As approved at April 18, 2000 BofD Meeting


7:00 PM -- TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2000
Whitman HS, Bethesda, MD

Thirl Crudup, General Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. In attendance were Manga Dalizu, Kerry Ellett, John Ertter, Ward Foley, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Kit Mathews, Dave Scibetta, Greg York, Irene Millman and Linda Edmunds.

Approval of the January Minutes:

It was pointed out and all members present agreed that the Operations Chairman position was also open for re-election

Ward stated that the statement regarding payment of a fine when an unsubstantiated challenge was made should read "made by an unauthorized person representing a club."

Ward inquired about the publishing of the minutes for the closed portion of the meeting. It was stated that only the travel portion of the meeting was closed and that a member had been asked to excuse him or herself in order that a potential conflict be avoided. It was agreed that only the motions made and votes from the closed portion of the meeting would be included in the published minutes.

Ward stated that the minutes reflected that Linda K. made a statement that the association had never given travel assistance for Open Water swims and that he has confirmed that this statement is incorrect. This change will not be made within the January minutes as the statement was made. For the record, the February minutes would reflect this statement.

Dave S. noted that marked difference in the style of the minutes in terms of amount of discussion included. There was discussion of how complete the contents should be. The question was raised whether, the minutes should contain each comment or simply the formal motions and the other decisions and actions that resulted from Board discussion. There was a consensus that it was important the minutes should contain the decisions and actions that result from discussion. It was noted such a summation would preserve for the historical record the basis for a Board vote, which could be helpful in the future. However, a complete recording of all board discussion was not needed. Any member who wants to have a comment included directly in the minutes should precede their statement with a phrase such as "I'd like to have included in the record."

Motion to approve the January Board of Directors Minutes as amended - PASSED.

General Chairman:

Thirl stated that USA Swimming is now accepting nominations for the 2000 Phillips Outstanding Service Award. This award is based on quality, level and years of service. Any board member who would like to propose a nomination should email their suggestions to Thirl at their earliest convenience.

Thirl reviewed the 1999 Accident Report as issued by USA Swimming. There were 879 accidents reported in 1999. The nature of these injuries as well as the breakdown was discussed. It was stated that the Safety Chairman should have already received a copy of this report. The Admin Office advised it also had a copy.

Thirl discussed his communication with Mike McDonough with respect to Sectionals. Thirl received few responses from coaches in PVS, and passed those comments on. It is likely that there will be 3 to 4 Sectional meets held within the Eastern Zone. It was noted that there is a need to have meeting time to discuss the Sectional meets at the spring zone meeting. It was also felt that additional time either prior or subsequent to this meeting would be needed to finalize plans for at least the first year. The format of the meet as well as time standards will be left to the Zone.

Thirl stated a need to establish a date for the PVS House of Delegates Meeting. There was consensus that having the meeting on a weekday evening as was done last year is desirable. The meeting will be held tentatively on May 23rd at 7 pm. Ward and Greg will both look into possible locations.

Thirl stated he has the opportunity to name up to 10 at-large delegates for the PVS House of Delegates Meeting. He requested that anyone with suggestions contact him before April 3rd. Ward suggested that the Officials Chair, the Safety Chair and the Equipment Manager should be considered.

Administrative Division:

Registration: Irene referred to written report attached to the agenda for the meeting. Irene stated that the total athlete registrations for this year (6174) are greater than the total registrations for the 1999 registration year. Non-athlete registrations are down from last year. Lana Zerwick of USA Swimming has stated that we are currently in the top 10 of all LSCs based on registrations USA Swimming has received to date. Others noted that historically PVS has been the sixth largest LSC, when the registration year is over.

It was also reported that PVS currently has 34 registered clubs with 2 more still expected to renew for the year. Three clubs have not registered for 2000 and two new clubs have joined.

There was discussion of the plan to electronically upload registrations for the 2001-year and the implementation of this procedure. A "2001 Registration Procedure Proposal" had been provided to Board members at the January meeting, but not discussed. In summary, it recommended that clubs with 50 or more athletes handle their own registration next year and simply provided an electronic file to the PVS Registrar. Clubs with less than 50 athletes could do it next year, but would not be required to do so until the 2002 registration year. The possibility of assessing a surcharge, but not require a club to do so was discussed.

Irene indicated that clubs would not be required to submit paper copies of the athlete registration form, but would be expected to retain it for their records. She stated in response to a query that USA Swimming does not expect to have the form available until late July. However, no significant changes are expected so clubs could start to collect information about their athletes based on this year's form.

After further explanation of the implementation process, the Board affirmed the plan and Irene indicated that a request to USA for assistance and plans for the training and testing process would start immediately. The training is expected to take place in late spring.

Policy and Procedure Amendments:

Kit presented several proposed changes to the Policy and Procedures Manual that were either discussed or tabled or simply tabled from the January Board meeting.

There was discussion of the fee remitted to PVS for Time Trials. Current PVS policy was changed so that for PVS sponsored meets, the fee would now be $10.00, with $5.00 remitted to the PVS travel fund. For PVS club sponsored meet, the fee would be set by the club and the fee remitted to PVS for such Time Trials would be equal to the remittance for other splash fees at that meet. PASSED.

There was discussion of the Deck entry fee for Club meets. The current policy of $10.00 at PVS sponsored meet with $5.00 remitted to PVS will remain unchanged. Motion that the fee remitted to PVS for Deck entries received at Club meets be equal to the remittance for other splash fees at that meet. PASSED.

Item 2H: Kit stated that he felt a need to relax this rule to allow additional heats at 9 & under meets. There was discussion of the need for the rule to not add additional heats and why it was originally enacted. There was further discussion of the new starting procedure and how this affected an athlete's ability to know which heat was being swum. John H. stated that the procedure currently used in PVS has been cleared with the National Officials Chairman and that at current meets the heat is announced. It was stated that all involved parties work hard to fit athletes into the meet.

Motion to revise rule to state additional heats can be added at the discretion of the meet director for all PVS meets. PASSED. It was agreed there is no necessity to have this proviso in future meet announcements, as this will be in the amended Policy and Procedures Manual. Kit stated that any mention of no new heats being added would be removed from Policies and Procedures Manual.

Motion to Pass Item 3a, which would require clubs running PVS sanctioned meets to operate the meet using a meet management currently approved for use by the PVS Administrative Office. PASSED. In discussion, it was agreed information regarding versions currently approved for use would be made available on the PVS website.

There was discussion of item 3b which would authorize PVS to fine a club $100 for using a Meet Director at a meet who is not registered with PVS Swimming. Motion to Pass Item 3b. PASSED.

There was discussion of the changes and their effect with regard to Item 3c which would require at least draft meet announcements to be submitted to PVS with the sanction request form. There were provisions to require within 30 days of the meet, with an exception for dual and tri meets. The final version may not differ substantively from the draft version. Motion to Pass Item 3c. PASSED. There was discussion regarding what substantively different means and it was agreed it would be Competition Division's responsibility to interpret those provisions.

There was discussion of Item 3d, which pertains to establishing a new requirement to submit meet results in electronic form to the PVS Webmaster and/or PVS Administrative Office within three days. It was stated that it was often difficult to produce the electronic results within the proposed 3 days. Ward stated that he felt the association could not require clubs to provide this information on Club meets. Kit stated that this could be viewed as being part of future sanctions. Greg stated that he did not think that the association could require the Club to release Club meet information for posting to the Web. There was discussion of the current policy and the need to update it. It was stated that most clubs desire having their meet results posted to the Web. Dave S. stated that 5 working days may be a more reasonable requirement. Motion to change proposal to state 5 working days. PASSED 2 opposed.

Motion to accept item 3d as amended to reflect 5 working day. PASSED 2 opposed.

There was discussion of item 3e, which would require all PVS Meet Directors to be PVS certified. It was stated that based on current experience, there is a need to have Meet Directors who were trained and proficient in running meets and doing the associated paperwork. The PVS Admin Office is having to spend considerable time training people on a one on one basis and dealing with situations where Meet Directors are totally unfamiliar with their responsibilities. A friendly amendment was made to allow a waiver by the PVS Admin Office for Meet Directors with experience and proficiency. Motion to accept item 3e as amended. PASSED.

Meet Reconciliation:

This item was placed at this point on the agenda in response to a request at the January Board meeting. However, no Board member present expressed a desire to discuss meet reconciliation at this time.

Athlete's Representative:

There was no report.

Treasurer's Report:

The Treasure referred to written report as distributed. John E. stated that each year PVS needs to reaffirm its strategy to follow the investment strategy used by USA Swimming. John E. further stated that he had communicated with Mr. Drexler from Dan-Rauscher where the investment account is held. John E. stated that the account has been rebalanced to reflect the strategy of USA Swimming. This fund netted 17.34% for the 1999 calendar year. The net since inception is 16.74%. There was discussion of the management fee; it will be increased from 0.7% to 1% on an annual basis based on the balance in the PVS investment account. There was discussion of the release of this information. John E. stated that there was no reason to withhold this information; however, it must be clearly stated and understood that the LSC has long term investments and a goal to protect the long term viability of the LSC. There was discussion of the investment plan (contributing $5,000/mo for 10 months) implemented by the previous Treasurer after discussion with the Board There was discussion of the need to have liquid as well as investment funds. John E. stated that he would like to make further deposits to the investment account, but that he felt this would require a surplus in the budget. He also noted USA Swimming recommends that LSCs have reserves that are at least equal to 1 year's operating expenses.

Age Group Chairman:

Ward reported that Fairfax County pools were unavailable for Thursday night of Age Group Champs, so this portion of the meet will run at Wakefield High School. It was stated that many venues had been requested for this portion of the meet and all were said to be "unavailable." However, after the announcement of the venue to be used, some of these other venues reported that they were available. It was observed that it is amazing how many pools become available when clubs are unhappy with the venue.

There was discussion of the Age Group Champ meet, Jr Champ meet and Senior Champ meet entry fees. Ward stated that each had a different rate. Irene stated that this had been noted in the Fall. John H. stated that this issue should probably be revisited for next year. Irene stated that the Board had voted to increase the fees by $.25, but that the entry fees were different to begin with, therefore, the $.25 increase did not correct this.

Ward inquired about a potential conflict if the Zone Team Manager and Zone Meet Manager were the same person. It was noted that this was a valid concern. The Board was advised that action has been taken so that this would be two separate individuals for the forthcoming Eastern Zone SC Meet.

With regard to the Zone meet, Thirl stated that PGS&LC has is guaranteed in writing to the Zone Directors that it is as available for the Zone meet. Separately, it was agreed that only the six PVS coaches that are on the official coaches' roster will receive deck passes. PVS will NOT issue the additional two passes available to it.

There was a motion to accept Ward Foley and Dave Greene as two additional PVS SC Zone Coaches They were elected at the January Competition Committee meeting. Also, There was also a motion to approve Blair Cameron as Assistant Head Zone Coach as voted at the September, 1999 Competition Committee meeting. Both MOTIONS PASSED

A proposal was made that if in the future insufficient nominations preclude the Competitions Committee from electing a full slate of coaches, then the AG Chair, Sr. Chair and Sr. Coaches Rep will select the additional coaches and submit their names to the board for final approval MOTION - PASSED.

Senior Division:

There was discussion of swimmers to enter bonus events at Junior and Senior Champs and its effect on the athletes. Greg stated that he felt the Board is creating situations, which will prevent athletes from participating in certain events.

Operations Division:

John H. stated that the new starting procedure is in use and that the transition had gone very smoothly at the January Open. 4 clinics for Stroke and Turns were conducted during the second week of January, but only 1 was well attended. He noted they were all before the bad January weather occurred. John reported that Marty Cohen has named: Bob Brofft, Meet Referee and Jack Schaeffer, Administrative Referee for the PVS -Senior SC Champs; He also reported that John Hirschmann had been nominated to be, Meet Referee for the - Eastern Zone Meet and the Zone had accepted the nomination. Jim Garner will be the Administrative Referee at the -Eastern Zone Meet. John H also reported that the Zone had agreed to use of the "Whistle Starting Protocol" and "No Recall" procedures at the Eastern Zone SC Championship Meet.

Strategic Planning:

Dave S. stated that PVS will continue its past practice and try to make information from high school championship meets available on the PVS website. Ward indicated he was comfortable with how it is currently being handled.

Coaches Representative:

Greg introduced a draft announcement of a mini-camp. Kit asked if this was a PVS or a club event. Greg indicated this is a PVS event. Kit stated a need to have the PVS Camp Coordinator involved. There was discussion of camps and which PVS components need to be involved. There was further discussion about the representation of minis at the Board level. Thirl stated that Greg had enthusiastically agreed to take on this project at the January Board meeting and had followed Board direction in putting together this draft. He further stated that all divisions who need to be involved should work together to make it happen.

Greg stated that the Board needs to be aware of what is being said within the LSC and assure that it functions in a reasonable manner listening to the advise of committees. Thirl stated that Greg's comments were well taken.

Manga stated that there were inconsistencies in the entry qualifying times for Age Group Champs. There was discussion of relay qualifying times. He stated that it was his understanding that the formula is supposed to be the summation of the NST qualifying times plus 5%. It was acknowledged that in the case of one event for Age Group Champs, the time was incorrectly calculated.


Jim stated there was nothing to report. Thirl stated that the Travel Committee would meet to determine how to proceed with a fine against a club who submitted an athlete as qualified for travel assistance and received travel assistance but the athlete was found to be unqualified when challenged. Ward stated that he felt the club should have to remit the funds before any further funds were released to them. Thirl stated that no new policy was involved.

There was limited discussion of Linda K's proposed changes to Travel Policy as initially presented at the January Board meeting. The travel reimbursement form would be revised to allow implementation of current policy.

New Business:

There was discussion of advertising in the programs for meets sponsored by PVS. It had been decided at a previous time that an ad could not be placed in a program at a PVS sponsored meet. The issue with this ad was that it promoted a specific club and that PVS was paying for the reproduction of the program. There was discussion of recruitment vs. advertising. Many Board members felt that the Board should not preclude clubs from accepting advertising for programs at all PVS meets, so long as the club paid the reproduction cost. The Board reached the consensus it was not appropriate for PVS to change the policy for meets already sanctioned and in particular, where "ads" had been taken for prior year's programs.

Ward proposed a 1mile/2 mile Open Water Meet on May 20 as an addition to the 2000 LC Schedule. He indicated he had not wanted to present it at an earlier time because Fairfax County had yet to approve it. This is the first time PVS has been asked to sanction an Open Water meet. While expressing a desire to support this type of meet, questions were raised about concerns for both officiating and safety. Many stressed that it is essential that the Board be satisfied this meet will be conducted in a safe manner. There is a need to consult John McDonald, PVS Safety Officer and Kurt Thiel, who has significant experience with this type of meet. Motion to add the 1st Annual AAC Open Water Meet to the 2000 LC Schedule with a condition of the Sanction being the favorable review of the arrangements by the PVS Safety Chair. PASSED.

Irene noted that the Office was contacted by a club who ran a club meet and has yet to receive the entry fees of one participating PVS club, despite several follow up requests. Discussion followed regarding the possible actions that could be taken. Irene as instructed, will notify the club that the entry fee must be paid within 24 hours following the Board meeting. Failure to pay will result in denial of entry into the PVS Junior Champ meet.

Greg asked with regard to Meet Reconciliation, at what point the clubs were going to be fined. Thirl stated that he is looking closely at the reports from the January Open. It was noted the number of apparent violations is down from what was being encountered in November and December. There was a discussion of the fines and the authority to fine or rescind fines. Manga stated that he felt all Board members should have been made aware of actions prior to time they were taken, in order to be able to respond to inquiries in an informed manner. Greg asked at what point the fines would be enforced and expressed concern that failure to do so would cause PVS to loses credibility by not enforcing fines. There was further discussion of the need to enforce fines against clubs with unregistered athletes and the consequences of not effectively enforcing the registration requirement. Other Board members indicated they shared this view. Thirl stated that action would be taken.

Greg asked who has the authority to rescind fines set forth by Policies & Procedures and reiterated this question. Ward stated that the fines could be imposed now. There was discussion of how to prevent unregistered athletes from participating without causing that athlete to lose the opportunity to participate. Motion to direct Meet Directors for the February and March 2000 meets to email their Meet Manager data file to the PVS Admin Office so that the meet can be run through Meet Reconciliation prior to the meet. Swimmers entered who are not registered or improperly registered would be given an opportunity to correct their registration and the club would be subject to a fine. PASSED

Motion to adjourn at 10:45pm. PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Edmunds/Irene Millman
Administrative Assistants/Registrars

Agenda for Meeting