As approved at July 1998 BofD Meeting


JUNE 16, 1998
ROOM #107

The June PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Thirl Crudup, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Mary Ann Henderson, Linda Klopfenstein, Kit Mathews, Ron Taylor, and Evelyn Taylor.

Minutes for April 21, 1998 were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bob distributed the financial report for May 1998. Checking account balance is $34,868.18. May Income $23,228.10 and Expenses $36,708.39.

Dave Davis Memorial Fund is $6570.94. Dick reported that Arvydas Barzdukas would be meeting with his committee to develop plans for utilizing these funds for PVS and NVSL.


Mary Ann reported that Athlete Registration is over 6100; and Non-Athlete is over 600. Sunset Swim Team (SNST) has registered as a club, with Paul Bergen as the head coach.

Mary Ann noted that athletes changing clubs must complete the transfer process through her. A notice will be prepared for Webpage and mailing to Head Coaches. The Unattached status is for 120 days.

A notice will also be prepared to inform clubs that to keep insurance intact, participants in "Swim America" type programs cannot be in the same lanes with USS registered athletes.

The new procedures for USS registration were discussed. It is not a renewal process. Some of the information requested on the new form is for statistics and analysis.

There was discussion of office computers and the plan for purchasing equipment.


Ward reported that AAC, CUBU, and HACC would jointly manage LC Senior Champs at Oak Marr.

There was discussion of Senior Open and Age Group Open. The 1998-99 SC Schedule will soon be finalized.

The proposed Travel Assistance Policy will be discussed at the July Board meeting. Ward will remind Steve to get advance copy of this proposal to Linda Klopfenstein prior to that meeting.

RMSC has requested assistance for an athlete to participate in the USS Disabled Championships. After discussion, it was decided that AVST, GOLD, and RMSC, would be notified that Travel Assistance forms be used for submitting requests. Mary Ann reported that there are 5 athletes going to this meet. Four meet the PVS registration requirements for travel assistance.


The letter from Scott Lemley regarding Olympic Games concerns was received and discussed.

Policy & Procedures: Dick has annotated the Table of Contents of the Manual (ATTACHED), indicating areas which need attention as a result of actions taken this year. Kit Mathews will oversee this task as the new Administrative Vice-Chairman, and be assisted by Steve Ercolano and Thirl Crudup. A draft of the proposed changes is due to all Board Members by September 1, 1998, for discussion at Convention. Any items or issues of concern should be forwarded to Kit.

The PVS Webpage effort will also be a responsibility of the Administrative Division. Dave Scibetta has agreed to continue leading the Configuration Committee.

Convention: Dick distributed the meet schedule for delegates. He will need definite arrival date information to confirm coverage. All delegates are expected to arrive in time to attend the 1:00 pm Zone Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 1. Dick has planned for a meeting with VA Swimming to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Kit Mathews will conduct Coach Rep. and Athlete Rep. elections. Evelyn will prepare ballots.

General Chairman's Workshop memo will be distributed to Board members for information purposes. Dick noted that a percentage of surplus funds from insurance revenues. The USS Staff will be conducting surveys to determine procedures within the LSC's.

The PVS Family Membership benefit of purchasing a meet program at half-price was discussed. MOTION PASSEDto continue the current the meet program discount to PVS Family Membership cardholders, through August 31, 1999.

July BoD Meeting will be held at Dick's home on Tuesday, July 21, at 7:30 p.m.

Dick appointed a Personnel Committee. Members are Bob Fout and Dave Scibetta. Dick will chair. (June 23 Update: Thirl Crudup will serve instead of Dave Scibetta.)

Memo was received from Margaret Donofrio, requesting LSC's nominate outstanding volunteers for recognition in Splash.

Dick will ask Marc Stanley to write an article on PVS participation in the Disabled Swimmers Championships, and send it to Margaret. There was discussion regarding participation of blind athletes in this meet. Marc will be asked to clarify this issue, and to do a survey of PVS clubs to identify athletes with disabilities.

Dick received a letter citing timing conflicts with meets as a factor in the low attendance at the House of Delegates meeting. There was discussion about other possible dates and ways to address this concern.


Thirl presented Don Smith's proposal for the service contract for Electronic Equipment Management. The goal is to distribute this proposal by July 1. September 1, 1998, is the target date to have the contractor in place. Three parties have expressed interest in bidding. The timeline to have everything in place in for fall meets was discussed. Insurance requirement was discussed, to the extent that the contractor should identify the insurance coverage in place for the storage location. During discussion, the following amendment was made:

Page 3, #1. Delivery & Pick-up, to read: "…at a time mutually agreeable…"

Officials for the LC Senior Champs will be: Meet Referee, Jim Garner, and Admin. Referee, Dick Griffith.

There was discussion of the status of meet announcement preparation. Thirl is addressing this issue.


Bob reported that the account has been established for the PVS investment plan. One of the CD's will be redeemed. $50,000 will be put into a money market fund at 5+%. $5000.00 per month will be phased into the investment fund.


Dick received a report on the LSC Workshop from Wayne White. This item will be on the July agenda.

Meeting adjourned 9:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant