Potomac Valley Swimming
Board of Directors Retreat
April 21, 2001

The Potomac Valley Swimming voting Board Members (not including the Athlete Representatives) were invited to participate in a retreat to review the state of Potomac Valley as an LSC. This was not an official board meeting and there were no official actions by the Board of Directors. Many items will require formal Board action before they can be implemented. This was simply a working meeting -- the results of which the board would like to share with the LSC.

Mission Statement: The Board of Directors suggests that it be revised to the following:

Potomac Valley Swimming shall promote swimming and foster equal access for competitive opportunities for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities, in accordance with the standards, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA), USA-Swimming (USAS) and PVS and its Articles of Incorporation. The objectives and primary purpose of PVS shall be the education, and assurance of instruction and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.

Areas of Issue that were discussed:
  • Communication
  • Synopsis of Board meetings
  • Sr. & AG Chair will report to Competition the action of the Board and the rationale
  • Parent's email
  • ,
  • Camps
  • Coaches Cont. Education
  • Opportunities for all athletes
  • Possible inclusion of 9 yr olds at mini level to create more opportunities
  • Meet evaluation
  • Outreach
  • Organizational information in by-laws
Short Term Goals:
  • Increase parent involvement and volunteerism in the area of Officiating
  • Meet Evaluation: Will communicate with Meet Directors and request information, will post a form to the website for use by teams/parents/athletes to comment on the management of meets
  • Decrease the number of PVS sponsored meets: Championship meets will be maintained with no other meets for the same competitive group offered during the same weekend. Open meets will be maintained on the schedule with club sponsored meet being able to held on the same weekend (starting in 2002-03) if sanctions are requested prior to time PVS needs to commit to pool rentals for PVS sponsored open meets. This will be re-evaluated over time to determine the future policy.
  • Safety: Need to be more active in this area.
  • Equipment: A full inventory must be done.
  • Distance Coordinator/Open Water:Appoint Open Water/Distance Coordiantor (subsequently filled by John Blaschke) Develop and action plan, Open Water meet by Summer 2002.
Long Term Goals:
  • Travel Reimbursement: Simplify the process
  • Meet Participation: Include more Non-PVS athletes, allow other LSCs to have the travel opportunities for their athletes. (Allow on trial basis for the Oct & Nov 2001 Opens.) PVS entries will have priority.
  • Budget surplus: Look to adequately fund the programs currently in place
  • LSC Workshop: Explore the possibility of a workshop geared toward our LSC and foster participation
Out-Years Goal:
  • Volunteers: Cultivate new leadership and create a large pool of volunteers
Changes to PVS By-Laws:
  • Change USS to USA will be made as a housekeeping item.
  • An email voting procedure for both the House and the Board will be requested at the HOD.
  • A change to the number of Board of Review members to be voted on per year will be changed to meet the current number of members.
  • John Blaschke will present a proposed change to the procedures for the Coaches' Representative Election.
  • Change to Mission Statement as outlined above.