As approved at October 1999 BofD Meeting


7 PM -- AUGUST 3, 1999
River Falls Community Room

In Attendance were: Linda Crudup, Thirl Crudup, John Ertter, Ward Foley, Bob Fout, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, Linda Klopfenstein, Kit Mathews, Eric Moore, Dick Rankin, Dave Scibetta, and Greg York

Dick Rankin called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Dick made a brief statement thanking the Board for their support over the years. Dick offered congratulations and welcoming comments to the the new BoD members elect: John Ertter, Jim Garner, Greg York and Kelly Burke. Additional congratulations were offered to Kelly for her fine performance at Speedo Juniors this summer.

Dick called for the approval of the April and June BoD minutes. Approved without amendment.


Irene reported that as of July 31 there were 6064 Athletes, 545 Non Athletes and 37 Clubs. There was a brief explanation of the 2000 registration procedures.


Thirl as incoming General Chair discussed convention and encouraged those attending to please complete their schedules as to which sessions they would like to attend ASAP and return them to Irene so assignments could be finalized.

Administrative Vice Chairman

Kit gave a brief report on the Coaches and Athlete Representative elections. 60 Coaches participated in the election process as well as 60 athletes. There were no write-in votes. Greg York, as previously noted, won as Coaches Representative and Kelly Burke ran unopposed as Athlete Representative.

Both Kelly and Amanda Sovik will be attending Convention as part of the PVS delegation.


Thirl as outgoing Operations Chair expressed his desire to replace himself with John Hirschmann. Discussion in John's absence followed. Motion to elect John Hirschmann Operations Chairman to complete Thirl Crudup's term. PASSED

Operations report:

LC and Championship meets went very smoothly. The reaction to GMU as a first time venue was very positive. There were some issues regarding delayed start times. Thirl indicated time lines would be looked at more closely in the futureAge Group & Senior Championship meets were a very positive experience from a parent's perspective.

At SR Champs (LC) a club entered an athlete in a relay that should have been unattached. The relay was swum on Saturday but the swimmer's attach date was Sunday. Discussion followed. Motion to fine the offending club, PASSED.

At JR Champs (LC) a club entered an athlete with a 100 fly time that was faster than the NFT time. Discussion followed. Motion to fine the offending club. PASSED

Age Group Champs (LC) went smoothly and everyone was very happy with the meet.

Age Group Vice Chairman

October distance needs a pool. All other venues are secure for the SCY season.

Ward proposed the addition of a meet to the existing schedule. 3-4 clubs have been invited to participate in a Senior circuit from by the Virginia LSC. VA is looking to host one of the meets in this LSC with a PVS team volunteering to run the meet. This would be a closed meet on the 13 & 14 of November and would not conflict with any existing PVS meets nor detract from the November Open the following weekend. The athletes attending are at the national level or on track to the national level. There would be 3 PVS clubs, 2 MD clubs and 5 VA clubs participating in this circuit. Motion to add closed SR meet on November 13 & 14. PASSED

This request was subsequently withdrawn.

Review of the PM Relay Mania meet. Discussion followed regarding conflict with existing meet involving some of the same age groups on the same weekend.

Motion: Not allow Relay Mania meet Age Group sessions to conflict with same age sessions of Harvest Moon 12 & Under meet. PASSED

Dick directed Jim Garner to draft a letter for his signature.

Zone report:

160 kids are going to LC Zones this year. Preparation for the meet is progressing nicely.


No Travel Issues.

Dick advised the board 4 PVS athletes attended Disability Championships. Motion: To pay at Junior rate for travel assistance. PASSED

Finance Vice Chairman

Bob Fout reported the LSC has as of July 31, 1999 $171,881.50 in the combined checking, investment & travel accounts. In addition, there is $6,607.48 in the Dave Davis fund as of 7/31/99.

Strategic Planning Committee

Dave Scibetta reported on the status of the development of a Web Policy. Goal of the Configuration committee to meet soon and begin development of such a policy. Guidelines will include what is and is not to be published on the PVS Web Page and how it is presented.

General Chairman

Reported that new information will be appearing regularly on the PVS Web page regarding the upcoming World Cup meet in November at UMD. USA Swimming will sanction this meet. Dick will ask that all the clubs in PVS to support this meet in whatever way they could.

Dick advised the BoD that scholarship money in the amount of $300 had been extended to an athlete that had appropriately applied. The application was deemed worthy by a committee of Bob Fout, Steve Ercolano and himself. The name of the athlete was not disclosed for privacy reasons.

There was then discussion of items likely to arise at the USA Swimming convention and the position PVS should take. The Club Membership proposal and the Club championship proposal were discussed. After discussion, the majority felt that PVS should not support the Club Membership proposal. Many doubted it will pass at convention.

The coaches of this LSC are not in support of the Club championship proposal as it stands now. Senior Swimming only needs a simple majority to pass the proposal. PVS does not believe it will pass in its current form. There is still talk of moving PVS to Northeast for Juniors. If Club Championship does pass there is doubt that PVS will be moved for only one year.

The General Chairman summarized three items that he hoped the incoming Board would continue to address and take action on:

  1. Develop a formal Web Policy
  2. Take steps to reactivate the Aquatics Guide
  3. Update the Policy and Procedures and By Laws where appropriate.
New Business

USA Swimming has published a flyer regarding the Club Leadership clinics. They are asking LSC's to consider hosting them. With Zone Meet and Zone Meeting, it was agreed PVS does not have the resources to also take on this commitment. It was noted that Mid Atlantic is hosting one in October and is reimbursing their clubs a portion of the fee if they participate.

Ward reported that coaches have approached him how fast they should expect to be reimbursed for a club meet they host for PVS. Kit advised the Board that all meets are being processed in a timely fashion. If any one club has a specific problem regarding meet processing, they should contact him directly. It was also noted that many clubs turn in incomplete financial information and as a result the collection of the proper entry fees is becoming an issue. The office has been instructed to begin fining clubs if this issue continues into the fall.

The question of the meet title "Junior Olympics" and to which meet it could or could not be attached was discussed. The topic will be put forth at the September Competition Committee meeting.

Dick thanked the Board for their service over the years and wished Thirl well as he took over the reins. Thirl responded by thanking Dick for his many years of valuable service to PVS, expressed hope that he would continue to be of assistance and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Adjourned at 9:00

Respectfully submitted by Irene Millman