As approved at Board Meeting -- July 29, 2002


12:00 NOON -- SUNDAY July 21, 2002
Fairfax, VA

General Chairman Thirl Crudup called the meeting to order at 12 noon on Sunday, July 21, 2002. This special meeting of the Board met at the home of Linda Klopenstein in Fairfax VA. Board members present were: Thirl Crudup, John Blaschke, John Ertter, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Bill Marlin, Kit Mathews, Bob Walker and Greg York. The board voted to include incoming board members-elect Bob Lindberg and Bill Stephens.

Chairman Crudup explained that this was a special meeting of the Board that had been called to deal specifically with administrative and office problems and that the business before the Board was limited to those areas. The Board discussed these situations and passed the following motions. All motions were presented by the General Chairman, were seconded, discussed thoroughly, modified by consensus and passed unanimously.

Motion # 1: Moved, Seconded and Passed, That this meeting be conducted in Executive Session for the purposes of evaluating the performance of the PVS Administrative Office and to take actions necessary to effectuate any changes deemed appropriate as a result of that review. Further, that the newly elected members of the PVS Board of Directors whose terms of office will commence September 1, 2002, be permitted to join the Executive Session with voice, but no vote.

Motion # 2: Moved Seconded and Passed, That the administrative contract with Tatudles be terminated for cause immediately and that Tatudles be offered the opportunity to provide consulting services to PVS during a transition period not to exceed 75 days at its current rate of compensation. Such consulting services shall be limited to the organization and transfer of PVS files, supporting individuals as requested to assure that the essential functions of the LSC continue to be performed during the interim period and/or the startup period for a new employee; and providing other specific assistance as requested. Responsibility for bank accounts, undeposited checks and financial record keeping will be transferred to the Treasurer immediately. The handling of all future receipts and disbursements shall be under the direct control of the Treasurer until a new employee/contractor has been hired. Tatudles may assist with the transfer, maintenance and organization of bookkeeping records only upon the specific request of the Treasurer. All PVS owned equipment currently in the possession of Tatudles shall transferred promptly upon request of the General Chairman.

Motion # 3, Moved Seconded and Passed: That PVS open a search for both a new office administrator and registrar as soon as practical. A Committee consisting of Bill Stephens, John Ertter and John Hirschmann, and Greg York will prepare the job description, assure proper advertising and distribution of the opportunity; and review the applications that are received. They shall make their recommendations to the General Chairman and then to the Board prior to any hiring commitment being made. The objective is to have new individuals in place by September 15.

Motion # 4, Moved, Seconded and Passed: That the following interim arrangements be authorized to assure continuity in essential PVS operations until such time as new individuals are hired:

Motion # 5, Moved, Seconded and Passed: The Treasurer, in consultation with the Administrative Vice-Chairman (Elect), shall have authority to rent office space on an interim basis, if needed, to permit the PVS office to function out of this location until such time as a determination is made about a permanent arrangement and it can be implemented. PVS records shall be transferred to this interim location as soon as practical. A storage locker may also be obtained to store additional items for which routine access is not needed.

Motion # 6, Moved. Seconded and Passed: That the Administrative Vice-Chairman (Elect) shall chair a Committee to prepare a report for the Board's future consideration as to whether PVS should open a business office where its primary administrative functions would be performed. It shall evaluate the advantages of this approach relative to how PVS has located its office both presently and in the past as well as other alternatives it may identify. It shall consult with other LSC's who accomplish this function in various ways to learn of their experiences and recommendations.

After the above motions had been passed, the Board discussed an appropriate timeline for the next week. It was decided that the General Chairman would meet with the current contractor no later than Thursday, July 25, to inform them of the Board's decisions and to ask them for their assistance and advise them of the opportunity to serve as a consultant for 75 days. The Treasurer will take responsibility for the checking account on Thursday, July 25. Jim Garner volunteered to accept the Post Office Box key and to forward mail to the appropriate parties as required., Others present agreed to help draft the announcements and letters,, assist in moving, and other tasks that will be required to implement the planned changes. The timing in changes for the phones and email are dependent on whether the current contractor elects to assist as a contractor for the next 75 days.There being no further discussion, the Board determined to hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 29, at River Falls beginning at 7 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.