Draft minutes until approved at the Fall Competition Committee Meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

May 18, 2011


·         Call to order

·         Attendance – Riley Eaton-PVS, Manga Dalizu-PVS, Jim Garner-PVS, Bill Marlin-PM, John Ertter-PVS, Brian Pawlowicz-PVS, Matt Pelletier-FISH, John Hirschmann-UN, Tony Murray-FAST, Scott Bryant-PM, Rodger McCoy-DCPR, Bob Walker-ASA, Tim Husson-PVS, Emily Felker-HACC, Steve Menard-AAC, Rick Curl-CUBU, Aaron Dean-OCCS, Heather Haddock-MAKO, Dave Crocker-RMSC, Kent Williams-RMSC, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Mark Faherty-CUBU, Eric Adams-SNOW, John Mason-PEAK, Peter Karl-SDS, Jorge Silva-TIBU, Chris Huott-MSSC, Evan Stiles-AAC, Shelley Gesker-YORK, Mike Kraeuter-BWST

·         Approval of January minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the January 2011 Competition Committee Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Tim Husson – Tim presented a report about the USA-S SWIMS database.

o   The Official’s Committee thought it would be a good idea for Tim to meet with the Competition Committee to go over topics that may be of interest to the coaches. At each CCM Tim will talk about a new topic. Thank you Tim for your help and support for our coaches.

·         Key Budget items – PVS Executive Director and Controller, John Ertter, presented the 2011-2012 PVS budget summary, which  is a one page summary of the full budget. The full budget can be found on the HOD page on the website for those who want to look at the full budget. It is the Board’s recommendation to the House and will be voted upon at the annual House meeting on May 23.

o   At the last BoD meeting, the BoD voted to present a zero based budget. The goal is going to be to present a budget as close to zero as possible each year forward, assuming there are not extenuating circumstances. In addition the board has set a target to maintain a cash reserve that is to be between 75% and 125% of yearly expenses. The plan is not acquire cash reserves in excess of this ratio.

o   For the 2011-2012 FY budget everything will remain the same as the 2010-2011 FY budget, except we will not be doing a sexual misconduct meeting, and we do not predict there to be as many background screenings for Officials to pay for. Because background screenings are due every two years and this year was the first so a majority of the Officials were paid for this year.

o   Please look this over, if you have questions prior to the HOD meeting on Monday May 23, email Ertter or Bill Stephens.

o   The question was raised, “Is the philosophy of the CCM to limit the max support Olympic Trial athletes to $16,000?” The PVS board felt that this was a fair amount to aim for; however we should realize that at this time we have no idea how many PVS athletes will qualify for trials next summer. PVS determined the amount of $16,000 by multiplying $800 by the number of athletes that qualified in 2008. As a reminder in order to qualify for travel assistance the athlete must represent a PVS club as their primary affilication, not their college or university.

·         Eastern Zone Meeting Review – Several members of the PVS Board of Directors recently attended the Eastern Zone Conference. Age Group Chair, Manga Dalizu prepared a report highlighting the details of the meeting.

o   USA Swimming has partnered with the US Navy Seals for a training program the clubs can participate in. Information is posted on the USA Swimming website.

o   It was asked why the EZ meeting in Ft. Lauderdale? The location of the meeting is voted on each year by the members of the EZ. While it is not in our Zone, they have found that airfare is generally less expensive for many of the participants, the Zone receives the meeting room is free and the hotel rooms are very economical.  It was also noted that participation in the EZ meeting has nearly doubled since moving it to the Ft. Lauderdale, making for a more productive meeting.

·         Age Group Coach of the Year – At the January CCM there was a discussion as to how to better select the PVS Age Group Coach of the Year. Manga prepared a proposal to be discussed by the body with the intention of making the selection based upon a coach’s merits, instead of club affiliation and done earlier in the year so the Coach is notified in time to attend the ASCA Convention if interested.  As per P & P, once an agreement is made about the voting process, it does have to go to the PVS BoD for a vote.

o   It was determined after some discussion that we must first define the criteria of the award

o   There was discussion as to what makes an Age Group swimmer, is it age? Ability? How do you compare a 14 & U swimmer who makes Olympic Trials with any other swimmer who swims in PVS meets such as JOs and places all firsts, and if they are at the OT level then are they really an Age Group Swimmer (same hold true for 14 & U swimmers who go to Junior Nationals or Senior Nationals)?

o   The general feeling among those in attendance is that the current proposal needs a little more work and clarification.

§  Motion that the Age Group Coach of the Year be selected from applications received by June 18. The nomination form should list achievements of 14 & under athletes who train under the coaches direct supervision listed as the coach sees fit. The Coach would be selected from nominees received as in previous years, seconded and approved.

·         Calendar/Club Meets –

o   September 1, 2011-December 31, 2011 (last chance)

§  Oct 1-9, RMSC Kick off Invite, MLK

§  Oct 8-9 MSSC, All Free Meet Fairland

§  Oct 15-16, SDS, Charity Meet, South Run  Cancelled as per Peter Karl

§  Oct 21-23, SNOW, Pumpkin Invite, Claude Moore

·         The CUBU invite is also on the PVS schedule at the same pool, but we have confirmation from Claude Moore that SNOW the pool.  [CUBU has requested this meet be taken off the schedule.]

§  Oct 22-23, YORK, Halloween Mini Meet, Maderia

§  Oct 29-30, SDS, Monster Mash Invite, South Run

§  Nov 4-6, RMSC, November Invite, MLK

§  Nov 12-13, RMSC, National Age Group, Germantown

§  Nov 12-13, DCPR, November Distance Meet, Takoma

§  Nov 13, YORK, Friendship Mini Meet, Maderia

§  Nov 18-20, SDS, Swim & Rock, Oak Marr

§  Nov 20, SDS, Go the Distance, Oak Marr

§  Dec  3-4, YORK, Reindeer Mini , Providence

§  Dec 3-4, MAKO, Holiday Invite, GMU

o   Motion to endorse the above meets and recommend to the Board that they receive a sanction for the time period of September 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, seconded and approved.


o   January 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012 (2nd chance)

§  Jan 7-8, MAKO, Winter Invite, GMU

§  Jan 7-8, SDS, Polar Bear 14 & U Invite, South Run

§  Jan 14-15, MSSC, Winter Senior Meet, Fairland

§  Jan 29, RMSC, Frosty Pentathlon, Germantown

§  Feb 4, SNOW, February Qualifier, Claude Moore

§  Feb 18-19, RMSC, Gender Blender, MAC

§  Feb 19, YORK, Friendship Mini #2, Madeira

§  Mar 10-11, RMSC, Mini Champs, Olney

§  Mar 23-25, RMSC, Spring Finale, Germantown

§  Mar 23-25, MSSC, Spring Finale, Fairland

§  Mar 23-25, YORK, March Madness, Oak Marr

§  Mar 24-25, MAKO, Spring Invite, GMU pulled it because 2012 Sectionals may be held this weekend at GMU. [After the meeting MAKO confirmed that their meet can be held at GMU on March 31-April 1]

§  Mar31-Apr 1, MAKO, Spring Invite, GMU

o   Motion to recommend adding MLK as a fourth site to the PVS January Open and award RMSC as the meet host, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to endorse the above meets and recommend to the Board that they receive a sanction for the time period of January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012, seconded and approved.


o   April 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012 (1st chance)

§  Apr 28-29, SDS, Spring Sprint Plus Invite, South Run

§  May 4, SNOW, SC Spring Classic, Claude Moore

§  May 5-6, SNOW, LC Spring Classic, Claude Moore

§  May 4-6, RMSC, LC Spring Invitational, MAC

§  Jun 1-3, SNOW, LC Spring Invite, Claude Moore

o   Motion to endorse the above meets and recommend to the Board that they receive a sanction for the time period of April 1, 2012 through August 31, 2012, seconded and approved.

·         LC Zone staff selection –The following PVS coaches have been nominated to be assistant coaches for the 2011 PVS LC Age Group Zone Team; Marye Carter-CUBU, Nathan Meadows-TIBU, Scott Bryant-PM, Tony Murray-FAST, David Hall-CUBU, Matt Pelletier-FISH and Becca Brofft-SDS.

o   Motion to endorse the acceptance of Marye Carter, Nathan Meadows, Scott Bryant, Tony Murray, David Hall, Matt Pelletier and Becca Brofft as assistant coaches for the 2011 PVS LC Age Group Zone Team, seconded and approved.

·         Reports

o   Sr. Chair

§  The combining of Short Course Senior and Junior Champs into two meets which operated in the same pool at the same time was ultimately very successful. Several key officials stepped up, ironed out the meet announcement and made sure they could combine the two different meets into one for finals. Brian Pawlowicz, the meet director did a great job coordinating the two meets. By combining the two meets into one, we were able to eliminate a pool rental. Our intention will be to run both the 2012 SC Junior and Senior Championships in the same fashion.

o   AG Report – In an attempt to make the 2011 JO meet a little smaller and therefore more manageable,  59 of the qualifying time were faster than in 2010; however the end result was a meet roughly the same size. Paris Jacobs, meet director, reported that while the meet was still large it ran smoother than in the past. There are several ideas and thought on how to continue to run a high quality meet for our age group swimmers yet decrease the actual number of swimmers in the meet.

§  In addition the LC AG cuts for the upcoming 2011 LC Age Group Championship meet have also been adjusted. Of the 39 events with qualifying time changes, 37 of the cuts have gotten faster.

o   Coaches Rep – no report submitted

·         Old Business – no old business to report

·         New Business

o   Meet records for JO’s and Age Group Champs –

§  Manga has suggested that PVS begins recognizing meet records for both our SC and LC Age Group Championship meets. His intention is to go back through all Age Group Championship meets that are on the PVS website and determine the fastest swims. In the case when the meet was swum single age, he will take the fastest time from the combined age groups.

·         Motion to establish meet records for PVS 14 & Under Junior Olympics and PVS LC Age Group Championships by going back through all meets on the PVS website, then to continue to maintain the records from that time forward, seconded and  approved.

o   Revision of JO qualifying standard process – At the last CCM it was advised that any proposal for any championship meet, include an impact statement on how the changes would impact the other PVS Championship meets. It is also important to be aware of the financial impact and that adding another pool is not always a possibility. There were several proposals presented and while we do need to look at them, there is more work to be done before any decisions can be made.

o   Several proposals were submitted, however none of them included how the changes would impact the other PVS Championship meets. While no proposal was voted upon, there was discussion of the proposals that had been submitted prior to the meeting.

§  See proposal 1

§  See proposal 2

§  See written response to proposal

§  32 second place time as the cut for AG

·         This would cut the number of 11-12, 9-10 athletes in half.

§  Last year the several members of the PVS Board were given the task to create a Junior and Senior Champ meet that were equal in size and that would reduce the size of 18 & Under Champ. And this was accomplished.

·         Information was given about how some of the other LSC’s handle their championship meets.

·         It was suggested that a sub –committee be formed to discuss different ideas how to not only improve the JO meet, but how these changes/improvements would impact and improve the other Championship meets. This committee will be meeting and will come back to the fall Competition Committee with a proposal. 

o   Those who offered to be on the committee: Manga Dalizu, Bill Marlin,  Aaron Dean, Scott Bryant, Emily Felker, Steve Menard, Kent Williams, Shelley Geskar and Nathan Meadows

·         However this committee needs a clear cut mission on what they are trying to accomplish. The body was asked to send their thoughts and ideas to the PVS Administrator so they can be passed on to the committee.

·         Proposal to keep the format for all Short Course Championship meets the same in 2012, as they were in 2011 with the only exception to be time standard adjustments as deemed necessary by the Age Group and Senior Chair; until the sub-committee can conduct an investigation as to how to better these meets and present a proposal at the Fall Competition Committee Meeting, seconded and approved.

o   First a philosophy needs to be established.

o    What do the Officials think? They are on the deck too and will be significantly impacted as well.

o   There are some of the opinion that the meets are good as they are and may only need to be tweaked.

·         Many feel that the warm up time for both the PVS SC Junior and Senior Champs is too early, especially for those athletes who compete in finals the night before.

o   Motion to move the start time of the PVS SC Junior/Senior Championships to 9:00 am, as long at the timelines allow for there to be sufficient time in between prelims and finals, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to look at start time of the finals sessions and begin earlier based upon the meet manager’s recommendation, as long as there is sufficient time between prelims and finals, seconded and approved.

·         Several members of the body indicated that they would prefer to have the qualification times for all PVS championship meets established and published early in the season, so the athletes know what they are aiming for prior to the competition phase of the season beginning. By using either Sept 1 or Oct 1 as the deadline for publishing the qualification times, can we say if nothing is published then all qualification times will roll back to the previous year’s times?

o   It was noted that while it is advantageous to have the cuts time published early, by waiting until after December and the first round of championship meets are it is easier to determine the cuts and how they times will affect the overall size of the meet.

o   Bill Marlin stated that if he is elected as Senior Chair he will make an effort to have all qualification times published in a more timely manner.

·         Next Meeting – Saturday Sept 24, 10:00am TBD

·         Adjourn, second and approved