As approved at August 1999 BofD Meeting


JUNE 15, 1999

The June PVS Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Dick Rankin, General Chairman. In attendance were Thirl Crudup, John Ertter, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Kit Mathews, Eric Moore, Greg York., Irene Millman, and Linda Edmunds

The April 20, 1999 minutes were tabled for approval at the next meeting.

The House of Delegates Meeting minutes were reviewed. Changes to the attendance were noted.

Steve Ercalano electronically communicated with the Board in late May regarding increase in fees for Championship meets. Motion to Increase Fees for Championship meets PASSED.

Treasurer's Report: Bob Fout presented the financial report, which showed a balance of $213,706.44. It was noted that a deposit of $14,301 inadvertently made to the Travel Fund would be moved into the checking account in June and that the Dave Davis fund would be moved into an account of its own..

Registration Report: Irene reported as of 5/31/99 there are 6,027 registered athletes. There are 37 registered clubs, and 544 registered non-athletes. The registration office has received the new registration forms from USA Swimming. The forms will be distributed to the clubs.

There was discussion about an athlete who while at college swam at Nationals for a properly registered USA Swimming Club with a name identical to the academic institution for which they also swam. Upon returning home, the athlete requested to attach to a PVS registered club. Based on the written material available, it appears that the 120 day transfer rule applies. The Registrar's office is continuing to seek further guidance on the proper interpretation from USA Swimming.

USAS CONVENTION - John Hirschmann reported on legislation which will probably be going to the floor. This will include 1) Qualifying for Club Championships - these will be held as Sectionals - Clubs choose 1 of about 16 sectionals to earn powerpoints (based as a percentage of the word record. The 48 male and female clubs (chosen separately) with the most powerpoints from their 10 best swimmers will go to the Championship meet. 2) Legislation to move Md. Swimming and PVS to the Northeast Junior Championship, 3) allowing swims of longer distances for younger athletes as part of the "approved" age-group program, 4) The use of the whistle start on an optional basis at LSC meets as opposed to its use only at National level meets, 5) No recall starts at National level meets, athletes must be responsible for their own starts, 6) making clear the LSC may approve for OVC observations time trials at season ending meets, if they are officiated the same way as the season ending meet 7) a change in the order of events at Nationals 8) an increase in Club dues from $70 to $270, 9) Legislation to permit the proposed new Club Membership (there will be a meeting in July at USA Swimming headquarters to refine the proposal based on comments received).

Dick reported that there has been a request for anyone who is interested in working at the Convention. Also, he reported that Dale Neuberger will not make the at-large appointments until 1 Aug.

COMPETITION - Long Course is going well. Two championship level meets will be held at George Mason.

Eric Moore reported that as a result of the competition committee meeting, it has been recommended that for PVS meets, all Short Course meet announcements be issued by October 1 and that all Long Course meet announcements be issued by January 1. A discussion followed regarding the deadlines and how it was difficult to meet them. It was also noted that critical information such as dates and time standards are known well in advance. It was not believed other information needed to be known that far in advance. As the Competition Committee has voted to accept the deadlines mentioned above, the Board will not take any action.

For the 2000 Short Course Zone Team, there will be no PVS hotel deal, each swimmer may house themselves as they choose. Dick further reported on the selection of Long Course Zone coaches: Bob Walker and a coach from Joe Flaherty's Dolphins have been selected.

Dick stated that inconsistencies in the Policy & Procedures Manual need to be addressed including the definition of an entry versus a splash.

The competition committee passed a motion made by TCSD to change the number of splashes from 200 for a set sanction fee of $75.00 to 450 for a set sanction fee. This proposal would mean that only meets with splashes over more than 450 would pay at $.75 per splash. This was brought to the Board for their approval. Motion FAILED.

The competition committee brought to the Board a proposal to have full disclosure of all athletes receiving travel assistance from PVS. The motion was modified to have this information made available to the teams UPON request PASSED.

Greg York noted that the Competition Committee agreed that a Code of Conduct would be available at the Zone meet and any coach receiving a PVS coach pass would be subject to it. Dick Rankin stated that this was a competition issue.

Linda Crudup has been assigned as the Meet Director for the Short Course Zone Meet 2000. The Long Course Zone 1999 package has been completed and will be distributed shortly.

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION - The By-Laws will be amended to reflect the Policy and Procedures changes, Dick asked that this be done before September. Kit stated that new Policies to be added will be created next year for presentation at the House of Delgates 2000 meeting. Dick stated that each chair should handle a review of their sections.

STRATEGIC PLANNING - Presented no report.

OPERATIONS - Thirl Crudup reported that 3 Long Course meets would take place the next weekend, no glitches are anticipated. With his move to the General Chair position, a void has been created in the Operations Chair position. Motion to appoint John H. as Operations Chair TABLED.

Kit commented on the meet announcements which had been distributed containing errors. Thirl stated that Steve had apologized for this. All PVS meet announcements should be approved by the Competition Committee and the Board. There was a discussion regarding concerns about the Junior Times for Women's 1500 Free and Men's 800 Free. Thirl reported that Steve does not intend to change this.

A discussion followed regarding the award of meets. Meets are awarded based solely on the request to hold the meets. No club has priority. The perception that one club is running PVS is incorrect. ANY and ALL clubs, coaches and/or parents are welcome to be involved.

SENIOR DIVISION - Discussion of the Tabled appeal for assistance for the US Open meet. The travel committee has recommended denial of this appeal, as more information was requested from the coach and the coach did not provide it. Motion to Deny appeal was PASSED.

Discussion of the appeal of the team who paid for a ticket for an athlete to attendJuniors . The athlete then changed teams. The travel committee recommends the club from which the athlete separated should not be paid. Motion PASSED to deny payment to the club from which the athlete separated. Now that this appeal has been closed, payment will be made to the club whom the athlete attached (but swam UNAT). Motion PASSED.

Discussion of an athlete from Howard and other college clubs registered with PVS for whom the club has requested travel assistance. Dick stated that the athlete must meet the requirements set forth in order to qualify.

Dick reported that Steve had received a note from a PVS head coach requesting travel assistance in the form of reimbursement for full airfare for an athlete who was invited to attend a USA Swimming Clinic following the swimmer's attendance at a Zone distance camp in Florida. Therefore, there was not sufficient notice given to the club in order to purchase a ticket at the 14-day prevailing rate. Motion PASSED to pay airfare at Full fare.

FINANCE DIVISION - Bob Fout had nothing new to report.

GENERAL CHAIRMAN'S REPORT- Dick reported that a family's request to have their case reviewed by the Board of Review had been forwarded to the Board of Review and that this process is now underway.

The purchase of 4 starting tapes has been made from the Dave Davis fund. 2 of these tapes are for NVSL and 2 are for PVS. Dick stated that he would like these tapes to be circulated so that the coaches can see them. Additionally, a binder for officials has been purchased. As a result of these two items, approximately $3,500 has been spent of the fund.

An intent letter was received from USA Swimming whether PVS wishes to hold National level meets within PVS. Dick reported that he submitted the intent letter just to keep the interest there from USA Swimming staff; there is no commitment associated with the intent letter. There was a consensus from the elected Board members not to pursue Juniors in Summer 2001.

NEW BUSINESS - A letter from a Professor of Medicine in New Mexico which discusses an impact on Men's swimming will be distributed to all Clubs via email.

In accordance with PVS policy, airfare will be paid for John Ertter to attend the LSC Treasurer's Workshop in Colorado Springs from 15 -17 Oct.

There was no interest expressed in supporting the Swim-a-thon as advertised by the Metro DC United States Olympic Committee.

Dick reported on the meeting he and Thirl had with VA Swimming at the Zone meeting. VA Swimming is concerned that PVS clubs are flowing over into their LSC area. PVS needs to consider whether it is appropriate for its member clubs to conduct practices outside of the PVS boundaries.

There was a discussion of creating individual email addresses for all Board members at John H. said he believed this is on the Configuration Committee's agenda

The meeting was adjourned at 10:04.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Edmunds/Irene Millman

Administrative Assistants