AS APPROVED at the PVS Board Meeting -- Novermber 16, 2005


6:30 PM -- TUESDAY OCTOBER 11, 2005
Oak Marr Recreation Center
Oakton, VA

Attendance -- Jim Garner, Chair Board Members: John Hirschmann, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, Bill Stephens, Jim Van Erden, Ron Whalen, and Greg York. Non-voting Board Members: John Ertter, Ward Foley, Boots Hall and Linda Klopfenstein. Guest: Melanie Sasse.

Call to Order -- The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:06 pm, by the General Chair, Jim Garner. Jim had provided the Board with a proposed agenda prior to the meeting.

Approval of Minutes -- A motion was made to approve the minutes of July 26, 2005 Board of Directors meeting as circulated and posted to the website prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved as circulated.

General Chairman Items:

Contract with MCRD - Melanie Sasse from the Montgomery County Recreation Department (MCRD) attended this portion of the meeting to explain to the Board the need for a contact between MCRD and PVS. Melanie explained the operating funds maintained by each site could no longer be continued at the "county based" training sites. Incoming funds (including fees paid by the parents) will now be deposited with the county and payments for services paid by the county.

Garner indicated the date by which the contract had to be put in place had been moved up - hence the limited time that had been available for discussion prior to requesting approval.

These changes now require that the program abide by the county's procurement procedures. This normally requires that payments >$5K require competitive bids - but given that only PVS can provide these services, they are going for a sole source contract with PVS.

Sasse indicated that her department had gone to CRC (at the county council level) to get approval for the concept that they are now developing into a contract. A contract needs to be signed in order for MCRD to pay PVS in the future.

The intent is that the process should not be any different from a PVS point of view - PVS will now receive one check from the county and one from the City of Rockville site whereas in the past it got 4 checks - one from each of the four RMSC training sites. Sasse stated that payments should also occur on the same schedule as they have in the past.

It was acknowledged that the original contract that was circulated to the Board looked very different than the process that is now being described and what Sasse stated is intended. Board members indicated they could support the process as it is now being described. It was emphasized by Board members that whatever arrangements are made with MCRD should be the same as the PVS Board would be prepared to make with any other club member of PVS.

The Board indicated it wished to have any revised contract that is developed reviewed by its attorney before being signed. The Board was also advised that the attorney has not yet reviewed the proposed contract. The Board also indicated it would like John Hirschmann to take the lead in developing contract terms that would address the process from a PVS point of view. The Board also indicated it was important it be able to review the General Terms and Conditions that the County wants incorporated into the contract by reference.

MCRD was asked whether it investigated how other government based swimming programs had handled this situation. It was noted that some have been able to handle their funds through a 501(c)3. Other situations were identified which MCRD might wish to investigate.

Convention Reimbursements - The procedures for making convention reimbursement as address in PVS's P&P was reviewed. It had been discussed briefly at the conclusion of the July 26th Board meeting. No formal determination of the share value had been made - though continuing last year's rate of a total of $750 ($250 share value) had been discussed.

It was noted no proposal on how to revise the share value or modify the reimbursement process had been made until the conclusion of convention. Concerns were expressed by several Board members about the appropriateness of changing the reimbursement policy at the conclusion of convention or subsequently - after travel had occurred and the majority of expenses incurred. It was acknowledged that the current policy did not anticipate that some people might drive to convention -- since it has not been this close to Washington in quite some time. It also did not address whether the number of days people were in attendance at convention should enter the calculation of their reimbursement.

It was also noted that the concept of a set payment means that an individual may incur more or less expenses than they will be reimbursed. It was also noted that PVS is a 501(c)3 and if people feel they have been reimbursed in excess of their actual expenses, they can contribute the difference back to PVS.

It was also observed that many of the changes being proposed regarding convention reimbursement had merit and if discussed prior to convention might have been adopted. It was agreed the proposals warrant discussion for use in conjunction with future conventions - that discussion was deferred for a subsequent Board meeting.

It was agreed for the 2005 USAS convention, those attending from PVS should be reimbursed in accordance the Policy and Procedures currently in place. The share value would remain at the 2004 level of $250. Past practice of additional reimbursement for "involuntary singles" would be continued.

It was agreed that Sumie Emory's attendance as PVS Registrar would be reimbursed as attendance at training provided by United States Swimming. Paris Jacobs would be similarly reimbursed as she was attending to finalize arrangements for the PVS Swimposium to be held on October 2nd. The Board was advised that Daniel Jacobs attended using the funds he had been authorized for Coaches Continuing Education.

Administration Division -- Bill Stephens gave a brief update on the status of registrations. He noted that Sumie was currently giving priority to processing new athletes and handling transfers. She would turn her priority to handling renewals after November 1st.

It was confirmed that officials would not have to be pay for their USA Swimming registration (as decided by the Board in April as part of the FY 2006 budget process). A list of those entitled to renew without paying will be provided to Sumie by the Officials Committee.

Bill also indicated that for next year he planned to make it a more formal requirement that only new registrations would be handled during the September and October timeframe. He stated many LSC's are already following this practice.

A question was raised if one can distinguish between new and renewing athletes when processing registration requests in Hy-Tek's Team Manager.

PVS Administrative Assistant -- Bill Stephens reported that nine applications for the administrative assistant position had been received. The vacancy has been posted on the PVS website on September 11th. Applications had been accepted through the previous Friday, October 7th.

A selection committee has been named by the General Chairman. It was agreed that those involved in the selection process should complete their rank ordering of the candidates by October 22 and submit them to Jim Garner. Interviews will then be scheduled with the highest ranked candidates. Concern was expressed by several about the length of time the selection process has taken. It was stated that the goal would be to try and complete the process by early November.

PVS Club Status Report -- The ownership of the Ashburn Sports Pavilion has chosen to hire a new coach for its swim team. Given this change in leadership, the swimming team training at the Ashburn Sports Pavilion has also elected to compete under a new name - Blue Wave Swim Team (BWST). Since there has been no change in the ownership of the team, there is no requirement for this club to satisfy any of the requirements applicable to "new clubs."

The Board was advised that Aquatic Rays Swim Club (ARSC) has changed its name to (Elite Rays Swim Club (ERSC.) Team Elite Swim Club (TESC) has decided to merge into ERSC.

The Board was also advised that another team - Sport and Health Club Jets (DCJT) has started the process of applying to join PVS as a new member club. Their application is currently incomplete and therefore it is premature to ask the PVS Board to take action on the request. Also, depending on what information is submitted, the club may need to have their application considered under the new procedures adopted by the USA-S Board pertaining to in which LSC a new member club should be permitted to join.

It was agreed in the interim that athletes previously registered in PVS and now training with this club may compete in meets open to PVS athletes as UNAT athletes. Similarly, independent of when the club becomes a member of USA Swimming, new athletes may join PVS as UNAT-PV athletes and compete in meets open to PVS registered athletes.

Senior Swimming -

USA Paralympics National Championships -- Riedlinger informed the Board that two clubs had applied for travel assistance on behalf of two athletes who participated in the USA Paralympics National Championships in July 2005. He stated they had satisfied the requirements to receive travel assistance. The Board approved these payments.

USA Swimming National Championships -- Linda Klopfenstein informed the Board that PVS had received applications on behalf of 20 swimmers from 6 teams to receive PVS travel assistance for their participation in the USA Swimming National Championships in Irvine, CA during August 2005. The Board was provided with a list of the applications received and advised their applications had been reviewed and they satisfied the requirements for reimbursement.. Four were submitted as appeals and the basis for the appeal was noted, two were requests for waivers based on being at college during the summer, one for participating in international competition during the summer and one swimmer had returned to PVS and had missed the residency requirement by two weeks. It was noted that by paying on behalf of 20 athletes at the maximum permitted of $450/swimmer - PVS would be using the entire amount budgeted for this meet of $9000. The Board approved making the payments as submitted and recommended (including the four appeals.) It was agreed that any applications received late would not be funded.

USA Swimming Junior Championships -- Linda Klopfenstein also informed the Board that PVS had received applications on behalf of 10 swimmers from 5 clubs to receive PVS travel assistance for their participation in the USA Swimming Junior Championships in Irvine, CA during August 2005. The Board was provided with a list of the applications received and advised their applications had been reviewed and they satisfied the requirements for reimbursement. None were submitted as appeals. Payment on behalf of each swimmer would be $250 for at total payment of $2500 - this would not exceed the $5000 budgeted for this meet. The Board approved making the payments as submitted and recommended. It was noted that it appeared that several teams who had athletes who appeared to be eligible to receive assistance had not applied. It was agreed that any applications received late would not be funded.

Linda also advised the Board that several applications included swims that were not eligible for satisfying the PVS meet participation requirements - this included swims in meets approved for observation and approved (not sanctioned) competition. Other swims were identified that allowed these applications to be approved. It was agreed this requirement needs to be better publicized.

Action Items from PVS Fall 2005 Competition Committee Meeting - The Board had been provided in advance of the meeting a draft copy of the minutes from the September 25th Competition Committee meeting so that they would have background pertaining to recommendations from that meeting that required Board review and approval.

A list of the action items was provided to the Board. The Board agreed to consider 5 of the 7 items by an omnibus resolution without the need for additional discussion. The five items were (links to the appropriate portions of the Competition Committee minutes are provided for additional information.)

The Board approved these five items as recommended to it by the Competition Committee.

The Board asked to have two items "pulled" for additional discussion. These were

  • Approval of the 2006-07 PVS Sponsored Meet Short Course schedule - This was done to allow additional discussion of the appropriate dates to conduct the PVS Short Course Age Group and Senior Championships in March 2007.
  • Recommendation to conduct and support PVS's participation in the 2006 Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championship Meet on the same basis as was done in 2005. This was done to allow more consideration of report submitted to Competition by the Zone Team Coordinator and Competition's consideration of that report.

Regarding the dates for the March 2007 PVS Championship meets, the dates originally proposed at Competition in order to initiate discussion was to continue to have the meets on the same weekends as they were in March 2006 - this would have PVS Senior Championships on March 8-11, 2007 and PVS 14/U Age Group Championships on March 15-18, 2007.

Don reported that Dave Kraft made a motion at Competition to modify the dates for PVS 14/U Age Group Championships so the meet would be one week earlier - March 8-11, 2007. There was then discussion as when PVS Senior Championships would be held - it was suggested it also be one week earlier or March 1-4, 2007.

Don reported to the Board that the CCM vote to support this change in the dates for these two meets passed 3-1 - most in attendance that were entitled to vote abstained.

Don expressed concern to the Board that one result of moving PVS Senior Championships one week earlier would be to have it start only 5 days after Metros - rather than have about halfway between last high school championships in the area and the EZ Southern Sectional - which had been the goal when the dates were set for 2006. He indicated that in discussions he had since Competition with Senior level coaches from the Maryland area that have swimmers participating in Metros was that he was not finding much support amongst the coaches for having PVS Senior Championships that early. He also reported that the primary motivation for having PVS 14/U Age-Group Championships one week earlier was to give athletes in that meet a chance to still qualify for Sectionals.

It was also stated that some would like to see the PVS 14/U Age Group Championships the first weekend in March. Others indicated that it was USA Swimming's philosophy that meets should follow a logical stepping stone progression and PVS ought to try to set its meet schedule the same way whenever possible. The dates of these meets and how it impacts the selection of the PVS EZ SC team should also be considered.

Don indicated he was reluctant to ask the Board to act on this recommendation now - given the limited support it got at Competition and informal feedback he has gotten since the Competition Committee meeting.

It was agreed that Dan Jacobs and Bill Marlin, as PVS Coaches Reps to the Board, would do additional polling of the coaches to determine their preferences.

The Board agreed to defer taking action on this recommendation.

There was also no discussion and no action taken regarding the other five meets on the PVS sponsored list for the 2006-07 Short Course Season - PVS October, November and January Open Meets and PVS January and February Distance meets. It had been both proposed to and recommended by Competition that they be held on the same weekends as they will be held during the 2005-06 season.

PVS 2006 Long Course Zone Team -- Riedlinger advised the Board that Competition voted 12-1 to have PVS stay with team concept for 2006 PVS LC Zone Team and that the team should operate under the same basic set of rules as it did in 2005. It was also noted that that PVS had received about 10 e-mails thanking PVS for how it conducted the 2005 team and encouraging us to continue doing so. PVS also had a very experienced coaching staff and many felt this contributed to the success of the team.

It was noted that the changes in how PVS would participate in the meet and who would be eligible to swim had been originally been decided by the Board in January based on a recommendation from Competition, and were subsequently revised by the Board in May -- based on a revised recommendation made by Competition earlier that month.

The House had set a revised subsidy for the 2005 LC team of $11,500. PVS budgeted based on this and based on historical experience that about 130-140 athletes would participate. Since only 61 athletes participated on the team, not costs incurred in anticipation of the team being bigger could not be avoided - as a result the LSC increased to about $23-24K .

Concerns were expressed whether PVS had heard from a representative group of parents or simply those that had swimmers who chose to participate. It was suggested that many athletes may not have participated because of the higher cost, relatively late notice of how PVS would select its team, etc. It was also noted that many of our fastest eligible swimmers did not participate on the team last year.

Some suggested that the prior philosophy for selecting and conducting our Eastern Zone LC team was a good one and PVS should resume sending its team as it did in 2004 and prior.

Dan Jacobs and Bill Marlin were charged with finding out from other PVS coaches what they think should be the philosophy of PVS's participation in the meet and what PVS objective for doing so It was suggested it might be to provide a pre-national experience for younger swimmers, win the meet or do as well as possible, serve as a end of season culminating meets, extend the LC season for many of our swimmers and/or provide our athletes with an enjoyable end of season experience

It was observed that many of the clubs (coaches) that had initially been proponents of having PVS participate in the meet either did not do so or sent very few athletes. Some did not offer LC training opportunities in the weeks immediately prior to the meet.

A Board tabled making any decision on this matter for 1-2 months. Discussion of possible changes in funding support for PVS Eastern Zone teams during 2006 was also deferred.

Travel Assistance for US Paralympics Open Championships. - Riedlinger submitted to the Board prior to the meeting (copy attached) a proposal to both transfer the funds budgeted for travel to the USA-S Disability Open Meet to the US Paralympics Open Championship Meet. This is based on changes in the sponsorship of this type of meet at the national level. The Board agreed to this change.

He also proposed (given the timing of this change) to have the meet participation requirement for the 2005 US Paralympics Quadrennial (to be held in December 2005) be 4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets - at least two of which must be in PVS sponsored meets between October and December 2005. A friendly amendment was offered to make the beginning of this period begin on April 15, 2005. The amendment was not accepted. The Board agreed to this proposal as originally submitted.

Strategic Planning -- There was no report from Strategic Planning.

Age Group Division -- It was confirmed that PVS had budgeted for reimbursement of travel expenses for the Age Group Coach of the year to attend the ASCA convention to receive the award and that no further formal Board action was needed. It was agreed that Dave Kraft should be reimbursed on the same basis as an individual authorized to attend a USA Swimming sponsored clinic on behalf of PVS.

Coaches' Representatives -- A recommendation was made for the Board to authorize a bonus of $500 to Paris Jacobs for her outstanding performance in preparing for and organizing the recently completed Swimposium. After discussion of the appropriate amount, a motion was made, seconded and passed to pay Paris Jacobs a bonus of $500.

Athlete Representatives -- No athlete representatives were present to give a report.

Treasurer's Report/Finance Division -- Hirschmann advised the Board that the Dave Davis Fund had been established as a memorial fund for Dave in 1997. In recognition of Dave's interest and heavy involvement in official's training, funds were contributed to be used for that purpose. Funds were initially made available for equal use by both NVSL and PVS. The Board was advised that the funds allocated to NVSL have been used.

Hirschmann proposed that the remaining funds in this account be used to subsidize the officials portion of the PVS Swimposium. The Board concurred in this proposal. A motion was made, seconded and passed to close the Dave Davis Fund and transfer the funds to the PVS General Operating Account so they can be applied for this purpose.

Operations Division --

LC 14 & Under Champs - Cost of Meet Programs -- The Board was advised that the program for this meet included several additional pages pertaining to the PVS Swimposium and information of interest to parents of age group swimmers. The LSC was being asked to pay for the cost of the programs. It was pointed out that it is general PVS policy that if a club hosting a PVS sponsored meet chooses to sell the programs to spectators, then it is responsible for the cost of printing them. PVS's P&P states "Clubs may elect to generate the meet program and retain the proceeds. In these cases the club will pay a fee to cover the reproduction and distribution of results." It does not address possible reimbursement for a portion of the program costs that might be attributed to "public service" purposes. Information was not available on the costs incurred or how many of the total pages in the program were devoted to providing this information. The Board deferred action on this item until more information is available.

DCPR Kaiser-Permanente Meet -- Hirschmann advised the Board that a revised meet announcement for the Kaiser-Permanente Meet bid by DCPR and to be held November 19th had now been received and appeared to eligible to be authorized as an approved meet. He was bringing this request to the Board's attention since this was the first time PVS had been asked to authorize this meet. The Board authorized that the meet be approved. He also asked if PVS should apply its normal sanctioning fee of $100 to this meet. A proposal was made, which was agreed to, that the fee be raised to $250 because of the extraordinary amount of effort that needed to go into approving this request.

Starting Systems -- Ron Whalen and John Ertter exchanged information regarding the status of a request to order 6 new starting systems for PVS. The order had not been placed as of the time of the Board meeting.

Athlete Representative to PVS Board -- It was noted nobody has been nominated or elected to replace Ethan Bassett whose term expired August 31, 2005. Breanne Smith's interest in continuing to serve as Athlete Representative is also uncertain. Her term expires August 31, 2006. The Board was asked to give thought as to who could be recommended to serve as an Athlete Representative to the Board.

Old Business -- There was no Old Business

New Business -- There was no New Business

Next Board Meeting -- The Board agreed to meet next on Wednesday, November 9th. It will be held at River Falls if the main meeting room is available. If not, an alternative location will be used. No decision was made whether a meeting will be needed in December.

Adjournment -- The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25 pm.