As approved at June 1998 BofD Meeting


APRIL 21, 1998
ROOM #107

The April PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Thirl Crudup, Linda Crudup, Steve Ercolano, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Sue Gosline, Mary Ann Henderson, Marty Henderson, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Kit Mathews, Dave Scibetta, Don Smith, Amanda Sovik, and Evelyn Taylor.

Minutes for February 17, 1998 were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bob distributed the financial reports for February and March 1998. As of 31 March, Checking account balance is $57,261.93. March Income $37,806.13 and Expenses $37,167.18.

Registration Report: Mary Ann provided a report indicating as of 4/19/98, 5901 Athletes; 603 Non-Athletes. Order for USS 1999 Registration forms needs to be submitted. USS has been notified that fees would be provided once the Board sets them. Clubs will be notified by mail regarding new procedures for 1999. All members, including renewals, must complete new forms. This will also be announced at the House of Delegates meeting.

There was discussion concerning athlete transfers to another club and owes money to the former club. PVS does not get involved unless there has been a judgement against the individual and in favor of the club. USS rule 303.6 was cited.


The Zone meeting is in Richmond on May 9. Thirl, Linda, Ward, Kit, John, Greg, Ron, and Evelyn will be attending. Dick will not be able to attend and is appointing Ward to lead delegation. Ward will also be the PVS representative to the Zone Technical Committee.

Marc Stanley has volunteered to serve as Adapted Swimming Coordinator. Dick recommends appointment. Recommendation is accepted.

LSC nominations for Presidential Appointments for USAS Convention in Cincinnati are due to by June 15, 1998. Dick will submit nominations for Thirl Crudup, Ron Taylor, John Hirschmann, and Mary Ann Henderson.

House of Delegates agenda was reviewed. Board of Review will be added to Committee Reports.

Nominating Committee Report: The committee members were Kit Mathews and Becca Peck, and Chairman Dick Rankin. All incumbents were eligible for a second term, were contacted and have agreed to be nominated. Frank Koval has decided not to run for Board of Review. This slate will be presented to the House:

Ward Foley Age Group Vice-Chairman
Sue Gosline Administrative Vice-Chairman
Thirl Crudup Operations Vice-Chairman
Dave Scibetta Strategic Planning Committee Chairman
Mark Eldridge Board of Review
Becca Peck Board of Review

Nominations for At-large Delegates to the PVS House of Delegates are: Becca Peck, Linda Klopfenstein, Mary Ann Henderson, Don Smith, Jack Mechler, Linda Crudup, Ron Taylor, Mark Eldridge, Carol Nickel, and Elizabeth Burton.


Sue reported that due to lack of interest, the LSC Workshop and Banquet have been cancelled. She and Jan Wolff will be scheduling a meeting with Dick and the hotel to negotiate the fee that has to be paid. Dick has asked Wayne White, Public Relations Coordinator, to do an independent assessment for him and the Board at the June Board meeting.


Dave distributed a summary of the Configuration Control Committee meeting (ATTACHED). Dave highlighted items on psych sheets, Records, Forms, Bulletin Board, advertising, special meets, PR, and new search engine. PVS page continues to be well viewed.

Dick thought it might be useful to take a leadership role in terms of how we relate to USS and other LSC's. There was discussion of a user page. It was noted that the USS page currently points to PVS for several items. Dave hopes to have at least one form in test mode for submitting electronically. Steve discussed usefulness of psych sheets with limited distribution to pinpoint and resolve problems prior to meet program production.


Thirl distributed the division report (ATTACHED). Thirl highlighted the stroke and turn clinic on May 4, and the Officials clinic and Officials Chairman meetings. Jack Mechler is finalizing the LC meet announcements.

Meet announcements were discussed. They are due to Dave Scibetta by Sunday, April 26, in order to include them in the May 1 mailing.

Operations Support Committee: Thirl and Don Smith are working on an RFP for electronic timing equipment. Don presented a review of the draft (ATTACHED). Points noted were storage and access, alternate delivery and set up service, insurance, annual CTS onsite servicing, terms for contract and payment options. There was discussion on means for advertising, such as the web, heat sheets, and mailings. Plan is to execute contract by 1 September. It was agreed that advertisement be included in June 15 mailing and posted on web.

Related comments: New order for finals was well received. Web page is receiving compliments.


Amanda reported that she and Greg held an athletes' meeting at Senior Champs. About 16 athletes attended and were very interested and enthusiastic about the meeting. Another meeting will probably be planned for the summer. They see a need to develop an agenda to provide direction. Dick suggested that they develop a goal or athletes' initiative for next year.


Ward is seeking nominations for Coaches Rep. Competition Committee meets on Sunday, May 3, from 12 noon to 2:00 pm, at River Falls. Athletes Rep. will be added to agenda as requested.

Zone Team Report: Linda provided an article for the next newsletter. Meet went well. PVS finished 4th overall, missing 3rd by 16 points. The swimmers did well with Girls finishing 3rd, and Boys finishing 4th. Parents were pleased to see results posted on web. The coaching staff was excellent. The selection process worked well. There were 78 team members, and 9 open spots were filled by athletes on the team. 4 USS Junior Champ QT's were achieved, and there were numerous T-16 consideration times. Steve requested a performance analysis.

It is planned to select 1999 SC Coaching Staff in September. Linda noted that, for LC Zone Meet, staffing for two sites is needed. Since the meet is in Baltimore area, it is expected that many local coaches will be present. For administrative purposes, a coach needs to be named. This will be discussed at Competition Committee meeting.

Thanks to Linda for the work and effort she puts into making the Zone Team program a success.


Steve reported that SC Junior Champs and SC Senior Champs went well. Out of town attendance was down and may need to be addressed next year. He and Ward met with University of Maryland concerning holding LC Senior Champs at that facility. Rental Fees are much higher than we currently pay, but negotiations continue. JO's are also being considered. There may be some scheduling conflicts, and PVS was asked to consider Friday pm through Monday. There is still time to meet entry deadline for USS Junior Champs. Plans are to keep Age Group Champs between Senior Champ sessions. Confirmation is expected by May 3.

Ward reported that the pool(s) at GMU in Fairfax Co., plan to open summer 1998.

Dick has the prospectus on the facility in Prince George's County at the Redskins Stadium.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE for Adapted Swimming Championships in Minneapolis, which was tabled in February, was discussed. Marc Stanley has submitted a letter identifying 5 swimmers who are planning to compete. The meet will be held June 26-28, 1998. There was discussion of eligibility and event requirements, and level of funding in regard to budget. It was recommended that a USS Junior Champ share be considered for any currently registered PVS swimmer.

MOTION to provide funding based on Junior share, with compensatory reduction from another budget category, with Competition Committee to determine eligibility requirements. MOTION FAILED.

MOTION to provide $300.00 in Travel Assistance for Adapted Swimming Championships athletes currently registered with PVS. MOTION PASSED.


Bob distributed the proposed FY 99 Budget and reviewed the Objectives and Assumptions.

Ron Taylor has requested a line item for Board of Review. Dick clarified the new Family Mail arrangements. The $10.00 membership is based on half-price programs and six mailings without results. The $40.00 membership also includes results. Memberships will be based on the PVS fiscal year of Sept. 1 - Aug. 31. A Travel Assistance proposal will be made to the Competition Committee to support the proposed budget. The PVS charge for USS Non-Athlete Family membership will be $50.00.

There was discussion of the proposed budget with resulted in revisions of expenses for internet services, computer operations, timing/start systems, US Open travel, and Board of Review. Revisions in income were made for program sales. Bob will make these adjustments to the proposal.

MOTION PASSED to approve the budget as amended.


The Policy and Procedures Manual needs to be revised to reflect changes in policies for meet management. This action will be taken after the House of Delegates meeting.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant





JUNE 16, 1998


HOUSE OF DELEGATES: MAY 17, 1998 at 2:00 PM at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Tysons Corner, VA