As approved at June 20, 2000 BofD Meeting


6:30 PM -- TUESDAY MAY 23, 2000
Bush Hill ES,
Franconia, VA

The meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. on May 23 at Bush Elementary School by Thirl Crudup, General Chairman. In attendance were Manga Dalizu, John Ertter, Ward Foley, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Kit Mathews, Greg York and Linda Edmunds. Mark Eldridge joined upon his arrival.

Travel Reimbursement
The purpose of this meeting was to discuss travel reimbursement requests.

There was discussion of a previous travel challenge "double-dip" which had to be researched before a final decision was made. The challenge was upheld. Linda K. will issue a letter to the team regarding the challenge and the associated fine.

Linda K. reviewed the travel reimbursement requests which had been submitted for the Spring 2000 meets.

All college athlete's submissions lacked some information which the travel committee or the PVS Board would like to have. Linda K. will issue a letter to the teams who have submitted requests for college athletes requesting further information.

There was discussion of the travel reimbursement requests of athletes who were perceived to have not performed at their actual level of capability Several Board members indicated they were not pleased with the obvious lack of performance by a few athletes, but there was a general agreement that they had not violated the technical requirements. Motion to reimburse. PASSED

There was discussion of an athlete from whom an appeal was submitted. This athlete had changed teams, and therefore swam Juniors as unattached PVS. The team which the athlete traveled with and is now attached to requested travel reimbursement for this athlete. The athlete had fulfilled the events requirements. Motion to reimburse. PASSED

There was discussion of an appeal submitted on behalf of an athlete who was unable to fulfill the events requirements due to illness. Discussion of the athlete's previous overall participation within PVS was discussed. Motion to reimburse for the Senior National share as requested. PASSED.

There was discussion of an athlete for whom an appeal was submitted. The athlete had scratched finals in an event causing the athlete to not meet the requirements. The appeal was submitted explaining that the athlete had scratched this final in order to participate in a relay. Motion to deny payment of the Senior National share requested. PASSED

There was discussion of an athlete listed as "qualified" who had not met the event requirements. Motion to deny reimbursement of the Junior share requested without assessment of a fine. PASSED-

There was discussion of the other travel reimbursement requests. Motion to reimburse for these requests after the final review of the travel committee to determine those eligible for only shares as dictated by PVS Policies and Procedures and to determine the eligibility of athletes with regard to the "double-dip" policy. PASSED.

Approval of the April Minutes
Motion to accept the April Minutes with the addition of the statement: "Linda Klopfenstein and Ward Foley arrived late due to their participation in a Board of Review Hearing." PASSED.

Motion to adjourn at 6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Edmunds/Irene Millman
Administrative Assistants/Registrars