Approved at November 1997 BofD Meeting

OCTOBER 16, 1997

The October PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Thirl Crudup, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Sue Gosline, Mary Ann Henderson, Marty Henderson, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Jack Mechler, Dave Scibetta, Ron Taylor, Wayne White, and Evelyn Taylor.

MOTION PASSED to approve minutes for July 24, 1997.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bob reported for September 1997, Income $34,955.12,which includes $10,000 transfer from PVS Travel Fund; Expenses $32,770.51; Balance checking $18,200.25. Total cash assets are $147,238.53.

REGISTRATION REPORT: Mary Ann reported 1486 athletes registered to date, most of which are new; 271 non-athletes. Numbers are ahead of last year. She will be sending approximately $25,000 for registrations to Ron in the next few days.

PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR: Dick introduced Wayne White. Wayne has agreed to serve PVS in this capacity.


COMPETITION COMMITTEE REPORT: Ward reported on the meeting held October 4 (Minutes distributed). Zone Team was discussed, Outstanding Athletes elected, Sanctions Fees announced, Surcharge for non-Hy-Tek entries announced.

Recommendation to BoD: cancel February Open Meets since no pools are available, and allow sanctions for more than just dual/tri meets for the weekends of Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and Feb. 7-8. Those who want a sanction should bring written proposal/meet announcement to the November BoD meeting for action.

Age Group Champs will again be single age groups; Ward has new QT’s.

Recommendation to clarify Warm-up Policy: The first 30 minutes will be for general swim. After that, Lane two will be open for one way sprint and Lane 8 will be open for pace. At 45 minutes, Lane 7 will be open for one way sprint and Lane 1 for pace. All other lanes will be general.

Senior Champs: new format recommended as attached to C.C. minutes. Pool availability is a problem. At this point Lee District is only possibility. Oak Marr is not available. Ward recommends suspending new format until the summer.

1998 Long Course Schedule: Steve and Ward are working on it. Ward will have schedule to Admin. Office by November 15. Bids will be sent to Clubs with due date of December 15, 1997.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Issue was not discussed at Competition Committee meeting. Ward proposed no change from 1996-97. Events requirement for Travel Assistance: 1997-98 SC - 9 individual events to include JO or SR CHAMP.

MOTION PASSED to approve recommendations with addition of SC Travel Assistance.

ZONE TEAM REPORT: Thirl summarized report attached to the Competition Committee minutes.


Dave Scibetta reported that Configuration Committee met before Convention. Some things have not happened as scheduled. To date, Chris Granger has not been able to make arrangements with CAIS. Address for PVS is still reserved but Chris has not been able to switch over to CAIS from UMD server that only Chris can access. Dave realizes the value of all the work that has been put into the existing home page, but also would like to move to new server to allow for updates directly by PVS.

MOTION PASSED to set November 10, 1997 as the deadline to establish the PVS home page with PVSWIM.ORG as our address, with a provider and with Chris Granger’s assistance. After discussion, it was decided to wait on the email address.

AD HOC ZONE TEAM COMMITTEE REPORT: Dave Scibetta reported there were 4 components: philosophy of Zone Team, coach aspects, athlete selection process, and the Code of Conduct. The Competition Committee minutes reflected input for athlete selection. Dave recommends adoption as outlined in C.C. minutes with amendments (8th place previous Zone QT and 3 times on team maximum beginning 1998). There was discussion concerning need for clarification on 8th place QT and whether or not it applies to both swimmers.

Dick noted that an Ad hoc committee of Competition Committee is working on job descriptions for Zone Team coaches.

Code of Conduct will be discussed at November Board meeting.

There was discussion concerning the financial impact. There is no intent to change the budget. It is expected that the present funding will cover the increase in coaches’ stipends.

MOTION PASSED to approve committee recommendations. (Policy Statement attached) -- not available

November 1, 1997 is deadline for completing Zone Letter for distribution.  Dave and Dick will provide the language for eligibility.

Sue announced the Safety Committee: John McDonald, Suzy Tomasovik, Lynn Black, and Betsy Stevenson. Also, she and Jan Wolff are working on the LSC Workshop.


Bob gave the end of year finance report (attached). Items noted: Pool Rental, Other Meet Expenses, Timing & Start Systems, and Computer Operations. Convention expenses exceeded the budget.

Bob also distributed analysis of Hosted and Sponsored meets (attached). Cost areas will be reviewed with people responsible for those areas. Goal is to prepare a balanced budget for next year. Bob will have a preliminary report for the January BoD meeting.

Investments: Bob will be evaluating our current investments and investigating ways to improve. He has requested information from USS investment advisors. The focus at the January BoD meeting will be on Finance.


Thirl provided a written report (attached). He highlighted that clubs will be encouraged to set up their meets on Hy-Tek and handle meet program reproduction, and that Jerry Ambrose is under contract for one year for equipment management. John Hirschmann distributed a clinic attendance report (attached)


Dick informed the Board of the death of Elizabeth Jane Stafford. Jane coached in PVS and was very involved with minority swimming in Washington, D.C. A memorial fund has been established with USS. MOTION PASSED to contribute $100 to this fund.

Donations to the Dave Davis Swim Officials Education Fund are in an account under PVS. Dick has asked Arvydas to chair a committee and to oversee activities at this time.

Wayne White has agreed to handle Public Relations. Solomon Robinson agreed to serve as Outreach Coordinator for PVS.

Newsletter articles from Dick, Dave, Kerry, John and Mary Ann are due to Becca Peck by November 10. Dave needs to have material to the printer by November 20.

LSC by law changes and options: Dick asked Ron to review for impact on PVS


Policy and Procedures Manual: some changes have been adopted that require revisions and are due by November BoD:

INDEMNIFICATION: Ron distributed Article 12 Indemnification. He recommended it be tabled until November to give BoD time to review.

EMERGENCY HEARINGS: Ron distributed proposed language for Emergency Hearings for the Policy and Procedures Manual, with a recommendation to table until November for consideration at that time.

BOARD OF REVIEW BUDGET: Ron reported on the September 4 meeting of the Board of Review. He explained the budget request which was tabled at the July BoD meeting. Ron proposed that a budget variance of $900 for X0909 for the remainder of this fiscal year for meeting expense, legal fee contingency and operating expense. After discussion, MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.


Evelyn requested final Aquatics Guide updates. Dick will review p. 16-25, which deal with policy


On behalf of the six teams involved in the Six Way Meet sponsored by VSC, Ward requested an increase in entry fees to $4 for individual events and $8 for relay events, due to the costs of sanction. They have fixed costs of $7000, and were hoping to make $10,000, and share the profits. After discussion, MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED. Ron requested that his dissenting vote be recorded.

Thirl and Arvydas attended the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Sports Complex in Raljon, MD.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor
Administrative Assistant