As approved at November 1998 BofD Meeting


OCTOBER 20, 1998
ROOM #151

The October PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Linda Crudup, Thirl Crudup, Manga Dalizu, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Kit Mathews, Eric Moore, Ron Taylor, and Evelyn Taylor.

Dick expressed his thanks to Steve Ercolano for accepting the responsibility of leading the PVS delegation at the USAS Convention in Cincinnati, OH.

General announcement for 1998-99 meetings: All meetings of the Board will end no later than 10:00pm. General Chairman's items will be listed first and last on future agendas. First will be reserved for issues requiring immediate action.

Minutes for July 21, 1998 were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bob distributed the financial reports for July, August, and September 1998. As of September 30, 1998, checking account balance is $14,051.92, with income of $9,076.68 and expenses of $16,045.44. The final actual report for FY97-98 with comparisons with FY97-98 Budget and FY98-99 Budget was also distributed. There was discussion of various budget line items. Bob reviewed concerns regarding income for PVS meets and the Travel Assistance expenditure. Hopefully the new travel policy will correct this trend so that the budgeted amount will not be exceeded. Ward said he and Steve would be presenting a proposal for travel to assure Travel Assistance funding is not exceeded.


A report was received from Mary Ann Henderson on the new registration program and procedures. The process for 1999 is time consuming and difficult to work with. Some forms are received incomplete and requested procedures for clubs are not always followed. Incomplete coaching credentials require duplication of cards and mailings. Two new clubs have not completed the coach requirements, which are necessary for club registration. Dick will contact Mary Ann regarding sending correspondence to Clubs addressing registration concerns.

Dick welcomed newly elected Coaches Representatives, Manga and Eric, to the Board.

Letter of thanks for Coaches Continuing Education grant was received from Holly Flickinger.


Ward reported Steve ran a successful meeting. 1998 Long Course schedule was reviewed and the 1999 Long Course schedule will be similar. Time standards for PVS championship meets were distributed, and Outstanding Athlete elections were held. 1999 SC Zone Staff elections from application and coaches present were held with the following results:

Head Coach - Shawn Fischer Staff - Chris Haddon Eric Moore Greg York Ward Foley
The remaining position will be selected at the January Competition Committee meeting.

Zone Team selection procedures will be the same as those used for 1998.

Outstanding Athletes
10&Under Leslie Swinley Daniel Mengering
11-12 Erica Suguiyama Jeffrey Littlejohn
13-14 Rachael Burke Michael Raab
15-16 Molly Freedman Marcus Rogan &
Dan Zurowski
17-18 Lauren Stinnett Ed Moses
Senior Molly Freedman Tom Dolan

These awards will be presented at JO's on Sunday after the 1650 events. Letters will be sent to these athletes.

January 1999 Competition Committee meeting will be held on Monday, January 18. Location will be announced.

MOTION PASSED to approve actions of Competition Committee.

Ward announced a revision to the dates for the November Open meet at Lee District and Mount Vernon sites to November 21-22.

The meeting with FCPA was discussed.


Thirl announced that the Equipment Management contract has been awarded to Don Smith. Responsibilities are for maintenance, repair, distribution, and rental of PVS equipment. The Service Contract designates the meet weekends paid by PVS. The rental and services fee schedule has been presented at the Meet Management and Competition Committee meeting, as well as at the PVS meetings at Convention. Income from rentals will be paid to PVS. Clubs may contract for additional services directly with Don. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.

Thirl confirmed that the latest versions of Hy-Tek are in use.

OFFICIALS: John reported that attendance at clinics has been typical. One more Stroke & Turn/Starter Clinic is scheduled. Clubs need to train volunteers to work tables at meets. Meeting with Club Officials Chairmen was successful. Data on LSC Officials was distributed. John expressed concern that the percentage of people completing the certification process is down. Dick still needs the list of PVS referees who were grandfathered. Dick recommended Thirl and John work with Arvydas and the Dave Davis Memorial Fund committee and plan to make presentation at 1999 Senior Champs.

MEET PROGRAM SUPPPORT: Becca Peck will continue to provide support to clubs that need this service.

MEET MANAGEMENT: Jack Mechler and Thirl will review and critique the historical programs for recommendation.


Kit presented the Policy & Procedures Table of Contents revisions. Categories have been reviewed and revisions are due November 1, 1998. The Board, beginning at the November meeting will review divisions. There was discussion about keeping items generic in regard to fees and about including the USA Swimming Code of Conduct and PVS Code of Conduct, and coordinating document with PVS By laws. It is expected that by January, a straw man of committee alignment will be complete.

TRAVEL APPEALS: Linda Klopfenstein presented appeals for PVS Travel Support.

RMSC:     Nicole Somers: MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED (JR Share)
CUBU:     John Dressendorfer: MOTION TO TABLE and contact club for additional information. (SR Share)
SNST:     Justin Caron: MOTION TO DENY PASSED (JR & SR Shares)
GOLD:     Disabled Champs: MOTION TO DENY PASSED. For clarification, Clubs were instructed to submit names of athletes Who were eligible for this meet, and the Board notified Clubs of support PVS would provide.

Linda will notify Clubs whose appeals were denied and contact CUBU for additional information.


Linda Crudup reported that the 1999 Spring Zone Meet would be at GCIT in New Jersey.


Ron reported that the annual meeting was held. Procedures were reviewed. Carol Nickel was elected Review Chairman for the 1998-99 term. Ron Taylor will serve as Vice-Chair and Elizabeth Burton will serve as Secretary. A Substitution Policy was adopted as follows and will be added to the existing Board of Review policies:

Substitutes (10.3.10)

If it becomes necessary to name one or more substitutes to a hearing because sufficient elected members of the Board of Review are unable to serve, substitute members will be chosen from such of the following as are able to serve in the order specified: Senior athlete representative, Senior coaches representative, Junior athlete representative and Junior coaches representative.


Dick and Thirl met with a delegation from VA LSC to discuss issues of mutual concern. It was agreed that the Registrars from VA and PVS would communicate information received from new clubs - in PVS from Virginia and in VA from Prince William and Loudoun Counties. There is no problem with the use of the George Mason facility in Prince William County as long as there is no conflict with their use. VA will sanction meets held in this facility. A joint meet was discussed. There was news of an investor who has plans for five or six facilities that may cross jurisdictions. Plans are to meet annually to discuss mutual issues.

Letter from Fluid Mechanics referred to Ward.

The Women's Global Challenge at UMD in April 1999, has not yet filed for approval. Dick will confer with Mike Unger.

Eric Wunderlich has requested a PVS meet schedule. Ward will respond.

Plans are to have PVS submit a bid at the May Zone Meeting to host the 2000 Spring Zone Meet at the P.G. Sports and Learning Complex. Thirl, Ward, and Dick have met with the planning consultant for the P.G. pool regarding future use of the facility.

Dick established an ad hoc committee with responsibility for overseeing major events issues that may be held in PVS. Members are Age Group Chairman, Senior Chairman, Operations Chairman, General Chairman, Arvydas Barzdukas, and Ron Taylor.

Discussion on use of UMD was tabled.

Meeting adjourned 9:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant

BoD MEETINGS FOR 1998-99 at Falls Church High School, Room #151, 7:30-10:00 p.m.:

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