the Head Coach and Heather Purk as the Assistant Head Coach for the LC Zone coaches, seconded and approved.

§  15-16 Outstanding Athlete approval – The names of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Athlete winners were read outload. Once approved, they will be posted on the PVS website.  

·         Motion to approve the Outstanding Athletes as voted on by the CCM and presented to the Board of Directors, seconded and approved.

§  17-18 Club Meet Approval – The 2017-2018 Club Meets were presented after being endorsed by the Competition Committee.

·         Motion to approve the 2017-2018 Club Meet dates as endorsed by the Competition Committee, seconded and approved.

o   The was a concern expressed about the number of meets on any given weekend. How many are too many? Not only are there concerns about equipment, but also the number of Officials that are available. There is a required number of Officials in order for the meet to be sanctioned, including Admin Officials.  

o   It was noted that during the month of January it is often difficult due to the number of High School meets. It was also noted that 10 & U sessions are the hardest to staff, due to the fact that the swimmers and parents are more inexperienced.

o   Additional concerns were expressed regarding the number of officials teams who host meets have.

o   New PVS Financial Proposals – Ellen Coclett submitted several ideas she would like to ask the Controller, John Etter and the Board of Director to explore.

§  Create an online expense reporting application – There are a number of programs available that will automatically sync with Quickbook , making expense reporting easier for everyone.

§  Ellen commented that the Quickbook program that is currently being used is an off-line version. She suggests switching this to an online version so that the Finance Chair, Admin Chair and General Chair will have real time “read only” access to this information.

§  She also believes that there should be more of a checks and balance system where the controller is responsible for cash distribution, but is not the signee.

§  It was also suggested that PVS continue to expand the use of electronic payments.

·         The Board endorses all the above suggestions. John Ertter will be asked to look into the various programs and applications and bring them back to the Board for final approval.  

o   Diversity & Inclusion Grant Program Application – There have been two Grant applications submitted.

§  Clark Swim Club sent in an application for the Diversity/Inclusion Grant – CSC has created a Learn to Swim program, with the hopes to transition to a pre competition and finally to a competition team. The head coach is also interested in starting a Lifeguard Certification program or low income families. There was no budget amount submitted. This was submitted through CSC/and their foundation.

§  DC Wave sent in an application to start a mentoring program to work with DC middle schools, working together to get them more involved in Swimming. There is a plan and budget also submitted. They are asking for $5000.

·         There is $5000 total in the Budget for this program, it is up to the board to decide how to disperse the money.

·         Rob Green was asked to go back to CSC and for the amount. And resend all the information out to the Board. This can be finalized electronically.

·         When we give the money is there a follow up? As part of the Grant program, all recipients must report back to the Board as to how the money was used and received.

·         The intention is to do this twice a year (fall and spring) – with the money budgeted, it would allow $2500 for each application period.

·         Once all the information is gathered from CSC and DCPR, it will be brought back to the BOD for final approval.

o   Officials Travel Reimbursement – Tim reported that last month we approved all the December Officials travel requests. There was an Arena Pro Series this past weekend. Tim has received one application and reported that the applicant fulfills all requirements.

§  Motion to approve the Official Travel for the one Officials who attended and worked the Arena Pro Series for $345, seconded and approved.

o   New PVS Club Application (Second Sport Swimming) – Sumie sent the completed application. All documents are in line and completed. The new club will participate in three lanes at South Run on Saturday and 4 lanes at Audrey Moore on Sunday. Recommendation to approve.

§  Motion to approve Second Sport Swimming as a new club in PVS, seconded and approved.

·         Old Business

o   Athlete to Athlete Safe Sport Real Talk meeting (Sunday, Feb 5) – There will be a session from 9-11 am for coaches/officials and volunteers. It will be more or less a Q & A breakfast. Then the athlete training from 1-3. Everything will be at Overlee. A Flash Mail will be sent out to all PVS members in the Constant Contact database, it has been on the website for some time now.

§  Long Course Age Group Champs – There has been a lot of discussions with RMSC and the City of Rockville trying to work out pool rental for LC Age Group Champs for this summer. The plan would be to swim at the Rockville (outdoor) pool in the morning for the 11 & Over and at KSAC in the afternoon for the 10 & U and finals. However, communications with all parties has been difficult, AG Chair, Blair Piddington reported. He then stated that the Fairland Aquatics Director has approved the use of Fairland meet for this summer. It is noted that Fairland is less than ideal, but appears to be our best option for this meet this year.

§  Due to the numbers we will want to house as many athletes outside as we can.

§  We will need tents and possibly fans with misters. Hopefully the amount we will save by using Fairland instead of a larger facility will allow us to afford tents for the outside.  

o   Meeting Schedule – Prior to the meeting Tom, Terri and Greg met and finalized the PVS meeting schedule for the next year. We will be contracting with Overlee, so we can hold all our meetings here (BoD, HOD, CCM, Officials). Some meetings will be in person and some will be video. All meetings will be posted on the website.

o   LEAP 3 Status – Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop in December. There are still about 9 or 10 items we need to accomplish. Dave DiNardo will work with the appropriate board members to get the information needed to complete the final steps for LEAP 3.

§  We are planning a follow up meeting with Jane Grosser.  Jane would like to come back for another meeting. The best weekend that matches her schedule and our meet schedule in July 15-16. Pencil in this meeting, we will confirm after the next board meeting.

·         Round Table Discussion Topics

o   Milestones/Calendar – From a Strategic Planning standpoint, Dave indicated he wants to create a Google Calendar for the Board use, something that will keep all the dates for all items including milestone dates, believes reminders can be sent out as well. All critical dates will be included.

§  Could it be “read access” for the full association? What are things we want on there? One central place for all dates. Dave will explore all these options and will report back to the BOD.

o   SC Zone Team Manager Stipend – This year the current Zone Manager/coordinator is planning on doing all the upfront work up through the parent meeting, then he will step away.  For the Spring, There, will be a second person who will plan to attend the meet and do all the leg work onsite. The question is how do we split Coordinators stipend. [a few weeks post meeting, the current Zone Team Coordinator resigned. A new coordinator will be named].

o   Outstanding Athlete – The PVS BoD established a task force to work on the nomination and voting procedures for the PVS Outstanding Athlete. A new criterion was established to help make it easier to compare all athletes. There are multiple issues.

§  The number of nominations sent in were lower than in the past. It was suggested that the coaches were/are too busy.

§  It was noted that even amongst those on the task force there was little agreement on the best way to award the Outstanding Athletes nominations.

§  For Leap 3, all we have to have is a recognition program for Athletes. It can be as simple or complicated as we want to make it. We could completely change the program all together, making it less complicated and time consuming for all.  

§  Who is the single athlete with the highest national ranking in each event? Could we make this the athlete of the year?

§  We should talk with the athletes and see how they feel about this award. Maybe the athletes don’t care about it so much? What does the award mean? A difference between fastest and best performance.

§  The Distance Award is chosen is the fast swimmer in the 1500/800, 1650/1000, we could do something similar for the Outstanding Athletes.

§  What if we look at the top 3 total IMX score and top score and then use these athletes to send to the coaches for a resume.

§  Let’s take a look at what other LSC’s do.

§  Is this something the BoD needs to take over? Is this important? Everyone has a different view and feels is important enough.

§  Does Scholar Athlete count? What about Distance Award? Dave feels that these two would fulfil the LEAP requirement.

§  Have an athlete meeting to talk about Outstanding Athletes and then take it back to the CCM in May. Mark has offered to go to the athlete meeting to discuss with them to see what they want.

o   Open Meets issues – Terri discussed the issues with the upcoming January Open; decreased time on Saturday at Audrey Moore and the reduction to only two sites for the entire meet.

o   LEAP vs Best for Athletes – AT CCM Mark Eldridge made a comment at the meeting that we want to make sure that what we are doing in the association really the best thing for our athletes and that we are not doing things just to complete items in LEAP. Mark Faherty wanted to make sure that the Board is aware of this comment.

·         Adjourn at 9:10 pm



Mission: PVS supports and promotes excellence for all through competition, innovation and leadership

Vision: PVS Leadership in and out of the pool