Meeting Minutes approved at July BoD Meeting

Potomac Valley Swimming

Board of Director’s Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22005

June 20, 2013

7:00 PM


·         Attendance – Riley Eaton, Bill Marlin, Manga Dalizu, Tim Husson, Mike Rubin, Jim Garner, Emily Menard, Scott Bryant, Greg York, Linda Klopfenstein and Steve Menard.

·         Call to order & General Chair Comments – The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm

o   Everyone should now be aware that John Ertter has now moved to Georgia. At the end of the HOD meeting in May, the Executive Board met to discuss a game plan on how to move forward. A decision has been made to keep John on through a transition period. We will be looking at ways to restructure both the Administrative side and the financial side, since John worked in both positions. We are looking at various ideas and other LSCs to see what we think will work best. We are hopeful that we will be able to successfully transition by September 2013.

o    Several members of the board had a conference call with John last week to further discuss his current position as Executive Director and Controller. He indicated that he would very much like to help and will write up a very detailed list of the job description, so that we will have a better understanding of what he does and what we need to do to move forward. We will be looking at different models and examine our needs at the same time.

o   On the financial side, John will continue to do his Controller job for the time being, until alternate arrangements are made.

·         Proof of Quorum to Conduct Business – We currently have 10 voting board members in attendance.

·         Approval of April 16, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the Minutes from the April Board Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Creation of a PVS 8 & under Coordinator – Roughly 40% of the PVS population are 8 & under swimmers; however a majority of the programs for this age group is handled by the clubs. It is felt that this particular age group needs to be looked after and an 8 & U Coordinator will be able to help provide ideas and programing for the 8 & under swimmers. This coordinator would help bridge the gap between being 8 & under the 9 and over.

o   Motion to add an 8 & Under Coordinator as a nominated position, seconded and approved.

§  This is position will be a work in progress, but it is felt that we needed to start from somewhere.

§  Are we looking at adding more mini meets or a larger championship meet? Manga answered, that while those are ideas, he indicated that his primary plan is to focus on educational opportunities for athletes & parents, as well as camps. The initial goal of this position will be to focus on the educational process.

§  Manga Dalizu has been nominated as the first 8 & U Coordinator.

o   Motion to give Brad Bowser as the Distance Coordinator, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept Tim Husson as the Official’s Chair, seconded and approved. Tim will appoint a new Vice-Chair.

·         Action Items from the May Competition Committee Meeting – See report and proposed meet schedule as submitted.

o   Motion to approve the 2014 PVS LC Schedule as endorsed by CCM, seconded and approved.

§  There is a concern regarding the size of the 2013 LC AG/SR meets. At the fall CCM we will look at alternatives to the format of these meets.

o   Motion to approve the 2013-2014 Club meets for September 1-December 2013 as endorsed by CCM seconded and approved.

o   Motion to approve the 2013-2014 Club meets for January 1-March 31, 2014 as endorsed by CCM seconded and approved.

§  As a point of reference there are two mini meet scheduled for the same weekend as Sr. Champs. There is some concern about being able to fully staff all these meets on the same weekend.

§  In addition there are two clubs who want to hold a club meet the same weekend as 18 & U champs. RMSC has been given the approval in years past. This year Machine has also submitted a bid for that week. Both team indicate they do not participate in 18 & U Champs and the other teams involved in their meet do not regularly participate in the 18 & U Champ meet. They have been asked to look for an alternate weekend.

o   Motion to accept Josh Travis as the Assistant Head Coach for the 2013 LC Zone meet, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept Jessica Lynn Fry (NCAP), as the assistant Coaches for the 2013 LC Zone meet, seconded and approved.

·         Request from MSSC for a 2nd PVS Equipment Purchase Subsidy – Historically the PVS Equipment Purchase Subsidy program was developed for each club to be able to purchase one set of equipment for them to run meets that not only server their own team; but other teams in PVS as well. Several years ago before any other teams had taken advantage of this program, RMSC had asked to purchase a second full set of equipment. So there is a precedent for purchasing multiple sets. The total amount that is allowed to be up to $5000.

o   It appears that MSSC is looking to purchase additional supplemental pieces of equipment, not a full set.

o   The concern is that this request is not in the spirit of the initial subsidy program. This program was not intended for clubs to be able to use as a way to maintain their current set.

o   Motion to accept the request made by MSSC, seconded and tabled until more information can be gathered. An e-vote will be sent out once we have more information.

·         Approval of Funds for the Eastern Zone Diversity Summit from PVS Camps Budget – At the eastern zone meeting, we were informed that the Diversity conference was going to be held and every LSC should be prepared to spend the money on the two athletes, a coach and a coordinator. Our LSC was not given an opportunity to add these funds to the budget. PVS in general agrees with programs like this and we want to support it. PVS has approved full funding for the Diversity Summit.

·         Travel Funding – There are 7 athletes from NCAP who have requested Travel reimbursement for Open Water National. All seven athletes fulfill all PVS requirements; 4 meet in PVS, they all represented PVS.

o   Motion to accept travel assistance for the seven athletes who participated in the Open Water Nationals and applied for PVS Travel Assistance ($250 each), seconded and approved.  

·         Reports

o   Executive Director – no report submitted.

o   Athlete Representative – no report submitted

o   Administrative – no report submitted

o   Inclusion/Diversity – see report submitted

o   Webmaster – no report submitted

o   Technical Committee – no report submitted

o   Finance/Accounting – see report submitted.

o   Operations – Tim has been working with Carrie Tupper to make sure we are set with equipment for the 2013-2014 season. Even though we are using the PVS equipment less, we are still in need of 4 full sets up equipment for several weekends per year. Both Tim and Carrie feel we are in good shape as we head into this next season.

§  We have two size of touch pads. Currently we have 3 full sets (24 plus a few back up) of the 6.5’ pads which are the preferred pads. We also have one full set plus a few back up of the shorter pads. While the longer pads are generally preferred; Tim recommends that we keep our pads as we currently have since we only use the fourth sets on a few weekends.

§  The operations of our equipment appears to be running infinitely better than it did when we kept it in the storage unit. Any club renting equipment must rent a truck in order to pick up and drop off equipment. Carrie has done a great job checking equipment in and out and ensuring that it is all in working order.

§  We are discovering a “new need” which is to educate Meet Directors on how to set up and breakdown of the equipment. Tim will work with Carrie setting up training and providing instructional sheets for the set up procedures of the timing systems.

§  With John Ertter no long available to be our delivery person. Riley has asked Carrie to find someone from UMD who would like to be our delivery person. We believe we will find someone who is interested. This individual will only be delivery equipment for PVS meets; therefore PVS will be responsible for all delivery fees. Riley’s recommendation is to pay hourly for the delivery and pick up of equipment. Even when adding this hourly fee to the necessary truck rental, the delivery costs will be less than in previous years, when we had a delivery person “on staff” who was paid a monthly fee.

o   Senior Swimming – see report submitted.

o   Age Group Swimming – no report submitted

o   Coaches Representatives – no report submitted

o   Officials – see report submitted.

o   Strategic Planning – no report submitted.

o   Safe Sport – Greg York and Riley Eaton attended the USA-Swimming Safe Sport meeting in Dallas. There were roughly 40 people from various LSC’s; Greg was surprised that many of those in attendance didn’t understand the importance of the Safe Sport program; however they quickly changed their tune, when they were reminded that their job is to protect the swimmers! The rest of the meeting went really well and many of the attendees left ready to make a difference in their LSC. Again PVS proved to be a leader within USA-S.

§  A concern Greg expressed to USA Swimming was that if a coach fails their background and/or our banned, we (the LSC) many not be told and therefore we don’t know that they should be taken off the deck. With so many of the facilities in PVS being public, the LSC has no jurisdiction to keep them off the deck.

§  There is currently some legislation going out at Convention in September regarding how to close up this loop hole.

o   Safety Committee – no report submitted

·         Round Table Talking Points

o   HOD briefing including review of meeting minutes – Congratulations to Bill as the new General Chair, as of September 1. Riley would like to make sure that all BoD member understand that he appreciates what has been and is being done in our LSC. We have made great stride in the past couple of year and without the support of the board he may not have made it through. Riley intends to continue to be as active as he can be as the ex-officio.

§  There is still a concern regarding the apathy of the clubs and their attendance at CCM and HOD. We need to do something to ensure that all clubs are attending. What can we do? Can we charge a fee, then pay the teams back as they attend CCM and HOD meetings each year? What is the definition of a club of good standing? Whatever we do would be a change in P & P and we do need to start looking at these numbers and how we can make these changes.

·         Old Business – No old business

·         New Business –

o   Convention – Linda needs to know who is attending, when you are arriving and when you are leaving by the end of the month.

§  There are 16 PVS delegates going with votes, either by being on a National Committee, plus 6 LSC votes, plus three additional at-large votes. Tim and Greg both have asked Bruce for an At-large votes. All assigned votes from Bruce Stratton will be sent out July 1.

o   Point of information regarding the new Maximum Capacity numbers at GMU which may affect our Jr/Sr Champs at their facility. Bill has met with GMU and there may be a process to request a once per year exemption.

§  Several coaches, have been asked about this situation, they seem to want to keep Jr/Sr Champ meet in Virginia. If we can guarantee to them that we will only be over the maximum limit for a couple of hours, then we may have a good chance of it being accepted.

§  Bill will start on the paperwork for the exemption.

·         Adjourn, motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.

·         Date for July meeting: Tuesday July 16.