PVS Competition Committee Meeting

January 6, 2010

Overlee Community Center


·         Call to Order 7:00 pm

·         Attendance: Bill Marlin-PVS, Riley Eaton-PVS, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Paris Jacobs-MACH, Brian Pawlowicz-CUBU, Chris Huott-MSSC, Bob Petraites, Yuri Suguiyama-CUBU, John Hirschmann, Rob Green-DCPR, Shelley Gesker-YORK, Gabriel Ibanez, Dave Crocker-RMSC, Steve Menard-AAC, Emily Felker-HACC, Heather Coulson Haddock-MAKO, Aaron Dean-OCCS, Jorge Silva-TIBU, Rick Curl-CUBU, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Tim Kelly-CUBU, Rob Washburn, Manga Dalizu and Terri Marlin.


·         Approval of October 2009 CCM minutes; Motion to approve the October 2009 CCM minutes, Seconded and approved.

·         PVS Board Action items





PVS top times list is now posted to PVS web site. Remind athlete to e-mail Dave Green if they are NOT going to attend the Spring Zone meet.  9-10 & 11-12 age groups get 3 swimmers per event this year.

A Swimming in College Education Seminar was held at Howard University on October 31. It was well attended and many favorable comments were received. Discussions are occurring whether to make this an annual event.

2008-09 Scholar Athlete list posted to PVS web site – Congrats to all swimmers!

BOD Positions up for election in May of 2010: this is just to make the body aware.

     Secretary (Art Davis); finishing 2nd term; not able to seek reelection

     Coaches Rep (Manga Dalizu); finishing 1st term

     Athlete Rep (Tara Banks); she is graduating HS and leaving the area.

     Strategic Planning (Jim Thompson); end of 1st term

     Age Group Chair (Bill Marlin); end of 2nd term; not able to seek reelection

     Operations (Dave DiNardo); end of 1st  partial term

     Board of Review (Kerry Ellet, Janet Auger, Manga Dalizu, Mark Eldridge,

     Wally Dicks – Athlete); Kerry Ellett has completed two 2 year terms and is not eligible to run again. The remaining four may seek reelection.