As approved at November 1999 BofD Meeting


SEPTEMBER 15-19, 1999
San Diego, CA

Note: During the United States Aqutic Association meeting in San Diego, September 15-19, 1999 the PVS BoD met several times. During these meetings several items were discussed and decided.,settled. This document serves to make these decisiona a formal part of the PVS records.

Item 1

It was discussed and agreed upon by the BoD members present that the statement "heats would be added if the time line permits" would be struck from all MA until the Policy and Procedures Manual is updated to reflect previous practice.

Item 2

It was discussed and agreed upon that the Administrative Office would handle all site procurement for PVS Sponsored meets beginning for the LC 2000 season. The Administrative Office will work closely with Competition and Operations to assure the best possible venues within our budget.

Item 3

Staffing by the PVS Officials Committee of National Certification meets was discussed. It was agreed that when a meet meets the criteria for National certification the PVS Officials Committee will work in concert with the Club Officials Chairman in staffing the meet.