As approved at February 1999 BofD Meeting


JANUARY 19, 1999
ROOM #151

The January PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were: Linda Crudup, Thirl Crudup, Manga Dalizu, Steve Ercolano, Ward Foley, Mary Ann Henderson, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg Long, Kit Mathews, Eric Moore, Dave Scibetta, Marc Stanley, Evelyn Taylor, and Victor Abrahamian.

Minutes for November 17, 1998 were approved with correction that "forms for US Open are due to Mary Ann by November 23, 1998.

Treasurer's Report: copies of the financial reports for November 1998 and December 1998 were provided. As of December 31, 1998, checking account balance is $133,641.19, with income of $136,256.16 and expenses of $38,622.46.


Mary Ann reported that registrations are up to date as follows: 5294 athletes, 35 clubs, and 149 coaches. The total 452 non-athletes break down is 364 individual and 88 family. Mary Ann's request to publish a list of currently registered coaches on the PVS web page was approved. An electronic version will be provided for posting, with a note to contact Mary Ann if there are any questions about the list. Addressing concern for registering coaches, Mary Ann will draft procedures, coordinated with Kit and Manga, for presentation at the April Board meeting.


Dick appointed a Nominating Committee of Chairman - Dave Scibetta, Kit Mathews, and Manga Dalizu. Two additional non-Board members will be appointed. Positions to be elected are General Chairman, Senior Chairman, and Finance Chairman.

Note: At February BofD meeting, it was noted that three members of the PVS Board of Review also have to be elected.

Nominations for the Phillips Outstanding Service Award will be accepted at the February Board meeting.

Rick Curl submitted a proposal for CUBU to host the 2000 Eastern Zone Short Course meet at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex, and is asking PVS to present a bid at the Spring Zone Meeting. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED


Dates for Zone Meet were discussed. Steve stated that the dates he is considering for bid are April 3-8, 2000. Evelyn will check the Zone Manual and get that information to Dick and Steve. Dick will make the presentation at the Zone meeting.


Report from January Competition Committee meeting where fifteen clubs were represented.

SC Senior Champs: For 1999 only, and on a one year trial basis, one Bonus event, in which the athlete has a PVS Junior Champ QT, will be allowed for any athlete qualified for Senior Champs. The Senior Chairman has sent invitations to PDR, who attended last year, and FOX, TAR and City of Charleston. RMSC has indicated that their club entry will be 40-50% of last year's entry.

Zone Team Application: The due date for updating times will be adjusted to accept Junior Champs results. Deadline for application has been extended until Friday, January 22, 1999.

Blair Cameron has applied for the one remaining 1999 SC Zone staff position. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.

Zone Team Head Coach Shawn Fischer will be asked to submit an article for February VOICES. Eric will notify Shawn. Ward will contact Zone staff about the Zone Team plans. Ward reported there will be a Zone Team function between Senior Champs sessions at Oak Marr for prospective team members. The 12 & Under team will have been selected, and the top six 13 & Over applicants will be invited.

1999 LONG COURSE SCHEDULE was presented. It was noted that there would be a 14 & Under Champs and a Junior Champs with all sessions in the afternoon/evening for both meets. There will be no qualifying times on Junior Champs. The July 1, Age Group Meet II will be an evening session. There was discussion of the financial impact due to "dead water" between sessions of Senior Champs and the additional pool time for 14 & Under Champs. Bunkey Lewis Mini (SC) (9&U) and Maryland State LC Champs are the club meets placed on the PVS schedule. MOTION PASSED to approve proposed schedule.

Steve expressed concerns that a written agreement on rental fees at George Mason University differs from what is now being expressed. Steve is the point of contact for PVS. He will pursue these issues and keep Dick advised.

1999-2000 SHORT COURSE SCHEDULE was presented. The date for the November Open may change so as not to conflict with the World Cup to be run at UMD. A possible alternate date is November 13-14. Fall Gator Mini, Pilgrim Pentathlon Mini, 6 Way Meet, FAST Qualifier, CUBU/RMSC Dual, Reindeer Mini, Curl-Burke Invitational, MLK, Jr. Mini, February Challenge, Winter Gator Mini, Sprint Classic, March Madness, Mini Champs, and Spring Champs are the club meets place on the PVS Schedule. MOTION PASSED to approve proposed schedule.

Marc Stanley will make a presentation about issues relating to disabled athlete at the April Competition Committee meeting.

A request was made at the meeting, and Kit agreed to take care of indicating which meets are open, closed, Club, PVS, etc.

Dual meet Sanction fee recommendation: 500 splashes = $75.00, and 501+ splashes = $0.50 per splash. After discussion MOTION TO TABLE PASSED. Financial data for the last two years will be provided to Bob and Steve for review.

Competition Committee recommends a 30-day time frame to add Club meets to the schedule. Current policy establishes the LC deadline as the preceding Winter C.C. meeting and the SC deadline as the preceding Spring C.C. meeting. After discussion, it was decided to send the matter back to the committee for a clearer proposal.

VSC request for sanction for a 6 Way Meet in February 1999 and March 1999 was presented and discussed. MOTION PASSED to sanction the February 6 Way Meet on February 5-7, 1999. MOTION PASSED to sanction the March 6 Way Meet on March 19-21, 1999. Steve will inform Chris Huott, MSSC, who is conducting the Spring Champs meet on March 27-28.

Linda Klopfenstein reported on communication from USA Swimming OVC Chairman regarding time trials to be held at UMD in conjunction with ACC Championship meets. In previous years, other LSC's have approved observed swims for ACC time trials. National will support the decision of the LSC. After discussion, MOTION PASSED to issue PVS approval for observed swims at the Terrapin Invitational, which is a time trial format. Linda will advise USA Swimming OVC Chairman, and Evelyn will notify UMD.

OVCs: A new program and new software will be released shortly. Linda will provide notice for FLASH MAIL and posting on web.


Greg reported that he and Amanda are planning an athletes' meeting at Oak Marr between Sunday's sessions of Senior Champs. He will get the meeting notice and agenda to the Office for distribution.

TRAVEL ISSUES: The Travel Committee presented two appeals for US Open Travel Assistance.

- Athlete did not swim in PVS LC meets. Committee recommends denial of appeal. After discussion it was determined more information is needed. MOTION TO TABLE PASSED.

- Athlete swam World Cup and could not swim Open due to illness, but did incur expenses. Clarification provided that athlete did swim in a relay, but was unable to swim other events. Committee recommends approval of appeal. MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED.


Kit requested approval for revised Policy & Procedures Manual Table of Contents (Attached). MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED. The italicized items require review by the responsible Division Vice-Chairs. The proposed structure was distributed (Attached). It will be discussed and voted at the February Board meeting. Decisions on structure may require modifications to the PVS Bylaws. The following timetable was agreed upon:
Kit will provide revised language to the Board of Directors by February 16
Changes by Board members given to Kit by March 15
Final Draft will be presented to the Board of Directors by April 1
Vote will be taken at Board meeting on April 20


Dave provided a summary of printing costs for the six PVS Family Mailings for 1998 calendar year (Attached). Home page hits were much higher then ever. Dave will write an article about the PVS page for the February issue of VOICES.

Dick also asked Steve to write an article about the 14 & Under Championship for the February issue of VOICES.


Dick notified elected Division Vice-Chairman to submit any changes to their budgets by February Board meeting.


Thirl presented a report from the Division (Attached). He noted that the site assignments for the January Open have been revised. John reported that Referees who are not certified in Hy-Tek and CTS would be required to take that training. Dave Davis Memorial: John and Arvydas are working on plans for presentation. Thirl is working with Don Smith to establish a payment procedure for PVS equipment rental and Equipment Manager services.


Eric and Manga congratulated CUBU on a successful JO meet.


Adapted Swimming: as requested by Dick, Marc will hold his report until February Board meeting.

Dick reported that the Family Membership discount for meet programs was an issue at the JO meet. Discount does not apply to Club meets, but only to PVS meets and only through August 31, 1999. Continuation of the mailing program needs to be discussed.

Financial issues for CLUB/PVS meets will be discussed at February Board meeting.


Ward has an issue with Distance Meets that he will bring to the February meeting.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant

BoD MEETINGS FOR 1998-99 at Falls Church High School, Room #151, 7:30-10:00 p.m.:

Tuesday, February16
Tuesday, April 20
Tuesday, June 15