SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2005

The Board by electronic vote initiated on May 21, 2005 APPROVED a recommendation made at the May 15th Competition Committee meeting at that "All swimmers who make the QT for the meet would be part of the travel team.”.

This policy replaced replaced the previous policy that had been approved by the Board in January 2005 that “PVS’s Long course zone team should be selected and managed the same as short course zones. The only exception would be that the top 3 swimmers are selected to go and represent Potomac Valley in each event. (The third fastest swimmer must satisfy the QT established by the Zone for that event.) If the selected swimmers have achieved the qualifying times in other events, they may swim those as well. Finally, the long course zones team will be funded for the same amount as the short course zone team starting in 2006 (The House will be asked in May 2005 to adjust 2005 funding to permit this to happen in 2005.)”

Garner initiated this vote so that the LSC would know what the policy for selecting PVS's LC Zone team would be known as soon as possible.

The Board was provided with a copy of the relevant portion of the May 15, 2005 Competition Committee minutes when the vote was initiated.

Nine affirmative votes were cast.