Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting

Overlee Community Center

October 16, 2017



·         Attendance – Tom Ugast, Jack Neill, Tim Husson, Dave DiNardo, Mark Faherty, Blair Piddington, Evan Stiles, Carolyn Kotarski, Lauren Eldridge (athlete), Kurt Thiel. On-phone: Ellen Colket, Rob Green, Heather Purk, Sumie Emory.

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by General Chair, Tom Ugast

·         Establish Quorum – There are a sufficient number of Board Members in attendance to conduct business.

·         Meeting Minutes - Motion to approve the meeting minutes from June, seconded and approved.

·         Reports were submitted by Operations, Treasurer, Administrative and Financial.

·         Thursday at 7:00 – the Arlington Long Bridge pool design will be unveiled. If you are available please plan to attend. Dave DiNardo and Evan Stiles both plan to attend.

·         MSSC touch pads – Lynne Gerlach talked to Karyn McCannon about PVS purchasing their touch pads.

o   Carolyn and Karyn will talk with Lynne and get more information regarding the status of the pads. If it is determined that they are in good working order and the price is satisfactory, PVS will purchase them to be used, at least initially, as back ups.

·         New Business

o   Prince William County Pool Site Visit – Back in the spring the Aquatics Directed reached out to Tim and indicated they were interested in hosting some PVS meets in their pool.

§  Tim met with them on Monday 10/9 and signed the contract for November Open and confirmed we are on their calendar for the January Open.

§  It is a 25 yard pool with a few additional lanes for Warm up/Cool down. The deck has space for roughly 400 people, with spectator space for nearly 465 spectators

§  They have CTS with pads, buttons, scoreboard, built in PA System, plug in music, wireless mics, wireless internet and hardwire internet, a classroom to use for hospitality, the lobby can be used for concessions. The locker rooms are a decent size and they have more than enough parking

§  This facility is located just off Dumphries Road, about 5-6 miles of 95.

§  It is a beautiful new facility, the only issue we have is that it is quite a distance for some of our clubs.

o   Introduction of new Board Members – Tom introduced two new Board Members:

§  Carolyn Kotarski – Operations: YORK officials chair (3rd year), Tim has appointed her as the Operations chair. She has been working Kelly Rowell and Tim on the meet announcements. Looking to learn how things work in PVS.

§  Lauren Eldridge (HS Senior) – Athlete from RMSC:  She was on the CCM Athlete rep. Her goal is to get the PVS by-laws updated for athlete participation and get us up to par with what USA Swimming is doing. She is a motivated person and likes to get things done.

o   Update on Leap 1 renewal and Leap 3–

§  Leap 3 – we were presented with a check for completing LEAP 3 at convention.

·         A condition of receiving the check, all members on the board/voting and non-voting members will have to complete the Leadership Course that is online. Dave DiNardo will be sending everyone the link. This must be completed by November 1.

·         Need to verify that the most recent By-Laws are updated

·         Most recent for 990 have been sent in to USA

§  Leap 1 – We now have to begin to update Leap 1 – we already do all of this. We just need to resubmit. Dave DiNardo is confident this will be an easy process.

§  Jane Grosser will be coming in to PVS in December to meet with us again. December 17. Board member and interested PVS members should plan to attend. More information will go out when available. 

o   Update on moving Bookkeeping position to DMV – Ellen reported, that we have made change, relocating the controller position back to the DMV area. John Ertter’s last day will be November 17. The responsibilities will be transitioned to an accounting firm. There will be some changes made and budget reports will have a different look than what we have been reviewing. The goal is to get many of our financial processes  automated.  Also, stated there is a Financial Review process underway by Sarfino AND Rhoades, LLC and it should complete by early November and expect to have results available for Board in December.

o   October Open Report –

§  Freedom Center (NCAP) – All sessions seemed to run smooth. Warm ups were good, the timelines were good, the sessions started on time and the facility did a great job.

·         All teams in attendance thought it went well and the facility has it down and they were all pleased.

§  Lee District – The biggest of the three sites. The coaches were pleased with how the meet ran. There was an issue with the harness, but it was corrected early Saturday morning. They discovered there are still issues with the placement of the backstroke flags that hang from the ceiling, they seem to move as the meet proceeds.

§  Fairland – Manga & Lynne worked together as Meet Management, they agreed at the last minute to step up and help.

·         The pool looks great, with the new lights. New AC units are on order and should be in soon, they will be installed in November/December time frame and shouldn’t inhibit the use of the facility.

·         There was a problem with power – we have had this issue before. Blew circuits several times.

·         Manga told the aquatics director that we do not rent their equipment because it is too expensive. We will look into renting the scoreboard.

·         It was warm on deck on Saturday, but better on Sunday.

§  PVS Meets –. There was a discussion on the need for more clubs to host PVS Meets (Opens, Distance and Champ meets).

o   Mark and Blair will work on a proposal to add to P&P regarding the meet host requirements. They will bring it back to the board for further discussion and voting.

o   Conflict of Interest by BOD – Tim passed out Conflict of Interest statements for voting board members to sign. Anyone not in attendance will have it emailed to them to sign.

o   Competition Committee Report –

§  2018-2019 PVS Meet Schedule –

·         Motion to approve the PVS Meet Schedule for 2018-2019 as endorsed by Competition Committee, seconded and approved

·          Motion to approve the requirements for Travel Assistance (4 swims in at least one PVS sanctioned meet from Sept 1 through Aug 31) as endorsed by Competition Committee, seconded and approved

·         Mark presented a possible format change for PVS LC champs, which resulted in a discussion and will be brought back up at CCM in January.

·         Outstanding Athlete process was also discussed. There is already a process in place, so we will get the nominations up by the end of October and nominations will be due November 30. We just need to get the online form going to make it smoother.

·         Old Business –

o    Kurt Thiel received a gold name plate for 20 years of service, congratulations!

o   Convention – What did the first timers get out of it?

§  Evan said he got a lot out of it about how to be more involved and help the LSC in the future

§  Jack commented the Networking was the most valuable.

·         Next Meeting – Monday, November 13 (in person)

·         December Wed 13 – video

·         January – video, February person, March video, April in person, May HOD

·         Adjournment