Meeting Minutes approved at the 2010 Fall Meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

May 12, 2010

Overlee Community Center

Meeting Minutes


·         Call to Order at 7:08 by AG Chair, Bill Marlin

·         Attendance: Bill Marlin – AG Chair, Riley Eaton – Sr. Chair, Brian Pawlowicz – CUBU, Rick Curl – CUBU, Josh Hyde – FISH, Jorge Silva – TIBU, Beth Silva – TIBU, Rob Green – DCPR, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Evan Stiles – AAC, Eric Adams – SNOW, Bob Walker – ASA, Denise Adams – ASA, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Dave Crocker – RMSC, Kent Williams – RMSC, Peter Karl – SDS, Dan Jacobs – MACH, Manga Dalizu – FAST, Chris Huott – MSSC, Mike Krauter – BWST, Tim Kelly – CUBU, Ward Foley – AAC, Josh Morgan – FISH, Paris Jacobs – MACH,  Greg York, YORK, John Ertter – PVS and Terri Marlin – PVS.


·         Approval of January 2010 CCM minutes – Motion to approve the Minutes from the January 2010 Competition Committee Meeting, it was seconded and approved.


·         PVS to run Sexual Misconduct [Seminar]:

o    PVS BoD took some action as a recent special meeting regarding the Sexual Misconduct incidents that have recently come to light in USA Swimming. Greg felt that PVS needed to act on this right away.

o    USA Swimming has set up a special Task Force to deal directly with sexual misconduct issues. PVS is setting up a Task Force as well, which will be made up of coaches, parents, athletes, BoD officer and officials, not to exceed 10 total members.

o    A seminar for all members of PVS (except for athletes) is also being set up to discuss for the fall by John Ertter, we will have more information soon.

o    There are several specific items that will be put into place right away; Such as no cameras, phones, etc will not be allowed behind the blocks or in locker rooms during meets.

o    PVS will also continue to get reports from USAS to stay current on issues.

o    The PVS Board was also looking into starting background screening for non-athletes members. However the subject was too volatile to proceed any further at this time. It is thought that this issue may come up at USAS Convention this September. PVS will wait to see what USA Swimming says about the background screening issue before proceeding any further.

o    It was asked ifl USAS or can PVS use a different background screening other than TCLogic? The answer is that at this time the LSC cannot do anything more strict than USA Swimming. Individual clubs may use another company. USAS has hired a consultant to look at other background screening companies, so it is expected that something will change.

·         USAS 7 Points – was handed out to all members in attendance. The 7 points were read to all members in attendance.

·         USAS BOD Updates to Sexual misconduct – Bill Marlin read the USA Swimming action plan to all members in attendance.

·         PVS Board Action items:

·         Eastern Zone 2010 May Meeting Announcements

o    SC Sectionals March 24-27, 2011…will be closed to South Region only…no host selected yet.

o    SC Zones entry fee update - $5 per event - $10 per relay event.

o    Additional language has been added to EZ SC Meet announcement dealing with athlete conduct

o    2011 SC Zones meet going back to Rochester, NY   March 31- April 2, 2011

o    No bids have been received for LC Zones 2011.

o    2012 US Olympic Team Trials June 25 – July 2 in Omaha, NE

o    US SC Jr. Nationals Dec 8-10, 2011 at Univ. of Minnesota

o    North East IMX Championship Meet at Fairland Aquatic Center Feb 4-6, 2011; the qualifying point total will be 1800 pts.

o    Clubs are asked to send at least 1 athlete to the annual HOD meeting. Athletes must make up 20% of the vote. This is a great opportunity for athletes become involved. Please bring an athlete. Send the name to Terri Marlin,

o    PVS and VSI met while at EZ meeting and continued to establish good relations. We are still discussing exactly where the boarders will end. The issue is back in the hands of USAS for now.

·         PVS Age Group Coach of the Year Award Applications due May 30, 2010 to Bill Marlin

·         Club Meet Bids for period of 5/1/10 – 4/30/11…see calendar

o    SC meets between Sept 1 - Dec 31, 2010 - Last Chance

§  9/26 – Free for All, DC Wave, Takoma

§  10/8-9 – Red & Black Invite, UMD, UMD

§  10/8-10 – RMSC Kickoff, RMSC, MLK

§  10/22-24 – SNOW Pumpkin Invite, SNOW, Claude Moore

§  10/23-24 – Halloween Mini Meet, YORK, Maderia

§  11/5-7 – November Invite, RMSC, MLK

§  11/13-14 – NAG Challenge, RMSC, GISC

§  11/13 or 14 – Friendship Mini #1, YORK, Maderia

§  11/19-21 – Swim & Rock Invite, SDS, Oak Marr

§  11/21 – Go the Distance, SDS, Oak Marr (open to all clubs at the end of S&R)

§  11/27-28 – Distance Meet, DC Wave, Takoma

§  Motion to endorse and recommend to the PVS BoD that the above Club meets from September 1 through December 31, 2010 be sanctioned and added to the PVS schedule. Motion was seconded and approved.

o    SC meets between Jan 1, 2011 – March 31, 2011 – Second chance

§  1/9 – Frosty Pentathlon, RMSC, GISC

§  1/15-16 – 10 & Under Meet, MACH, Maderia

§  1/15/16 – Polar Bear 14 & U, SDS, South Run

§  2/19-20 – Gender Blender Mini, RMSC, MAC

§  2/19-20 – RMSC February Qualifier, RMSC, MLK

§  2/20 – Friendship Mini #2, YORK, Maderia

§  2/26-27 – MACH Qualifier, MACH, Maderia

§  3/12-13 – Mini Champs, RMSC, Olney

§  3/25-27 – Spring Finale, RMSC, GISC

§  Motion to endorse and recommend to the PVS BoD that the above Club meets from January 1 through March 31, 2011 be sanctioned and added to the PVS schedule. Motion was seconded and approved.

o    LC meets between April 1, 2011 – August 31, 2011 – First chance

§  4/1-3 – March Madness, YORK, Oak Marr

§  4/30-5/1 – Early Bird LC Meet, MSSC, Fairland

§  4/30-5/1 – Spring Sprints, SDS, South Run

§  5/6-8 – MACH LC Classic, MACH, Takoma

§  5/6-8 – SNOW Spring Classis, SNOW, Claude Moore

§  5/7-8 – LC Derby, FISH, GMU

§  5/28-29 – Relay Carnival, DC Wave, Takoma

§  5/28-30 – VA State LC Champs, PM, Oak Marr

§  6/3-5 – SNOW LC Invite, SNOW, Claude Moore

§  6/11-12 – LC Invite, FISH, GMU

§  Motion to endorse and recommend to the PVS BoD that the above Club meets from April 1 through August 31, 2011 be sanctioned and added to the PVS schedule. Motion was seconded and approved.


·         2010 LC Zone Team Asst. Coaches elections

o    The following coaches have applied to be an assistant coach at the 2010 LC EZ Championship Meet being held in Rockville, MD, August 10-14;  Denise Adams, Anthony Peterson, Rebecca Brofft, Scott Bryant

o    Motion to accept these coaches to be recommended to the BoD by acclamation, the motion is seconded and approved.

o    Since there were only 4 coaches on the ballot, Bill will continue to look for additional coaches and report back to the Board on additional coaches.

·         Sr. Chair Report – Riley

o    We will further discuss ideas regarding the restructuring of the Spring PVS Championship meets

o    Our Senior program has been very successful this year

o    Congrats to CUBU for their success in Orlando at Juniors

o    Travel Reimbursement Requirements – Riley

§  For the 10-11 SC Season

§  It is suggested that the Travel Reimbursement remain the same with the requirements the same as 2009, the motion is seconded and approved.

o    There is a concern regarding Senior Champs; if the meet continues to stay small and we want to continue to run the meet at GMU (the pool the athletes continue to vote as the best pool in the area) then we need to figure out how to best balance the size of the meet and still be able to fund it without losing too much money. This year we did not award medals to the top 8 finishers because there are some that feel medals are not necessary for the older athletes, although there are some who feel having awards for the top 3finishers at this level would be appropriate.

o    We have historically accepted to lose money on Senior Champs since PVS makes money on other meets throughout the year

o    It has been noted that the calendar and meet schedule also plays a role is the size and success in this meet.

·         Coaches Reps Reports

o    Manga – has been noticed that there are issues at meets across the LSC that he feels does not necessarily get passed down from head coaches to assistant coaches regarding safety (swimming entering WU at the wrong end)

o    Coaches, please remember that parents are not allowed down on deck during the meet. Coaches are the first defense in this and should continually remind all parents on their team to stay off the deck during swim meets.

·         BOD Reports – No reports submitted.

·         Old Business – no old business

·         New Business

o    Brian Pawlowicz –As the Meet Manager requests adding 2 additional events for June Distance meet.

§  Request to add 400 IM & 400 Free to the June Distance meet

§   A motion was made to add the 400 IM and 400 Free events to the June Distance Meet, seconded and approved.

o     Restructuring of 18&U Champs, JO’s and Jr. Champs – Riley

§  This spring we ran into a situation at JO, which made for a lot of anguish. Fairland notified that our volume was going to put them outside their parameters for Fire Marshall Regulations. We therefore changed the 3 session. Although Paris Jacobs and Machine Aquatics did a tremendous job setting up and hosting the meet; the size and length of the session were longer than desired.

§  Several proposals were presented and a lengthy discussion followed. Another thought given the small numbers in both Junior and Senior Champs is the possibility of running both meets the same weekend and at the same pool, similar to the way Summer Junior and Senior Champs is run. Another thought is to run Junior and Senior Champs concurrently on the same weekend at the same pool; either in separate courses, allowing for both meets to be in prelim/final format or similar to how PVS currently runs LC Junior & Senior Champs.

§  Motion to table this issue for now (remember that pools will have to found in a timely manner)

§  Riley will post a meeting date once a location is determined. Anyone who is interested in participating in this discussion, have your proposal in written form with supporting evidence.

·         Set Fall CCM Meeting  - Saturday September 25 at Overlee, 10:00 am [At the June Board Meeting, September25 was also recommended as the date for the Sexual Harassment Seminar. An alternate date may be scheduled.]

·         Motion to Adjourn at 8:53, seconded and approved.