Potomac Valley Swimming

Executive Board of Director’s

Special Meeting

April 26, 2010

Overlee Community Center


·         Executive Board Session was called to order by Greg York at 7:57 pm


·         Greg officially apologized to PVS Official’s Chair, Jack Neill and all PVS Officials for comments made over the past several days through email. He did not intend to offend anyone, please accept his apologizes.


·         Item #5 – Implementation of Background Screening for all non-athlete members registered with USA-Swimming has been pulled and will not be considered this evening.


·         Item #3 Rules Regarding the use of cell phones or cameras at all meets in PVS and Item#4 – Communicating rules regarding the use of devices in facilities: Art has recommended that these two items be combined into one.


o   The primary concern regarding these two policies is how to effectively enforce them in facilities where spectators are seated behind the blocks. It was highly suggested that this information be stated clearly in all meet announcement and possibly in meet programs for at least the first year.


o   Greg has asked Jim Thompson, to works with the Officials committee and Art Davis, to work together to write the appropriate verbiage to be included in all Meet Announcements.


o   A Motion was made to accept items 3 & 4 as a combined policy with an effective date to be effective immediately once the appropriate verbiage is constructed. The Motion is seconded and approved (9-0).


·         Item #2 – Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Seminar: It was suggested that PVS set up and hold a seminar on Sexual Harassment/Misconduct for coaches, officials, athletes and parents as early as possible (the May/June time frame) and then  a second one in the fall instead of waiting until the fall of 2010 to set one up.


o   John Ertter is already looking into several possible attorneys who may be able to give the presentation. He will report back to the board once he has a presenter secured.


o   A Motion was made to accept item #2 and schedule a Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Seminar as soon as possible, the motion was seconded and approved (9-0). 


·         Item #1 – Implementation of a Task Force on Sexual Misconduct: USA Swimming is interested in working with LSC’s on these important issues. It has been recommended that PVS establish a Task Force made up of coaches, officials, parents, athletes and board members to work together to establish clear goals and directives to aid Clubs in our LSC to maintain the safety of all members of PVS.

o    It is felt that the BoD should come up with what they believe the goals and duties of the task force are, while still allowing the Task Force themselves to have the freedom to establish their own goals and objectives. Clubs are the first line of defense again these crimes and PVS should make sure the task force is working with the clubs.

o   It was recommended that the task force be established and members named no later than June 1, 2010


o   Motion to create a PVS Task Force on Sexual Misconduct no later than June 1, 2010. The Motion was seconded and approved (9-0).


Art wants to thanks the athletes and other members of the Board for attending.


Executive Session adjourned at 8:40 pm


The following document was produced and accepted by the BoD following the April 26, 2010 Executive Session: Action Items on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct