AS APPROVED at the PVS Board Meeting -- March 2, 2005
(Amended March 28, 2005 for discussion of Outreach Program)


6:30 PM -- THURSDAY January 13, 2005
River Falls Community Center
Potomac, MD

Attendance -- Jim Garner, Chair, Todd Benedick, John Hirschmann, Bill Marlin, Donald Riedlinger, Breanne Smith, Bill Stephens, Jim Van Erden, Ron Whalen, and Greg York. Non-voting Board Members: John Ertter and Boots Hall Guests: Art Lopez and Paris Jacobs

Call to Order -- The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:45 pm by the General Chair, Jim Garner.

Jim had provided the Board with a proposed agenda prior to the meeting and had incorporated additional items into the agenda as a result of input from the Board.

Approval of Minutes -- The minutes of November 17, 2004 Board of Directors meeting were approved as circulated.

General Chairman Items

Selection of Athlete Representative -- Jim Garner advised the Board that Trevor Basil had submitted his resignation as Junior Athlete Rep to the PVS Board - he had not been able to attend any meetings since his election to the Board in July 2004. Jim then recommended to the Board the selection of Breanne Smith as the successor. The Board approved the recommendation. It was explained that Breanne is filling a term that runs from September 1, 2004 to August 31, 2006. However, given that a vacancy occurred, her term will expire when the next athlete election occurs - unless the athletes choose to conduct an election sooner.

Outreach Program --

Arthur Lopez was welcomed to the Board meeting and briefed the Board on the Outreach Program he had started in conjunction with Curl-Burke to do outreach to primarily Hispanic, socially disadvantaged, and at risk youngsters called, "Nadar Por Vida - Swimming for Life." . The program is being run on Friday nights at the Y on Gallows Road. Most live in Annandale and North Springfield but efforts at outreach have been made to Fairfax and Reston. It is not a learn to swim program - the swimmers are already water safe. The first program was this Fall, with initially 10 kids and finishing with over 30. The goal is to eventually have 60 kids and we have over 40 signed up the 10-week program that is about to start.

He is looking for financial assistance to assist supporting the program. This includes the need for training equipment, swimsuits, life guards, security. He wants them to get into competitive swimming and register with USA Swimming. Guest coaches are being brought in. He discussed "best practices" that are being learned in the process of running the program.

Art discussed his attempts to discuss the program with the Outreach Coordinators with USA Swimming. It was suggested he also contact Don Walker, who is charge of the Outreach Committee and is located in San Antonio, TX. USA Swimming may also have grants that may be applied for to support this type of activity.

He is anxious for all swimmers to pay something to be in the program. Many need financial assistance with the full fee All need to pay in installments during the course of the program.

As a result of hearing Art's presentation, the following motion was made, seconded and adopted.

"The PVS Board of Directors authorizes a grant of $1,000 to Curl-Burke Swim Club to support a targeted minority/disadvantaged outreach developmental stroke school. Funds may not be used for the payment of required fees, but may be used for necessary equipment and other ancillary expenses to support this program. The Board asks that a final report be submitted at the conclusion of the program indicating how the funds were expended and lessons learned as to how the funds contributed to the program."

The Board also approved the expenditure of funds to pay the $5 USA Swimming registration fee for each swimmer in this program who registers with USA Swimming as an athlete under the ""outreach program."

The Board also indicated it was approving this grant as a pilot project and a motion was made, seconded and adopted to develop a program to permit applications to be solicited so additional grants could be made under this program. The Board indicated it is anxious for its member clubs and other individuals to apply for grants to support this type of activity in the future. It asked that Arthur Lopez work with the current PVS Outreach Coordinator to develop a program and a process by which all PVS member clubs be able to apply to PVS for similar support In the future.

The Board was also desirous that this program be briefed at the annual House of Delegates meeting to help make its membership aware of the program.

Swimposium -- Paris Jacobs and Bill Marlin briefed on the status of plans for the Swimposium.

Paris has made tentative arrangements with one hotel in the Tyson's corner area, but has yet to finalize the arrangements. Paris briefed the Board on what the likely financial commitments would be - including what the deposit would be to hold the date and responsibility PVS would have in the event the Swimposium were not held for some reason. A deposit of $10K would be required to hold the date and PVS, by signing the contract, could be liable for up to $38K. Given the desire to hold registration fees down to a modest amount to encourage good attendance, the net cost of PVS could well be a large percentage of this amount.

Paris also indicated she was still trying to reach Carole Burch of USA Swimming to coordinate our planning with the USA Swimming calendar to assure they would be able to send speakers on the desired date. It was expected that USA Swimming would provide several expert speakers, which PVS could pick from a menu of available topics. USA Swimming was also expected to provide a subsidy of $10K.

It was agreed that it was most desirable to have the Swimposium in the early Fall prior to the start of competition - when enthusiasm is most likely to be high. PVS experience in running a Swimposium type program in October 1993 as well as its inability to have a successful program In April 1998, which needed to be canceled with substantial penalties incurred was also discussed.

There was discussion regarding the proposed location, including whether it was necessary to incur such a large expense. The desirability of holding the Swimposium in a comfortable location was discussed. Others noted that colleges or similar locations might be available at a substantially lower cost and might well have a pool readily available for the athlete's track.

There was also discussion of what tracks to offer. This had also been discussed at the Competition Committee meeting on January 9th. It was felt that given scheduling requirements, it might be best to continue to have the annual Meet Directors and Registrars prior to this date. Specific topics proposed included tracks for officials, club business management (required of all new clubs and encouraged of others), new parents to swimming, age group coaches, 8/U coaches. Many felt that trying to attract new officials was not likely to be that successful and most parents who would come would be interested In the officiating track. It was felt it might be difficult to attract parents of new swimmers to this program without considerable help from our member clubs.

An athlete track was also mentioned, many felt having an Olympian present would not be as successful here as in other parts of the country.

No final decision was made on which tracks would be offered.

A motion was made seconded and approved to approve the payment of a $10K as a deposit to hold a hotel for a Swimposium and to authorize the General Chairman to enter into a contract for up to $40,000 for a Swimposium to be held in September or October, 2005. The preferred date is October 9th.The Board also asked that any prospective contract with a hotel be provided to our attorney for review.

It was recognized that PVS had already sanctioned meets for that weekend and if the Swimposium was scheduled for that weekend, steps might be taken to see if those meets could be moved to another weekend.

Jim Van Erden indicated his organization had experience in booking hotels for conferences and volunteered to provide a limited amount of general guidance in this regard.

[Subsequent to the Board meeting, it was learned the United States Swimming no longer provides a $10K subsidy for a Swimposium. As a result, Jim Garner re-polled the Board as to what level of financial commitment they thought PVS should make to this meeting. As a result of that polling, several Board members expressed the view that PVS should not incur a fixed cost of up to $38,000 in order to assure a Swimposium could be held. Others stated that given it has been many years since PVS has held a Swimposium, they did not want to see it delayed for another year in order to locate a more economical facility at which to hold the event.]

[There was also further investigation into locations as to where to hold a Swimposium. It was determined it can be held at GMU on Sunday, October 2nd at much more economical basis. Plans are now being made on that basis. By having it one week earlier, this will also avoid a conflict with any PVS scheduled meets.]

PVS Website -- Jim Garner informed the Board that Tim Husson had assumed major responsibilities for the PVS website. Since the beginning of the short course season in October, Tim has been posting all meet results (including needed corrections.) He has also maintained the times on the PVS searchable database. PVS with Tim's guidance has also just initiated use of a new searchable database using software provided by Hy-Tek. PVS has decided to make a switch to this new data base, primarily since enhancements to the prior database are no longer being made. Most other LSC's that had also used the database software used by PVS, have also already made the switch.

Hirschmann also informed the Board that PVS had moved in mid-November the server on which was located due to some issue raised by the webhosting service regarding the amount of space being used on the website. He also indicated that PVS is seriously considering moving to the same webhosting service used for - this switch would probably be made during the next "slow season" between the short course and long course season.

Meeting with VSI -- Garner advised the Board that the meeting with VSI to discuss in which LSC certain clubs and/or training groups should be registered was scheduled for the coming Saturday, January 15th. A communication from Jeff Gudman, USA Swimmng Vice-President for National Programs regarding the meeting had been circulated to the Board just prior to the meeting. In response to a question, Jim advised the meeting would be closed, and only the clubs potentially currently impacted by the matters under discussion would be invited to the meeting. Each club was also being limited to a single representative. Two individuals who represent each of the LSC's involved will also participate.

Age Group Chairman's Conference in Colorado Springs -- The motion was made, seconded and approved to pay Ward Foley's airfare to this conference on April 22-24, 2005 if USA Swimming is not paying. He would be attending as the elected Eastern Zone Age Group Representative. Greg York confirmed he expected to attend the meeting as the PVS Age Group Chairman.

Other Agenda Items

Athletes Representative -- Breanne Smith as the new athlete representative brought up two points. She asked if at PVS Open meets, the Meet Directors could publicize in advance the type of warm-up they plan to conduct so coaches and athletes could know ahead of time what to expect.

She also asked if at meets having short sessions, the meets could be slowed down short to assure when appropriate reasonable rest between event. It was agreed that under most circumstances this should occur and referees should be reminded to slow the sessions down. However, situations have also arisen where if an unannounced break is taken at major meets - complaints may arise from coaches of athletes who selected their events with the expectation there would be limited times between events.

Treasurer's Report/Finance Division -- Financial results for the periods ending November 30, 2004 and December 31, 2004 had been provided to the Board prior to the meeting. PVS's current assets on hand as of December 31, 2004 were $643.377, including $4,471 in the Dave Davis fund. This amount does not reflect about $44,000 that will need to be paid to USA Swimming in connection with December 2004 registrations, as well deposits for registrations processed late in December.

Ertter advised the Board that several clubs have paid their meet sanction fees since financial results as of December 31, 2004 and accompanying supporting statements had been provided to the Board. In contrast to the situation a few weeks ago, there are now only two clubs who still owe sanction fees. They have both recently responded regarding the steps that are being taken to get PVS paid.

Garner also advised the Board that a meeting had been held with the auditor on January 7, 2005 to receive PVS audited statements for FY 2004. As in FY 2003, PVS received a clean (unqualified) opinion. Copies of the audited financial statements were made available to the Board and will be posted to the PVS website.

Jim also reported that the auditor did not find it necessary to issue a written management letter. They did discuss with PVS a few remaining areas of concern -- these matters were shared with the Board as well.

Operations Division -- Ron Whalen reported that a contract with Don Smith as Equipment Manager has not been signed. Don had indicated a willingness to sign a prior version of the contract. Ron indicated it was his intention to ask Don to sign the current version of the contract within the next couple of weeks.

The Board agreed that it expected if the contract were signed on an annual basis that it should be for the period September 1, 2004 to August 31, 2005. It also indicated that if the contract were for at least a year (or if month to month and it was in effect for at least 12 months - a bonus could be offered.)

Hirschmann indicated that he had just received a request to have the 5th Annual Washington Metropolitan Private Middle School Swimming Meet approved for observation. He was seeking Board guidance on this matter since PVS did not have a precedent of approving this type of meet for observation. The Board discussed whether it was appropriate to approve observing such a meet. Hirschmann indicated he had not yet heard back what the views of the National Times Coordinator would be in response to such a request. The PVS Board indicated it was OK with the meet being approved for observation if the National Times Coordinator did not have any objections. [The National Times Coordinator subsequently did indicate she had concerns and the meet was not approved for observation.] .

Boots Hall informed the Board that she would be stepping down after many years of service as an official. The Board acknowledged and expresed its appreciation for her many years of service. It was recommended that Jim Van Erden, currently Vice-Chairman of the Committee become the new PVS Officials Chairman. The Board approved this nomination.

The Board was advised that VSC had resigned its sanction to sponsor the March Madness Meet at Oak Marr on March 18-20. AST has submitted a bid to now host that meet. The Board approved awarding that meet to AST.

The Board was informed that Maryland will be conducting for the first time two regional high school meets under the auspices of Maryland High School Athletic Federation. The South regional meet will be held in the morning and the East regional meet will be held in the afternoon on Feb 19 at the University of Maryland. The Board agreed that if they submit a request to have these meets observed and satisfy the other criteria, PVS would approve it.

Senior Division -- Don Riedlinger reviewed with the Board recommendations made at the January 9th Competition Committee meeting that require Board approval.

The Board approved the selection of Mark Faherty to be PVS Eastern Zone Long Course Head Coach and Breanne Smith as Assistant Head Coach.

The Board approved the new criteria for selecting the PVS Eastern Zone Long Course team. It is as follows:

"PVS's Long course zone team should be selected and managed the same as short course zones. The only exception would be that the top 3 swimmers are selected to go and represent Potomac Valley in each event. (The third fastest swimmer must satisfy the QT established by the Zone for that event.) If the selected swimmers have achieved the qualifying times in other events, they may swim those as well. Finally, the long course zones team will be funded for the same amount as the short course zone team starting in 2006 (The House will be asked in May 2005 to adjust 2005 funding to permit this to happen in 2005.)"

The Board was also advised that the phrase "managed the same way as short course zones" was meant to include the concept that athletes on the team would travel with the team, stay in the team hotel, be there for the duration of the meet, and be available for all relays throughout the meet. It was also confirmed that this phrase would allow us to accept disabled swimmers onto the team on the same basis as we now do for SC Zones.

It was noted that PVS has not changed how its10/U swimmers will participate on the team. Currently they travel with and are housed with the team on the same basis as the older athletes. In the future, PVS may wish to do the same as some other LSC's - have the 10/U swimmers travel with and stay with their parents at such meets.

The Board approved awarding sanctions for the following 4 meets during the 2005 Long Course season.

  • 1st Service Bank Just Swim Again LC Derby - April 29-May 1 by FISH
  • Early Bird LC Invitational Meet - May 7-8, by MSSC
  • Maryland State LC Meet - June 3-5 by RMSC
  • Bunkey Lewis Memorial 9/U SC Meet - Date - TBD by CUBU/RMSC

The Board agreed to award the sanction for the Bunkey Lewis Mini Meet with the date TBD. [PVS was subsequently advised the meet would be on May 22-23, 2005.]

The Board then approved awarding sanctions for the following 24 meets during the 2005-06 Short Course season.

    RMSC Kickoff Meet - October 7-9, 2005 by RMSC
  • Harvest Moon Invitational - October 8-9 by HACC
  • VSC Invite I October 8-9 by VSC
  • Fall Gator Mini Meet October 22-23 by AAC
  • Senior Circuit Meet #1 October 22-23 by MSSC
  • Fall LC Meet November 5-6 by MSSC
  • RMSC November Invite November 5-6 by RMSC
  • VSC Invite II November 5-6 by VSC
  • November Champs November 18-20 by VSC
  • Senior Circuit Meet #2 November 19-20 by MSSC
  • FAST Qualifier November 26-27 by FAST
  • Christmas Championship December 3-4 by MSSC
  • Blizzard Invite December 3-4 by MAKO
  • VSC Mini Invite December 3-4 by VSC
  • Tom Dolan Invite December 8-11 by CUBU
  • Reindeer Mini Meet December 10-11 by YORK
  • Cassel Winter Classic December 15-18 by PM
  • Senior Circuit #3 January 7-8, 2006 by AAC
  • VSC Invite III January 14-15 by VSC
  • Winter LC Invite January 28-29 by MSSC
  • VSC Qualifier February 3-5 by VSC
  • PM 14/U Qualifier February 4-5 by PM
  • Winter Gator Mini Meet February 18-19 by AAC
  • VSC Mini Champs March 4-5 by VSC
  • Spring Champs March 25-26 by MSSC
  • Pilgrim Pentathlon in November Date TBD by CUBU
  • Winter Splash Mini Meet in January Date TBD by CUBU

The Board agreed to award the sanction for the Pilgrim Pentathlon Mini Meet and the Winter Splash Mini Meets with the dates TBD. [PVS has requested the specific dates on which these meets will be held. They will be November 20, 2005 and January 8, 2006, respectively.] The Board was also advised that two meets on the 2004-05 SC schedule had so far not been bid for the 2005-06 season. They are:

  • Mini Championship in March by RMSC
  • March Madness Invitational Meet
The Board was advised that Competition had determined action on these two meets could be deferred until May Competition Committee meeting.

Riedlinger made the Board aware of recent correspondence that PVS had received regarding the limited opportunities for 14/U swimmers to compete during the February timeframe. This had been discussed at some length at the just held Competition Committee meeting. Don indicated that based on comments made at Competition, he is hopeful a club may bid to provide such a meet starting in 2006. If this does not happen, he may make a recommendation that PVS sponsor such a meet.

US Open Travel Reimbursement -- The Board was advised that requests had been received to provide travel assistance support to three PVS clubs on behalf of 7 athletes. One was submitted as an appeal as the athlete competed at the US Open in 1650 Freestyle, but could not compete in that event in PVS due to religious convictions and fact the event was always competed on a Sunday in PVS. The Board approved payment of $250 per athlete to the appropriate clubs for 7 athletes, including the one submitted as an appeal

Competition Division -- Riedlinger reported on the bids that had been submitted to host PVS sponsored long course meets during summer of 2005. He reported that single bids had been received to host PVS Senior Champs at UMD on July 14-17 (CUBU), PVS Junior Champs at UMD on July 14-17 (MACH) and PVS 14/U Age Group Champs at Fairland on July 21-24 (PM). The Board accepted the recommendation to have these clubs host these meets.

Riedlinger also reported that three bids had been received to host PVS Senior/Age Group I and PVS Senior/Age Group II at Lee District, but no bids had been received to host the second site. This was originally going to be at PGS&LC, but since that pool will no longer be available for LCM meets this summer, a new site needed to be found. That site was not known when the bids were sought. It was also reported no bids had been received to host the PVS LC Distance Meet on May 28-29 at LDP. The Board agreed to defer awarding these bids and to readvertise the opportunity to bid via FLASH MAIL

Hirschmann also advised that while GMU has now announced it would be available the summer of 2005, PVS has already committed to other pools for its LCM Championships and those pools do not wish to release PVS from its commitments - given they have adjusted their programming in anticipation of this rental.

Hirschmann also reported he was attempting to determine if DC Recreation and Parks was interested in renting its about to open Takoma Park pool.

Administrative Division -- Bill Stephens reported that the copier leased for five years by the prior PVS Administrative office has gone back to the lesser by common carrier.

Bill also presented to the Board data comparing December 2004 registration figures with that as of a year prior. Data was provided showing athlete registration by club, by age and also the number of athletes, coaches, and officials. In aggregate the number of registered athletes as of 12/31/04 was 6857 versus 5938 as of 12/31/03. The 6857 is higher than PVS's final figure for the 2004 registration year. There might well not be a net increase of >800 if the push this year to make sure all athletes were re-registered by 12/31/04 might have caused some January 2004 registrations to have moved into December this year. This will be much clearer when 1/31/05 registration information is available.

The data on swimmer registration by age showed a very sharp increase in the number of registered 8/U swimmers, 1242 vs 515, and increases in all the age categories through age 12. However the number of registered swimmers for all age brackets starting with age 13 (with minor exception for age 16) have all declined from the prior year.

Bill reported that PVS has 245 registered officials for 6807 athletes whereas the national ratio is closer to 1:20. In contrast PVS had 262 registered officials last year and over 270 two years ago.

There was discussion as to why the apparent number of registered officials is down by about 17. The general decline in the tendency to volunteer was noted. It was also recognized the number of registered coaches information could be impacted by whether or not all their certifications were current. If they were not, they would be classified as being non-athletes in the registration database.

It was also noted that the PVS officials were pleased with the white polo PVS official shirts being provided. Going to a new design periodically was helping to make this into a continuing form of recognition.

Bill passed out an item on proposed duties that might be included within the job description for a PVS Administrative Assistant. He indicated he did not want discussion of the matter at this Board meeting, but asked Board members to review it and be prepared to discuss it at the next Board meeting. He indicated that given the many needs of PVS, it needed to staff such a position. He also suggested a compensation range that might be appropriate.

Bill circulated a revised contract for the PVS Registrar. He indicated that in revising it, he had attempted to include most of the comments he had received to the prior draft circulated in mid November. He also reflected some revisions as a result of his meeting with Sumie Emory. There was discussion pertaining to making sure specific deliverables were properly located in the appropriate part of the contract and separate from the items of general applicability to all contracts.

The Board agreed to give Jim Garner and Bill Stephens authority to finish registrar's contract. The value of the contract would remain consistent with what had been agreed to earlier by the Compensation Committee.

Strategic Planning -- Jim Van Erden agreed to try to find time to finish the write up of August 29th meeting and Jim Garner would try to make time on the February agenda to allow it to be discussed.

Age Group Division -- No items were raised with the Board.

Coaches' Representatives -- Bill Marlin advised the Board that he had requested and received the Competition Committee's endorsement to implement recognition of the PVS 14/Under Age Group Coach of the Year. This program had been authorized by the House of Delegates last May.

At the Competition Committee meeting, it had been agreed that it would be best to have the period of consideration go from the beginning of one long course season to the end of the next short course season. This will allow sufficient time to process applications in time to name the recipient and give them time to prepare to go to the annual ASCA convention in early September to receive the award. The Board concurred with this change and endorsed the program for implementation.

It was also agreed that the program would be administered by the elected PVS Coach Representatives to the Board and Age Group Coach.

Old Business -- Riedlinger requested clarification about the status of Coach Continuing Education Grants that had been approved at the September 2004 Board meeting. It was agreed these were paid as part of those authorized for FY 2004 - thus all grants budgeted for FY 2005 are still available. It was also agreed that coaches who receive these grants, still need to submit a report (if they have not already done so) to both Competition and the Board as that was a condition of getting the grant.

New Business -- The Board was made aware of a recent incident highlighting the importance of athlete's parents being attentive to their own personal safety while waiting for their athlete at practice - particularly staying in a parking lot during non-daylight hours. There is also the need to be vigilant about the use of cameras in improper locations.

Next Meeting -- Garner proposed that in light of the participation at the recent at recent Competition Committee meeting that was held on a Sunday evening, that the Board try this as a meeting time for its next meeting. This would also allow various Board members who have conflicts on various weekday evenings to attend. The Board agreed to meet at 5:00PM on Sunday, February 13th. Garner will see if we can meet at ANCC (Arlington) - if not the meeting will be at River Falls.

Adjournment -- The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:35pm.