TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2003

The Board by electronic vote initiated on May 27, 2003 APPROVED a the request by Virginia Swimming to sanction Long Course Senior Championship Meet, July 25-27, 2003 at George Mason University-Fairfax. Both a Application for Sanction of Meet and a draft Meet Announcement accompanied the request

Six affirmative votes were cast.

The meet was desribed as "Senior Meet with Trials and Finals -- 15-16 "AA" Qualification Times"

The meet request is accompanied by the following statement:
"Meet is open to out-of-lsc teams. Five teams have requested and approved to be invited. No other out of LSC teams will be accepted in order to keep meet size manageable. Teams that have been include Bowe, Columbia and Eagle from Maryland, Lancaster from MA and SDS from PVS."

In approving the request, the Board considered this statement an integral part of the conditions under which the meet was being sanctioned. It was also aware that this meet had been planned prior to the May 10th Eastern Zone meeting where the zone voted that it was its view that "all LSC's should support the Sectional Meets, and not run meets up against them. The consensus of the group was this should be highly encouraged." Accordingly, it also stipulated that issuance of this sanction should not be viewed as setting a precedent regarding how future sanction requests might be decided.

Several Board members and interested PVS club coaches had expressed their views on this request prior to the time this vote was initiated. The Board was made aware of these views and encouraged to become familiar with them before voting.