Board of Directors Meeting - January 9, 2008

AS APPROVED at the PVS Board Meeting – February 6, 2008
Meeting Notes



7:00 PM – WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2008


ATTENDANCE:  Board Members:  Greg York, Chair, Riley Eaton, Mark Faherty, Boots Hall, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Virginia Ratcliff, Jim Thompson,  Non-voting Board Members:  Jim Garner, Karl Hellmann, Linda Klopfenstein Brian Pawlowicz.  Executive Director:  John Ertter.  Individual Members:  Janet Auger, John Hirschmann, and Tim Husson.


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:02 pm by Greg York, General Chair.


AGENDA:  John Ertter, Executive Director, provided the Board with a proposed Agenda that was adopted.


PRESENTATION BY ARLINGTON COUNTY BOARD MEMBER:  Jay Fisette, Arlington County Board member and Erik Beach, staff member of Arlington Parks and Recreation, made a presentation on the background and current status of Arlington County’s North Tract Project.  The new park will be located along I-395 entering Washington, DC, near Reagan National Airport and on the site of the old Twin Bridges Marriott and adjacent property.  It will be comprised of four rectangular fields with synthetic turf, an aquatics, health and fitness center, and an Esplanade that will connect the park and its recreational facilities. 


Partial funding for the project was approved by Arlington voters in the November 2004 Park Bond Referendum.  With a total estimated potential cost of over $90 million, depending on phasing, financing, and partnerships, Arlington County is vigorously pursuing creative partnerships with private and non-profit organizations. 


As a follow-up to the presentation, Ertter noted Jay Fisette’s request that an additional meeting be scheduled with a smaller group of those attending tonight’s meeting.  Without objection, York recommended that said meeting be attended by members of the Competition Committee.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the December 12, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved. 


PVS TRAVEL ASSISTANCE FOR 2007 USA SWIMMING SHORT COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS:  Linda Klopfenstein, Travel Assistance Coordinator, informed the Board that 4 clubs had applied for travel assistance on behalf of 15 athletes who participated in the 2007 USA Swimming Short Course National Championships held in Atlanta, GA – November 29-December 1, 2007.  The Board was advised that all applications were received by the due date and that all satisfied the requirements for reimbursement.  It was noted that the amount of travel funds set aside for this meet was $6,750, with a cap of $450 per swimmer. Therefore the full amount budgeted would be utilized, but no pro-rating of the amount to be paid on behalf of each athlete would be needed. The Board approved payment of $450 per athlete to the appropriate clubs for these athletes.


WEBMASTER’S REPORT:  Tim Husson, Webmaster, briefly reviewed his monthly PVS Webmaster’s Report with the Board.  He agreed to prepare and present a draft Privacy Policy at the February meeting.  


PRESENTATION ON STRATEGIC PLANNING INITIATIVE:  Prior to the meeting, Jim Thompson, Strategic Planning Chair, distributed to all Board members his PVS Membership Study: Status Update.  During his review of the material, Thompson pointed out that the use of geocoding membership data (in lieu of using zip codes) provided better accuracy as well as would allow data comparison from government sources.  To assist in forecasting PVS membership, he requested that the Board review his assumptions and that the Administrative Chair and Operations Chair confirm his registration numbers and meet entry numbers, respectively.  Citing an inability to find relevant data on youth participation in other sports programs in the Washington, DC area, Thompson recommended that work be suspended on the matter. 


Citing the benefit to both PVS and its member clubs in assessing the future of swimming, York suggested that Thompson be given an opportunity to present at the upcoming House of Delegates meeting.


2008 EZ LONG CCOURSE PLANNING MEETING:  Prior to the meeting, Bill Marlin distributed to all members of the Board a write-up of the 2008 Summer LC Zone Planning Meeting held on January 3, 2008.  He highlighted three action items in the report for the Board.  The first item was to request a status update on the purchase of 2 four line score boards.  Ertter explained that a decision on the purchase was imminent and that he was taking the lead on this item. 


The second item concerned the financial arrangements for the joint hosting of the meet.  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved authorizing John Ertter to serve as the Chief Financial Officer for the meet and subsequently establish creation of the 2008 Eastern Zone LC Meet bank account for meet finances with initial deposits to be funded in the amount of $5,000 from VSI and $5,000 from PVS.


Marlin’s final item was to inform the Board that he was in the process of revising the budget for the meet.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Prior to the meeting, John Ertter, Executive Director, provided all Board members with his month “Report from Executive Director.”   After reviewing his report, he noted two additional items.  Regarding the upcoming PVS January Open meet, he informed the Board that arrangements had been made to secure the MLK site on Friday afternoon in the event that it was also needed as had been the case for the meet in 2007.  He requested that the Board be supportive of this change if necessitated once all entries for the meet were received. It was noted that when this had arisen in the past, these changes had proceeded after just consulting the most directly involved members of the Board.  Citing that the annual House of Delegates meeting would be held in four months, he asked members to begin work on their 2009 PVS budget numbers.


ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION:  York informed the Board that Art Davis, in preparation for his absence, had asked that he discuss the status of updating PVS Policy & Procedures.  York explained that a spreadsheet had been created of modifications to P&P with the assistance of Hirschmann, Don Riedlinger and Janet Auger and that Hirschmann and Riedlinger have agreed to update the actual document.  Independent of this a review of the By-laws should also be undertaken to determine if any changes are needed either based on legislation passed at the USA Swimming Convention or they are otherwise desirable.  Any changes, if needed, must be presented at the upcoming annual House of Delegates meeting. 


A Registration Progress Comparison had been provided prior to the meeting to all members by Davis. It shows PVS’s registration history as of December 31 for the past four years.


FINANCE / ACCOUNTING:  Financial results for the period ending December 31, 2007 were not yet available pending the arrival of year-end investment reports.  [These reports were provided to the Board on January 11th and showed that PVS’ current assets on hand as of December 31, 2007 were $837,586.]


Next Board Meeting:  The Chair announced that its next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 6th, 6:30 PM at McLean Community Center.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted by,

Janet Auger

PVS Administrative Assistant