Approved at January 1998 BofD Meeting

NOVEMBER 18, 1997

The October PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Linda Crudup, Thirl Crudup, Steve Ercolano, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Sue Gosline, Mary Ann Henderson, Marty Henderson, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Kit Mathews, Dave Scibetta, Amanda Sovik, Ron Taylor, Wayne White, Jan Wolff, and Evelyn Taylor.

MOTION PASSED to approve minutes for October 16, 1997.


Bob distributed the treasurer’s report for October 1997 - Income $60,150.05; Expenses $58,250.22; Balance checking $20,100.08. Total cash assets are $150,611.11.


Mary Ann reported 3000 athletes registered to date, as well as 409 non-athletes and 22 clubs. Minnows is a newly registered club. There are new regulations from USS on coaches certification which will be distributed through Flash Mail. Mary Ann also reported on a study conducted by Indiana Swimming on USS Club dues. PVS is one of the few LSCs that does not add an LSC fee. She recommends adding $30.00, to increase the Club dues to $100.00. Item tabled until January meeting.

Safety issue: It was reported that a PVS club’s athletes were observed participating in dry land exercises which were not supervised by a certified USS coach. There is a concern that this presents both safety and insurance risks. Mary Ann will provide a notice for all clubs in the December Flash Mail.


Amanda and Greg have prepared a letter to PVS Clubs regarding an upcoming meeting to establish a PVS Athletes Committee. Ward is helping with a site for the meeting. A date will be decided once a site has been chosen.


Sue reported on planning for LSC Workshop, April 25-26, 1998. Jan Wolff will be co-chair. Kit is working on coaches program, and Kerry Ellett is working on a Gold Medal Clinic at Providence Rec. Center for the athletes. Workshop will be held at Fairview Park Marriott. Sue and Jan are working on speakers and specifics for the 3 or 4 tracks that will be offered on Sunday. Plans are also underway for some special activities. Theme will be “Recognize Our Own.”


Bob reported that the 990 form has been completed. The goal for January is to propose an investment policy. The USS policy was distributed for review for January meeting. Bob plans to meet with Ward and Steve to review proposals for financing swim meets.


Thirl distributed the division report and announced that Becca Peck has agreed to handle meet support effective November 1, 1997. Clubs may contact her for meet set up services. The November Open sites being run by OCCS and MMST will be set up by the clubs.

Officials: there is a continued concern in regard to timers. It was suggested this be referred to Meet Management Committee for review and recommendation.

Compliments to John Hirschmann for an excellent officials meeting at Army-Navy Country Club.


Dave presented the Code of Conduct recommendations. After discussion, the following actions were taken:

MOTION PASSED to approve Code of Conduct as revised.

Dave reported that the PVS Home Page address,PVSWIM.ORG has been confirmed. He has set up an account with CAIS for their Virtual Hosting deal for $95 per month, for a period of one year, with discount, for total of $1026. Page should be up by tomorrow with all information from old page. Chris Granger will continue to help. E-mail for the Admin. Office will be a part of the package and will be set up by early next week. The address will be and will appear on the page. There will be a link from the old page to the new page. Meet Directors were instructed to send results to the office and Evelyn sends them to Chris to load on internet.


Ward distributed a draft of the Zone Coach Job Description. He would like to receive comments and recommendations by Dec. 15. The final copy will be included with the January Competition Committee minutes.

Ward has requested two sites for the Age Group and Senior meets on the 1998 LC Schedule. Letters have been sent to RMSC and FCPA for pool use.

The new format for SC Senior Champs will be used. Lee District has been reserved for Thursday, March 12, 1998. SOLO has agreed to these changes.

SC Junior Champs: Mark Eldridge will decide by December 1, if the format for Senior Champs will also be used for this meet.

No proposals were received to hold meets in place of the cancelled February Open.

A summary of the responsibilities of the Meet Management Committee will be included in Jan. 15 Newsletter and in the January Flash mail. Jack Mechler will be asked to put summary together.


Emergency Hearings: Ron submitted the proposed language, which was distributed earlier. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.

Bylaws Amendments: two articles in PVS Bylaws were affected by actions taken by USS House of Delegates. Amendments to Article 10.6.F (page 45 and Article 12 (page 48) were distributed. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.

These amendments will be distributed as prescribed.

Wording for newly approved meet fees will be submitted by Ward and Steve at the January meeting.

SC Zone Team Athlete and Coach Selection Policy was reviewed and discussed.


Selection of Zone Team Athletes: amend to read “The fastest eligible swimmer in each event will be selected for the team.” and delete “When there is no qualified swimmer for the 2nd position, it will not be filled. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED

Coaches Continuing Education Program: Policy change is recommended to designate two of the grants for the SC Zone Team Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED


Joe Brace was awarded a Continuing Education Grant. He has since moved from the area. MOTION PASSED to approve his use of the grant.


Dick will contact Dave Tonnesen regarding his participation as Coaches Representative.

Meeting adjourned 10:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor
Administrative Assistant

BoD MEETINGS FOR 1998 at Falls Church High School, Room #107, 7:30-10:30 p.m.:

Tuesday, January 20,
Tuesday, February 17
Tuesday, April 21
Tuesday, June 16