Minutes approved at the 2011 May Competition Committee Meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting


6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

January 5, 2011


·         Dinner

·         Attendance – Riley Eaton-PVS, Manga Dalizu-PVS, John Ertter – PVS,  Tim Husson – PVS, Jim Garner-PVS, John Hirschmann-PVS, Paris Jacobs-PVS, Brian Pawlowicz-PVS, Terri Marlin-PVS, Greg York-YORK, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Emily Felker-HACC, Steve Menard-AAC, Blair Piddington-MACH, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Mark Murray-FBST, Jorge Silva-TIBU, Bob Petraites-JFD, Mark Faherty-CUBU, Rick Curl-CUBU, Yuri Sugiyama-CUBU, Tony Murray-FAST, Eric Adams-SNOW, Chris Houtt-MSSC, Aaron Dean-OCCS, David Pursley-FISH, Bill Marlin-PM.

·         Call to Order – the meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

·         Approval of September 2010 CCM minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the September 2010 Competition Committee Meeting, seconded and approved.

·         PVS Board Action Items-

o   PVS Age Group Coach of the Year Award nominations due May 30, 2011. Nomination form will be posted on the PVS website in the next few weeks. Due to further discuss later in the meeting it was decided that a task force will be formed to determine how to better ask for nominations and then elect the Coach of the Year. Nominations forms will be posted once the task force comes to a conclusion.

·         Official’s Committee – Tim Husson, Vice-Chair of the Official’s Committee, made a presentation to the coaches.

o   The Official’s Committee is in partnership with the coaches. PVS is unique in the fact that the PVS Coaches and Officials get a long and work together, this is not the case in many LSCs.

o   Many teams struggle to recruit and maintain officials on their team. The Official’s Committee is willing to help teams recruit new officials by coming to parent meetings and giving presentations. They will also hold officials clinics during team practice. One suggestion is to help maintain officials is to find a good and active Club Officials Chair who can communicate with your team officials. Teams should identify someone and treat them well.  Be sure to thank your Club Officials Chair and your officials often.

o   Need to bring in the PVS Championship meet procedures, such as scratch rules and the order of finals, in line with the way National level championship meets are run. Doing this will benefit both the swimmers and the coach by teaching them the correct rules and procedures at the local level, so when they do go to a National level meet they are accustomed to the policies.

o   It is suggested that a proposal is made to change for order of finals – Tim explained that in PVS, we run our finals heats backwards from everyone else in the country. We would like to reverse this again so that the fastest heat is run last. He also suggests we make a change to the current PVS scratch policy. The PVS Intent to scratch (postpone decision to scratch until last event to decide), is the same as at the National level; however we tend to differ in that if a swimmers puts in an intent to scratch and does not come back then we scratch them, but the National protocol is that they get seeded unless they return and actually scratch.

o   Motion that this body endorses the accurate intent to scratch rule; if a swimmer indicates intent to scratch and does not return, then that swimmer will be seeded into the event, if the swimmer then fails to swim in finals they are barred from the rest of the meet, seconded, approved.

§  The amount of leniency was discussed. It was felt by many in attendance that the meet management and the meet referee should enforce the rule and that coaches must educate their swimmers.

§  Motion, to change the order of finals at all PVS championships meets to C, B, A (fastest heat swum last), seconded and approved.

§  Friendly amendment to include all PVS sanctioned championship meets, seconded, failed.

·         The friendly amendment was discussed, many present felt that clubs should have the flexibility to structured their club meets however they want.

·         The history of the change to A, B, C order was explained;  to try to avoid empty lanes in the A finals.

§  Motions for PVS Senior Championship meet to mirror the USS championship rules (PVS to USA-S) all the way through, including scratching the night before, seconded, failed.

·         PVS Meets January 1, 2012-August 31, 2012 (Proposed dates)

o   January Distance – Jan 7-8

o   January Open – Jan 21-22

o   February Distance – Feb 12

o   18 & U Champs – Feb 17-19

o   Junior Champs – March 8-11

o   Senior Champs – March 8-11

o   14 & U JO’s – March 15-18

o   AG/SR 1 LC – June 10

o   LC Distance – June 17

o   AG/SR 2 LC – June 24

o   LC Junior Champs – July 12-15

o   LC Senior Champs – July 12-15

o   LC Age Group Champs – July 19-22

§  Motion to accept and endorse the following dates for PVS meets for the 2012 calendar, seconded and approved.

·         Teams wishing to bid on hosting PVS meets from Sept 1, 2011-August 2012 must submit a sanction request form completely filled out no later than mid-night Friday January 14, 2011 to be considered. The board will vote on the hosts at the January Board Meeting Monday January 17, 2011.

·         Club Meet bids – All Club meet bids must be submitted to the PVS Administrator, Terri Marlin, by fax or email and must include: a sanction request form, a draft meet announcement with the correct dates, venue (proof of rental agreement preferred) and meet ref name.

o   Club meets for April 1, 2011-August 31, 2011 (final opportunity)

§  MD States – June 3-5, 2011 – RMSC at MAC

§  MACH LC Classic – May 20-22 – MACH (date change) at Takoma

§  Motion to endorse these meets and add them to the current PVS schedule, seconded, approved.

o   Club meets for September 1, 2011-December 31, 2011 (second opportunity)

§   All Free – OCT 8-9 – PEAK at PGS & LC (either the 8th or 9th pending the Redskin schedule)

§  Senior Circuit #1 – Oct 22-23, or Nov 19-20 – PEAK at PGS & LC – date pending Redskin schedule)

§  Turkey Claus – Dec 2-4 – MACH at Takoma

§  Sport Fair  - Dec 8-11 – PM at GMU (pending pool contract)

§  Motion to endorse these meets and add them to the current PVS schedule, seconded, approved.

o   Club meets for January 1, 2012-March 31, 2012 (first opportunity)

§   Snowdude Mini Meet  - 1/21-22 – PM at Mt. Vernon

§  Munchkin Mania – 2/12 – FAST at Fairland

§  Super FISH Bowl  - 2/4-5 – FISH at  Spring Hill

§  14 & U JO Qualifier – 2/11-12 – PM at Cub Run

§  Motion to endorse these meets and add them to the current PVS schedule, seconded, approved.

·         2011 Short Course Team Assistant Coach Elections –

o   Bruce Anderson, HACC; Scott Bryant, PM; David Hall, CUBU; Tony Murray, FAST; Becca Brofft, SDS; Matt Pellitier, FISH.

o   Motion to accept the above list of coaches as assistance Zone Team coaches for the 2011 SC Eastern Zone AG Championships, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to destroy the ballots, seconded and approved.

·         2011 Long Course Team Head and Assistant Head Coach Elections –

o   Since there were no nominations for LC Head and Assistant Head, Steve Menard (Head), Emily Felker (Head Assistant), Nathan Meadows (Head Assistant). Nominations will remain open January 14.

·         Senior Chair report

o   Outstanding swimmer selection process – in Sept we discussed the need to review how the OA are selected. Riley has been in email contact with AG Chair and coaches reps regarding this. Discussion continues, most likely will use Power Point to help determine the recipients.

o   Travel Assistance forms are being revised…for the past many year the person in charge of travel assistance was “handcuff” in terms of her ability of gathering information. The new form will be easier to fill out and we will be able to use technology to help gather any additional needed information. Remember there are rules for reimbursement, please make sure you know the rules and if your swimmer doesn’t completely comply with these rules that you fill out an appeal as to why you believe your swimmer should still receive assistance.

·         Age Group Chair report

o   Out of town teams at the PVS Open Meets –Due to the large size of the recent PVS Open meets concerns have been raised about allowing outside team to enter these meets. What is the general feeling  of the body regarding this issue

§  As a meet manager there are concerns regarding the 4hr time lines.

§  Motion that no teams from outside of LSC  be allowed to attend any of the Open meets (Oct, Nov and Jan Open), seconded, approved. (effective fall 2011)

§   Motion that no teams from outside the LCS be allowed to attend the two LC meets, AG/SR 1 and 2, effective June 2011, seconded, approved.

o   There has been a request from the Delaware Swim Team to attend both Junior and Senior Champs this March since they are the same weekend. Because we have made a change to the format of the two meets and adjusted the time standards, we are unsure as to how well attended these meets will be. Would like to take a straw vote as to whether or not outside teams should be allowed to attend Junior champs (which has historically been a closed to PVS only meet)

§  Several members expressed concerns and would rather see the Junior Champ meet closed.

§  There are financial concerns as well . Historically Junior/Senior Champs meets don’t make too much money.  Since they are PVS meets we can structure the meet how we want, so the MA could be written that PVS entries get first priority.

·         In additional attempts to try to control the timelines and numbers at the PVS Open meets, it has been suggested to remove the 50s of the strokes from the meet lineup. Several years ago the 50s were added to help retain the 13 & Over boys. Motion to eliminate all 50’s of strokes for all 13 & Overs for the PVS Open and AG/SR 1 & 2 meets, seconded, approved.

·         Motion to allow a maximum number of 9 events total, 4 per day for the October Open, 7 event total 3 events per day at the November Open, leave the January Open as is, seconded – after some discussion this motion was withdrawn.

·         Motion to allow a maximum of 8 events total, 4 per day at the October Open and November Open, seconded, approved.

·         Coaches Representatives

o   Yuri – Nothing to report

o   Bill – If anyone is interested in the Open Water 5K 10K Nationals. Qualifications March 1- on USA Swimming and PVS website.

·         Old Business –

o   Travel for Summer Nationals?

o   Coach of the Year criteria – It was asked if there should be any changes as to how the coach of the year is selected. Currently there are not specific criteria, but rather a nomination form to list coach’s accomplishments.

§  Manga and Mark will be a committee and explore ways to get the information out and vote on in May

o   Report on Dolan meet – Meet Manager, Brian Pawlowicz will have something written for the January BOD meeting.  The meet was large with 1826 athletes, 8550 swims (not including finals) and went very well. The tribute to Fran Crippen was very well accepted. HP awards went to both PVS athletes and non-PVS athletes.  The video by Swimming World went over very well. Many PVS records were also set at the meet.

·         New Business

o   Should start looking at a few new things…

§  Senior Coach of the Year (by accomplishment) – we have some great coaches that deserve to be recognized, to include a

§  Motion that we nominate a Senior Coach of the year through a nomination process with an educational stipend within the same time frame at AG, seconded, approved.

·         Endorse to send to the board for consideration

o   After the January board meeting, can a preliminary 2011-2012 preliminary meet schedule, yes that can be done by the webmaster.

o   Scholar Athlete names will be announced and posted soon.

o   Congratulations to RMSC athlete Jack Conger and coach Sue Chen. Jack sent a National Age Group Record in the 200 yd Backstroke at the Tom Dolan Invitational in December.

o   Congratulations to FISH athlete, Jessica Rogers and Coach Matt Pellitier. Jessica set 2 paralympic records in the 100 yd Breaststroke and the 200 yd IM at the November Open.

·         Next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 18, site to be determined.

·         Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.