Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Directors

Video/phone conference

November 14, 2017



·         Attendance – Tom Ugast, Tim Husson, Jack Neill, Heather Purk, Dave DiNardo, Blair Piddington, Ellen Colkert, Lauren Eldridge (athlete), Evan Stiles, Kurt Thiel

·         Establish Quorum – There are a sufficient number of Voting Board members to conduct business.

·         Approval of minutes – Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the October Meeting and the October Financial Report as submitted, seconded and approved.

·         Report of Officers – 3 reports were submitted, Administrative, Treasurer, and Operations – nothing to discuss from the reports.

·         Motion to approve the reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   Was there any discussion with Lynne Gerlach and the MSSC touch pass? At this point no discussion has happened yet.

·         New Business –

o   Athlete Representative updates – Is there anything specific that needs to be discussed. Lauren is setting up a meeting with other atheltes who are interested in being on committees. She is also looking at the By-Laws and noting what needs to be changed in terms of the athlete participation.

§  There are multiple committees that need to have an athlete added.

§  There will be some changes to the By-Laws coming up be aware that there may be a few changes.

§  We would like to have at least 20% representation from athletes in all that the Board does (all committees). The board will help facilitate bringing these athletes on.

o   November Open site reports –

§  PWCS: We had about 4000 splashes, 750 athletes, 3 sessions per day. The younger kids were about 200 athletes each, 13 & O about 350. The younger kids comfortably fit in the facility. The 13 & O fit well too. They did provide an Aux Gym right next to the starting line and many kids moved in there to spread out. It was nice and the deck had plenty of room. The facility and staff were great. The Aquatics Director was there the entire meet and was helpful and engaged.  There were plenty of officials and all in all it went very well.

§  Blair said he had all positive feedback (clean, good air quality) most didn’t seem to mind the extra drive.

§  Fairland: The air quality was better. When is the system being updated?

§  Cub Run: jack said it ran smoothly. FISH did a good job, lots of volutneerrs, Friday night, the meet director seeded it slowest to fastest and alternating. It waasn’t in the meet in the announcement, but it didn’t seem to cause an issue.

§  Mt. Vernon – no comments.

§  Tim – will you be able investigate on why 2000 splashes less

o   Update on December Meeting with Jane Grosser –

§  The meeting will be at Overlee on December 17. There will be a breakfast (bagels & coffee) and a catered lunch. The meeting will be 9-3 (hopefully out by 2). Dave will send out a signup with RSVP. All board members will be invited and anyone else who went last year. What the board can do to continue to improve

§  LEAP – The LEAP 1 has to be renewed, at the start of the quad. There are only a couple of items that need to be completed. We need to update the By-laws. We also have to provide a published travel policy, how kids, coaches and parents are to interact when traveling. (Suggestion: we do best practices like what is on the USA Swimming website).

§  There are still several members that will have to complete the leadership (Lauren, Mark, Ellen and Tom). He will resend the link.

§  Ongoing discussion with Mark and Blair on our meet schedule and how we run our meets. We can have that discussion at our meeting in December.

§  Is there any pre-work we need to do to prepare for the meeting? Dave will find out and let everyone know.

o   Update on controller position change  Transition meeting with John Ertter, Tom Ugast and Ellen. They spent about 2 days to work on a transition with MZ Accounting so it will be seamless and easy as we start 2018. Use controller@pvswim.org for all emails regarding accounting.

§  Moving towards an electronic processing, looking towards ACH and electronic check processing platform. When clubs receive an invoice they will be able to click a button and pay their invoice (we will have the accounts). We will stop/reduce the number of paper checks being mailed.

§  We will request that coaches/people/meet directors stop sending cash to the PO Box.

§  Creating a more efficient way to collect receivable and payables.

§  Credit Cards? We would pay a fairly high fee for credit card processing fees. This is being looked at.

o   Club contacts update – some are not current. We want to make sure that we have/reflect who are the most current club contacts. There are a couple of different lsit and we need to figure out how to get a more comprehensive list of who is responsible for payments.

o   Accounting review –  Engaged S&R to an accounting review. They provide their preliminary report on Friday and we met with them yesterday. There are a few things to be reconciled by the end of the year. There are a few receivables that still need to be collected. But they do not recommend any major changes.

§  There is a lot of unbundling to do. We are working on working on going through all these things. There will be some responsibilities that will be passed onto board members. So the new accounting firm will only handle accounting.

§  Tom and Ellen will keep the board I the loop as to how we are going to run PVS a business.

§  Please read through the Finance/Treasurer report. The budgeting process will be done differently. Account owners will need to be looking at their numbers. We will not use historical data.

§  Ellen wants to work with each program and the “owners” and figure out what we really need and how we are going to spend.

o   Conflict of Interest by BOD – Do we have these from all board member? All employees and BoD members have turned them in to the Administrative Vice Chair except for one.

o   PVS Board Manual (Administrative Vice Chair) – We do not currently have a board manual, with a description and list of duties (month by month). This will be a long term project and will ask for help from all bod members. We need to work together. We need to continue to improve.

o   Flu Shot (Safety Chair) – It is important that we, as a pvs family take care of each other. We spend a lot of time together in a closed environment. We owe it to the athletes and coaches to stay healthy. Kurt thinks it would be a good idea to get this message out to the who PVS list.

o   December Championship meet discussion –

o   EMTs at Prince William – a swimmer felt tightness in chest and the lifeguards, put oxygen sensor on and it was reading a little low. Their protocol was to give oxygen and call 911. The swimmer was released to the parents and they are following up with their doctor.

§  There have been a number of occurances sent in.

o   Discussion at Fairland about a massage therapist – There were messages between Tim & the Meet Referee at Fairland  and there were some questions as to the correct protocol.

§  It was during the 9-10 session. The meet referee asked the message therapist to leave and they did. We are not clear if they were with a certain team or came on their own. Tom wants to get information, so we are able to be clear as to what is allowed and not allowed. So it can be address with all teams in PVS.

o   Three big meets coming up in Dec. UMD will have issues with parking. Paris and Tom are working with ways around and how to get parking for Officials.

o   There will be links to parking instructions on the PVS website. All parking needs to be pre-paid. No one can drive up and pay…they must do it in advance. Parking meters are expensive.

o   We are still working on restrictions in the parking garages. There will be issues with the basketball games and Fridays when school is still in session.

o   Murphy talked with Blair that she is working on a convention type thing. Have her work with Lauren.

o   Concern: with regards to a parent signing up to volunteer online and then when they show up at the meet, their spots are taken by people who sign up at the meet. Some parents are concerned that they do not get the opportunity to help and some of their clubs have requirements.

§  This happens at nearly every meet. In a way it is a good thing. We have considered a couple ways to handle it. Some suggest the pre-race names get added to the list. So we are either looking for them or we have too many. It is not a perfect system.

§  Need to work wit the meet directors on how to work with these volunteers.

o   Upcoming meeting dates: We discussed the meeting schedule for January through July 2018

·         Old Business – No old business

·         Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.