Pending approval at the January 09 CCM meeting

PVS Competition Committee Meeting


October 1, 2008


Attendance:  Riley Eaton-Chair; Bill Marlin-PVS, Greg York-PVS, John Ertter- PVS, Jim Garner-PVS, Dan Jacobs-PVS, Manga Dalizu-PVS, Christian Doud-MACH, Brian Pawlowicz, Shelley Gesker-YORK, Heather Coulson-MAKO, Emily Felker-HACC, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Aaron Dean-OCCS, Dave Crocker-RMSC, Dave Kraft-RMSC, Pete Morgan-CUBU, Norm Wright-FISH, Ruth Anne Miller-AAC, Rob Washburn-CUBU, Kerry Ellet-CUBU, Tim Kelly-CUBU, Mike Kraeuter-BWST, Paris Jacobs-MACH, Mark Faherty-CUBU, Terri Marlin-PVS







John E: The meetings he attended dealt mostly with management issues.


Diversity discussion; Paris & Greg:

We will now have a representative appointed to the board to help us move forward; USA Swimming does not have a direction, PVS seems to be forging the way. Diversity/Outreach should not just be about race but about economics as well. Outreach group will be meeting once each month/2 months, still to be determined, anyone interested should check the PVS website for announcements and make an effort to attend meeting.


Coaches Reps: Dan Jacobs/Manga Dalizu: See report submitted






Congratulations to all Swimmers Nominated!















The above meets were all recommended by the Competition Committee Members. All above mentioned meets will go to the Board of Directors for final vote of approval; pending signing of pool contracts.








Proposed date for next CCM is Wednesday Jan, 7 time and place TBD


Adjourn: 8:30 pm