As approved at April 1998 BofD Meeting


FEBRUARY 17, 1998
ROOM #107

The February PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Thirl Crudup, Linda Crudup, Steve Ercolano, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Mary Ann Henderson, Marty Henderson, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Dave Scibetta, Amanda Sovik, Ron Taylor, Wayne White, and Evelyn Taylor.

Minutes for January 20, 1998 were approved as amended.

Ward noted for the record, that at the July Board meeting, language for the $1.00 surcharge for non-Hy-Tek entries was approved, and that at the January Board meeting, different language was approved. It was determined that it was a conscious decision to do this.

Treasurer's Report: Bob distributed the financial report for January 1998. Checking: Income $97,540.94; Expenses $86,089.47; Balance $49,036.68.

Registration Report: Mary Ann provided a report indicating as of 2/15/98, 5645 Athletes; 588 Non-Athletes, 37 Clubs. Mary Ann also reported on the missing packet of registration checks. USPS is investigating.


A letter was received from Gail Dummer on the Championship for swimmers with a disability, to be held June 26-28, 1998. This information will be distributed in FLASH mail. MOTION to provide travel support at the same level as for USS Junior Championship qualifier and that the same eligibility requirements apply. There was discussion about meet/events requirements and the number of athletes who may be eligible for this assistance. It was suggested that a letter go to Clubs to attempt to determine what the need may be. Dick will write cover letter for FLASH. MOTION TABLED.

Nominating Committee: Dick has contacted all incumbents eligible to be re-nominated, and all are willing to run again. Ron will contact Review Board. We need to entertain other individuals interested in being nominated. Nominating Committee members will be Dick Rankin, Kit Mathews, and one non-Board member.

General Chairman's workshop is scheduled for June 5-7, 1998 in Lake Placid, NY. If there are any suggestions for topics to submit, contact Dick. Officials Chairmen's Workshop is April 25-26, in Lake Placid, and Officials' Workshop will be in Colorado Springs, May 22-24, 1998. Reservations have been submitted for Bob Brofft and Thirl Crudup.

Fairfax County is holding public hearings on improvement of facilities. Dick and Ward will be attending. There is a possibility of a bond issue at next election.

Dick reported on the new facility at the University of Maryland at College Park. It is the best in the area to date. Ward has sent a letter to the Aquatics Director inquiring on use for our summer Championship. He may also consider it as a possible location for a winter Championship. No fees have been established to date. Steve and Ward are working with Jim Wenhold. The facility at Raljon, MD is scheduled to open second quarter of 1999. Ward also reported that FCPA is planning a six percent fee increase.

The Voices newsletter is on the internet in a new format. Hard copy for mailings will not change Items will be added to the web site once Becca Peck edits and Dick approves.

Mary Ann has a specific list of groups and people who are approved to teach courses for coaches. List will be mailed in FLASH and put on internet.


Sue sent a report on status of LSC Workshop. Information will be in next Voices, Club packets have been mailed, and Banquet information is on web site. Workshop info will be sent next week. Wayne White is working on publicity. Summer Leagues are being notified and flyers will be at Championship meets and in Family Mail. Kerry Ellett is working on Gold Medal Clinic. Mary Ann is working on finding PVS Olympians and has identified 15 athletes and 2 coaches. The hotel, food and speakers are in the works.

Steve noted that coach and parent of the year awards were not discussed. A selection process needs to be determined. Dick will discuss this with Sue.


Steve reported on JO's. Senior portion was the fastest meet ever run in PVS. Competition Committee discussed continuing out of town club participation, and supported continuing invitations. For Junior and Senior champs, John is working on implementation of new rules.

Dick has received written complaints about the Zone Team selection process, to which he will respond. Steve noted that the Competition Committee recommended this process, and that everyone needs to be aware of the Committee's role.


Ward reported the need to check dates for 1999 Senior Champs in relationship to USS Championships and to discuss this with Clubs. A March meeting will be planned if necessary.

Age Group portion of JO ran well. January and February meets varied. A 10-lane course will be used for Age Group Champs, and the session's time out for three hours.

USS Rule changes are effective March 6. Junior Champs starts March 5. After discussion, MOTION PASSED to petition USS to allow rules to be used beginning March 5.

Zone Code of Conduct: Ward recommends printing the Code on 2/3 ply NCR forms, with one copy for parents at signing. MOTION PASSED to authorize Linda Crudup to have forms printed.

Eric Wanaanen (HACC) and George Massey (YORK) have been selected as Zone Coaches.

Ward asked how the size of the high school region meet held at Oak Marr compared with attendance at PVS meets. FCPA is again addressing facility occupancy capacity.


Dave Scibetta reported that the searchable database on the internet only involves PVS sanctioned meets. Other non-PVS meet results are posted for information only. There was discussion of posting results and what times should be included. It is suggested that the committee needs to address issues involving results posting.

USS Age Group Planning Committee: Dave reported that there is a new Sport Development Division staffed by Will Colebank, Rose Snyder and Tom Avischious. Plans are to eliminate the T-16 based times by 2000, and use motivational times tied to percentile rankings. Both time standards are in effect now.

There will probably be legislation introduced concerning additional events for all age groups (50's - 200's strokes, 100 - 400 IM's, and distance Freestyle's). It is intended to recognize all events and have time standards established; not to run all events at all meets. Implications for championships will have to be addressed.

PVS Webpage: Dick suggested committee look at other active LSC's pages for ideas and report to BoD.

Zone Team: Linda Crudup reported that hotel is arranged and team clothing has been selected. She has received about 350 applications. Ward has requested use of a room for the Parents' Meeting.


Thirl distributed the Division report (Attached). Don is working on a recommendation for equipment use for BoD consideration at June meeting. Equipment rental fees need to be clarified. John has named Referees for Senior Champs. Jack is preparing 1998 LC announcements, which will be reviewed by Competition.


Amanda and Greg are still planning an Athletes' meeting. It has been difficult to set a date and location. After discussion, it was decided to hold meeting during Senior Champs. Their letter to Head Coaches will be forwarded to the Office for mailing. PUBLIC RELATIONS

Wayne reported on items published in the Prince William supplement of the Washington Post, and hopes to interest paper in broadening scope. Also, a letter has been sent to the Sports Director at Channel 8 to discuss opportunities for TV coverage.

Dick's plan is to provide an Aquatics Guide to all families and eliminate Family Mail.


Bob will put together a budget with BoD input. Dick and Bob will be working on this over the next month with the intent to submit a proposal in advance of the April meeting. Two issues Dick will address are distribution of the Aquatics Guide and an incremental plan to eliminate Family Memberships.

Steve submitted a Meet Entry Fees proposal (Attached). Distribution of results recommendation is one hard copy per club and posting on webpage. Plan is to continue to guarantee competition for all athletes within the LSC, but to take PVS out of the business of running meets, without negatively impacting program. Beginning with 1999-2000 Short Course season, PVS is only responsible for Distance, December Championship (JO), Spring Championships (Jr, Sr, AG), and Summer Championships (Jr, Sr, AG). In order to return more money to Clubs running meets and to cover the deficit to PVS budget it may be necessary to increase fees or reduce program.

Bob distributed proposals for 1998-99 budget (Attached). He reported that PVS is losing approximately $10,000 annually. One recommendation to reverse this trend is to increase membership fees. Planning should provide for a 2-3% surplus annually.

Bob explained proposals. Issues raised for discussion included increasing return to clubs that run meets, reviewing impact of registration increase, reviewing program support, adding a meet entry surcharge, revising mailings and distribution of Aquatics Guide,

Following discussion, Dick polled the Board for input on direction to take as to continuing under present operations structure or restructuring distribution of meet income and finding ways to make up deficit. Consensus was to support an increased return to clubs, to support a balanced budget, and to consider a $10.00-$20.00 increase in registration fees and possible reduction in support for some programs. Bob and Dick will incorporate the Board's input as they prepare a budget proposal. This proposal will be submitted by fax or email to everyone on the Board for review and comment. Discussion and vote will be conducted at April meeting.


Linda Klopfenstein reported on the Travel Appeal from SOLO for US Open. Travel Committee recommends request be denied since PVS eligibility/residency requirements were not met. After discussion, MOTION TO DENY PASSED. Linda Klopfenstein will notify Club.

Dave Tonnesen regrets he cannot fulfill his responsibilities as Coaches Representative. Dick has accepted his resignation. Ward and Steve will bring a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant





FEBRUARY 17, 1998

APRIL 21, 1998

JUNE 16, 1998


HOUSE OF DELEGATES: MAY 17, 1998 at 2:00 PM at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Tysons Corner, VA