The PVS Board of Directors by electronic vote initiated on August 14, 2008 APPROVED the following;.

Requests were made to the Board by CUBU, PM and MACH respectively to change the dates of meets previously sanctioned for December 2008. Accordingly, the PVS Board authorizes:
1. CUBU to change the date of the Tom Dolan Invitational from December 11-14, 2008 to December 4-7, 2008
2. PM to change the date of the Sports Fair Winter Classic from December 19-21, 2008 to December 12-14, 2008 and
3. MACH to change the date of the MACH Turkey Claus from December 5-7, 2008 to December 12-14, 2008

This is a request for a change in meet dates only. No change in meet venues or meet format is involved in this request.

BACKGROUND: The request was necessitated when GMU informed CUBU and PM that their requests to have their meets on December 11-14 and December 19-21 respectively could not be honored due to the proxity of the later date to Xmas and difficulty of providing adequate staffing at that time. Instead, they were each offered dates for their meets one week earlier. MACH as result also asked to move its meet by one week to avoid having their meet on the same weekend as the Tom Dolan Meet.

MSSC was consulted about this requested change since they had previously received a PVS sanction for their Christmas Championship Meet on December 5-7, 2008 -- the dates now being requested for the Tom Dolan Invitational. They were given an opportunity to advise PVS if they wished to raise an objection and did not do so.

Voting in Favor:   Riley Eaton, Mark Faherty, Boots Hall, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Bill Stephens, Jim Thompson, Ron Whalen, Greg York (8)

Abstain:   Art Davis, Virginia Ratcliff (2)

Voting Against: 

Not Voting:  Austin Auger, Riley Eaton, Cassidy Wolfe (3)