Draft Minutes until approved at the January CC Meeting


Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

Overlee Community Center

September 24, 2011

Meeting Minutes



·         Attendance – Manga Dalizu - PVS, Bill Marlin - PVS, Jorge Silva – TIBU, Nathan Meadows – TIBU, Steven Menard – AAC, Emily Felker – HACC, Parker Ramsdell – YORK, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Elvin Foreman – ERSC, Brad Bowser – MACH, Eric Adams – SNOW, Mark Faherty – CUBU, Rick Curl – CUBU, Brian Pawlowicz – PVS, Tim Kelly – CUBU, Paris Jacobs – PVS, Greg York – PVS, John Ertter – PVS, Riley Eaton – PVS, Tim Husson – PVS, Dan Jacobs – MACH, Miriam Lynch – PVS, Matt Pelletier – FISH, Scott Bryant – PM, Bob Petraites – JFD, Dave Hardy – FGAC, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Heather Coulson Haddock – MAKO, Peter Karl – SDS, Chris Huott – MSSC, Rob Green – DCPR, Kent Williams – RMSC

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 10:04 by Age Group Chair – Manga Dalizu

·         Approval of May minutes – motion to approve the May Competition Committee meeting minutes, seconded and approved.

·         Tim Husson –

o   Online Meet Entry (OME) -

§  USA Swimming uses an online database call SWIMS, that has all of the swimmers information; such as their name, id and times from sanctioned meets. In addition they have an online meet entry process that utilizes SWIMS that are used regularly for Sectional level through National level meets. Because the information comes from the SWIMS database, it is not necessary to do registration recon or times recon. All of this information automatically shows up and is accurate. This allows for a clean meet database going into the meet and when the meet is over the database is also clean which saves time in uploading results.  

§  PVS has decided to use OME for our PVS Championship meets. This spring we will use it for 2012 PVS Junior and Senior Championship entries. Many teams have used it before when entering other meets such as Sectionals, Junior or Senior Nationals.

§  Currently we are just giving the body a heads up that OME is going to be used. At the January Competition Committee meeting we will go over more specifics and possibly do a short tutorial on how to use the system.

§  One important note for all to keep in mind. The deadline is the deadline there are no late entries. Once OME closes there are no more entries allowed. The entry deadline will be very noticeable on the meet announcement.

o   Stroke change on breaststroke pullout – There has been some confusion regarding the Breaststroke pull out rule and some misinformation as to whether or not officials are making calling this infraction. Tim Husson wanted to speak to the coaches to clarify.

§  Rule (101.2.3)Kick – After the start of each turn a single butterfly kick which must be followed by a breaststroke Kick is permitted during or at the completion of the first arm pull. Following which, all movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement.

·         This is the actual rule and it is and will be called by officials. The arm pull must be started before the swimmer can start the kick.

·         “What is considered before the arm pull?” was asked by the body. The start of the pull is not a finger wiggle, but the initiation (movement) of the hands either in an outwards or downwards motion. If the swimmer were to come off the wall with the hands apart, the official will look for the movement downward or outward before the kick. As in all potential infractions, when in doubt, the call goes to the swimmer.

o   At the recent USA swimming convention, it was discussed that according to FINA rules if a swimmer misses finals, they can pay a fine and swim the remainder of the meet, instead of being barred from their remaining events of the meets, as is current practice. USA Swimming has discussed following the same rule for meets that fall under FINA rules, it is uncertain as to whether or not this an actual rule at this time; however there are very few meets that PVS swimmers/teams will participate in that will be affected by this rule.

·         General Chair –

o   Riley Eaton introduced himself as the newly elected General Chair.

o   Eaton reported that while attending the USA Swimming Convention he went to his first General Chair luncheon. He sat with the GC from the Utah LCS, which consists of the whole state, and has about 3500 athletes. He also sat with Bruce Stratton (USA S President) who is from Snake River (Idaho) LCS. Snake River has about 1,300 athletes. In comparison PVS is the smallest geographic LSC and one of the most heavily populated. At convention we received a report stating that we now have 10,013.

o   PVS is very different and have very different issues then the rest of the country, which was very evident when speaking to representatives from other LSCs.

o   Eaton stated that he has a number of goals for himself and PVS while General Chair. One of his goals is to address some of the unique issues that we experience in PVS and come up with ways we can solve these issues using technology.

o   There are many people in PVS who work hard and have been working hard for years and years even without swimmers still on the deck. At USA Swimming they give out awards (lifetime achievement). Eaton feels that we are very lucky in PVS to have so many dedicated volunteers and wants to make sure that we start recognizing them. 

o   Athlete Protection Training – Over the past several months PVS has been exchanging many, many emails with USA Swimming regarding the new Athlete Protection program. There is a new requirement for all coaches and non-athletes to become members of USA Swimming; a 40 minute video presentation with 10 questions about athlete protection. This training is free and must be completed no later than December 31, 2011.  

§  The initial email said that December 15 is the deadline. The actual deadline is December 31. But if you have a certification that is expired, you cannot get your new card without APT before you can get your new card. New coaches being registered for the first time on your staff, have to do APT by the October 15 deadline and BGS before they can get a card, or even be on deck. One must have a USA-S ID before you can do APT.

§  Non-athletes registrations include coaches and officials. Please remind your officials that they are going to have to take the training as well.

o   At the May HOD meeting we discussed added an Athlete Protection Committee to PVS. Riley will be recommending that the board follows up with information presented at HOD, and we will be working on forming a non-voting APT Committee.

o   If you have questions for your General Chair please feel free to contact Riley.

·         Convention Reports

o   Athletes – per new guidelines, every PVS committee must have at least one athlete member. This is a great way to get your club involved, if you have an athlete that you think would be interested on being on a committee please contact General Chair Riley Eaton or Admin Chair, Paris Jacobs.

o   Senior – see report submitted

o   Age Group –

§  There are a number of educational opportunities for coaches. USA Swimming wants to remind coaches that these opportunities are all around; talk to other coaches from your LSC, other LSCs, go to the USA Swimming website, Clinics, etc.

§  There was a lot of talk about meet size. No one seems to have the answer as to what the ideal size is, but this is being looked at very carefully. They are also looking at the number of swimmers that are in the pool. At this time there are no plans to strictly enforce the number of swimmers allowed in each lane for warm up, but we should all be aware that there are talks to set such a policy in the future.

§  Stressing education process – USA Swimming is stressing that it is the responsibility of the Head Coach/Full time coach to make the effort and take the time to seek out these educational opportunities. USA Swimming is making huge efforts to post educational information for all coaches to take advantage of.

o   Diversity –

§  The role of the Diversity Committee is to implement strategies, plan and carry out activities which include all athletes in our area.

§  Out of the 300,000 athletes registered in USA Swimming only 8% fall into the minority population.

§  According to USA Swimming, PVS is in the forefront of Diversity. We are one of only a few LSC that has been promoting Diversity and has a Diversity Swimming page. PVS has implemented a number of great programs; Water Safety Day and Black Heritage meet just to name a few.

·         The Diversity Committee is looking to make this year’s Water Safety Day a PVS wide event. Miriam is looking for additional help this year and suggests this as a service project for your team members, if you are interested in helping please contact Miriam Lynch.

·         PVS has also been a supporter for the Black Heritage meet in North Carolina, sending swimmers from a number of teams in PVS. This past year the PVS team won the meet. In order to prepare for the meet, the Diversity Committee held a pre meet clinic, which was a huge success.

·         PVS attending the first Eastern Zone Diversity Camp in the Philly area. PVS sent 4 athletes and 2 coaches. From this camp, swimmers can apply for the National Diversity Camp (by using IMX scores and registration forms).

§  Miriam and other Committee members are looking for input from athletes and coaches as to what you want to see the Diversity to do. Contact Miriam if you want more information or want to offer help.

·         Athlete Protection – At the May 2011 HOD meeting, there was a lot of discussion as to whether or not PVS should add an Athlete Protections Chair as a voting member and to establish a committee. The discussion was put on hold until we had more information from USA Swimming. At the recent USA Swimming Convention the House voted down the requirement to add an Athlete Protection Committee as a voting member. However each LSC has the ability to add an AP Committee as a non-voting member if they choose.

o   Greg York, immediate past General Chair and a member of the National Athlete Protection Committee believes that while currently this committee is only looking at issues such as athlete abuse is not going to just stop there, but will start opening looking at other issues such as water temperature etc.

·         Deck Pass/iHigh

§  Deck pass is a new program available from USA Swimming. It enables swimmers to earn virtual patches for achieving various goals in practice and meets. In addition coaches can access the program as well and create their own patches to give out to swimmers based upon criteria they determine. All coaches and teams are encouraged to watch the video on the USA Swimming Website and participate in the program.

§  IHIGH is a webpage that will broadcast your swim meets through a free web cast. (ihigh.com). Meets can be broadcast live and/or archived to show late. All Club meet hosts are invited to view the website and learn more about these exciting new programs.

·         PVS 14 & U Junior Olympics –

o   2012 – The general consensus of the committee is that they want a better venue for our top 14 & U swimmers. However for the 2012 season the facilities have already been reserved and we will be at Fairland. PVS will be looking into other facilities for future meets. Money shouldn’t be a stumbling block for finding alternate facilities.  

§  Fairland installed a UV system over the break. Coaches who practice there so far feel the air quality is better…time will tell. All light bulbs have been replaced and it is very bright.

§  Cuts will be released in the next week or two.

§  There are concerns regarding the cuts; there are members who don’t want to have the cuts so fast that we are eliminating swimmers, yet still want as many swimmers as possible in the meet without being over crowded. A priority is to run a safe met that is not too long.

·         Chances are the meet is going to continue to grow

·         One member is concerned with session length particularly for the 13 & Over swimmers. All members are reminded that any one change will affect other aspects of the meet.  It is a difficult balance to maintain, but the Age Group Chair will work with the Officials and Meet Management to address these issues

·         Bill Marlin commented that he has spoken to GMU and they are willing to look at allowing PVS to put 14 & U JOs there. Keep in mind that this will raise the entry fees.

o   2013 proposal – see posted proposal

§  The proposal call for a Split of the current JO meet, making  the current meet a little smaller, then have a second meet or a “B” JO meet in place of the current 18 & U Champ meet. The “B” JO meet would be a winder meet with both top and bottom cuts.

§  The current 18 & U Champ meet would be moved to the same weekend as AG Zones (last weekend of March/first weekend of April), so the meet would host completely different athletes.

§  Swimmers would be able to qualify for the A meet from the B level meet. As currently proposed the “B” JO meet would be timed finals.

§  First, Second and third from the “B” meet would automatically qualify for the “A” Junior Olympic meet

§  Time finals, no Friday session (except maybe evening only), then do a Saturday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday morning is the proposed format for the “B” meet.

·         How about call the “B” meet “Junior Olympic Trials”.

·         Likes timed finals, need look at what single age group will do to the meet and the athletes will be swimming too many events in too short of a time.

·         JOs will most likely be defined by the facility. If the sessions get too short, breaks will have to be thrown in to allow the swimmers more rest.

§  Single age cut times are being proposed, but the meet will run in the traditional format of 10 &U, 11-12, etc.

§  Try to get back to combines age group sessions (ideally the whole meet all ages) but make the entire session 4 hours, this way everyone can get off the deck for a while and give the pool a break as well.

·         The practice has been to run 4 sessions back to back. Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we should do it. This format is really not in the best interest of the swimmers, coaches or officials.

o   Clarification – for 2012, will we be going back to 2 prelim sessions or stay with the 3 sessions prelim sessions?

§  Many questions were asked regarding the format for both the 2012 and 2013 meets.

§  Motion to discuss first discuss the 2012 JO meet, then discuss 2013, second, approved

o   2012 14 & Under JOs

·         The object is to get the older kids more rest

·         There were many options thrown around Options (ideas) –

·         The Competition Committee has made a commitment for the past several years to have the best meets we can for our kids. Decisions can be made to make changes, but remember any one decision we make for any one meet, with affect other swimmers and other meets.

§  We do need to be careful regarding facility rentals. In Fairfax County we have long standing contracts and if we drop any of our meet weekends, we run the risk of losing them the next year.

§  Motion to move forward with the 2012 JO meet with the goal of holding a two session meet, 11-14 age group session and a 10 & U session, but knowing we may have to go back to a three session meet, second,

§  Amendment to run the 2012 meet as we have run it the past two year; as 3 session prelim meet, giving meet management the ability to change to a 2 session preliminary session if possible, seconded and approved.

·         Is this a realistic goal? Was asked. The Age Group chair said when looking at the data, we believe that yes, it is realistic by making the cut times faster. But we will also have to look at the number of bodies before we will be able to decide for sure.

o   2013 14 & U JO meet –

§  There were several ideas tossed out and briefly discussed.

·         Motion to make the 2013 PVS Championship meet season a 5 meet season, following the proposed schedule; JO “B” level meet – Feb 22-24, 2013, Junior Champs – March 7-10, 2013, Senior Champs – March 7-10, 2013, JO “A” level meet – March 14-17, 2013 and 18 & Under Champs – March 29-31, 2013 (coincide with the Eastern Zone AG meet), and secure facilities understanding that the dates may change do to facility availability.

o   If we are adding meets and facilities, the body must understand that this is going to increase the costs and may affect things such as entry fees.  The body as a whole was agreeable to this fact.

·         Motion to send the discussion of the structure of the meets  back to the committee for them to discuss once the facilities have been secured and then submit a proposal to discuss further at the January CCM, second, approved.

o   Single age group cuts – Motion to create single age group cuts for the JO meets, second

§  Amendment to send it back the committee and to bring forth in January. Second and approve

·         Set PVS Short Course Schedule for the 2012-13 SC Season- see chart (move Oct Open to 19-21)

§  Motion to accept the PVS Open Meets and Distance meets as proposed with change of Oct Open 19-21, seconded, approved.

·         October Open, October 19-21, 2012

·         November Open, November 9-11 2012

·         January Distance, January 5-6, 2013

·         January Open, January 19-20, 2013

·         February Distance, February 10, 2013

·         Meet Schedule

o   January 1 – March 31, 2012 (no meet bids can be accepted from the floor)

§  Jan 14-15 – MACH – Green & Orange Bowl Invite, Madeira

§  Jan 7-8 – AAC – Senior Circuit, WL

§  Feb 11-12 – OCCS – President’s Day Classic, Freedom

§  Feb  - CUBU – Qualifier,

§  Feb 17-19 – DCPR – Black History, Takoma

§  Feb 25-26 – RMSC – February Qualifier, Germantown

§  Feb 25-26 – MACH – 14 & U JO Qualifier, Madeira

§  Feb 18-19 – AAC – Winter Gator meet, WL

·         Motion to accept the meets from January 1-March 31, 2012 and send to the board as recommendations to add to the PVS meet Schedule, seconded and approve.

o   April 1 – August 31, 2012

§  Apr 27-29 – MACH – Machine LC Classic, Takoma

§  May 5-6 – MSSC – Early Bird Invite, Fairland

·         Motion to accept the meets from April 1-August 31, 2012 and send to the board as recommendations to add to the PVS meet Schedule, seconded and approve.

·         Outstanding Athletes – All age groups and gender received at least one nomination, except for the 9 year old boys, where no nominations were made. See 10-11 Outstanding Athlete Winners

o    Motion to look at the highest ranking 9 year old boy in the IMX ranking and accept him as the OA for that age group, seconded and approved.

§  9 year old female:            Sofie Davis                          Maddie Donohoe

§  9 year old male: to be determined

§  10 year old female:         Sinead Eksteen

§  10 year old male:              Timmy Ellett                       Sanjay Wijesekera

§  11 year old female:         Isabella Rongione

§  11 year old male:              Alex Vissering

§  12 year old female:         Megan Byrnes

§  12 year old male:              Devin Truong

§  13 year old female:         Katie Ledecky

§  13 year old male:              Carsten Vissering

§  14 year old female:         Sophia Revilak

§  14 year old male:              Andrew Seliskar

§  15 year old female:         Janet Hu

§  15 year old male:              Paul O’Hara

§  16 year old female:         Helen Moffitt

§  16 year old male:              Jack Conger

§  17 year old female:         Sarah Haase

§  17 year old male:              Garrett Powell

§  18 year old female:         Kaitlin Pawlowicz

§  18 year old male:              Chuck Katis

§  Open female:                    Ellyn Baumgardner

§  Open male:                        Matt McLean

o   Motion to destroy ballots, seconded and approved

·         PVS Distance Award – winners were announced      

·         Disability – Have not received any nominations at this time.

·         Zones

o   LC Zone report

§  PVS won, first time any LSC to win four straight titles, 2 records set.

o   Spring Zone selection process –

§  Motion to accept the following selection process for the 2011 Spring Zone team: The top three 12 & Under with times from Sept 1, 2011 through the conclusion for 2012 JOS, The top two 13-14 year olds with times from Sept 1, 2011 through the conclusion of 2012 JOs, The two 15-18 year olds with times from Sept 1, 2011 through the conclusion of 2012 Junior/Senior Champs

o   Spring Zone Head Coach/Assistant Head Coach elections (Steve Menard – head, Emily Felker – assistant coach)

§  Motion to accept Steve Menard as head coach and Emily Felker as assistant head coach by acclimation, seconded and approved.

·         Travel – see report submitted: 4 motions approved

o   2011 Junior/Senior Nationals – December 2011:

§  4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets from April 1, 2011-entry deadline, no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS meet which is swum in Nationals for which travel assistance is being requested. No Double Dipping.

§  Funding $250 per swimmer for Junior National with a total cap of $8,000

§  Funding $450 per swimmer for Senior Nationals with a total cap of $11,700

§  No Double Dipping

o   2012 Olympic Trials/2012 Paralympics Trials - June 2012:

§  6 swims in at least 2 PVS sanctioned meets after 9/1/11 and prior to the entry deadline with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet for which travel assistance is being requested.

§  No Double Dipping

§  Funding $600 per athlete for Paralympic Trials with a cap of $1200

§  Funding $800 per athlete for Olympic Trials with no cap

§  Time Trials to qualify in calculating required swims

o   2012 US Open - August 2012 (taking the place of Sr Nationals):

§  4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets after April 1, 2012 through entry due date, with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet

§  No Double Dipping

§  Funding at $250 per athlete with a cap of $3750

o   2012 LC Junior Nationals – August 2012:

§  4 swims in PVS sanctioned meets after April 1, 2012 through entry due date, with no requirement to swim the individual event in a PVS sanctioned meet

§  No Double Dipping

§  Funding at $250 per athlete with a cap of $10,000 (NOTE: the $10,000 was a amendment, the original proposed amount was $7500, but the CC body voted to increase it to $10,000)

·         Objectives to PVS Age Group Program – see Age Group Goals and Objective handout.

o    Motion that we adopt this as the goals and objections, seconded; amendment to bring back to body in January, second and approved.

·         Old Business

o   Propose the warm-up/start time for senior champs – It was noted that this couldn’t be voted again because the board voted this down because the board didn’t feel it was a good idea that the board form a policy of the start time for warm up and events. It is suggested that this become a recommendation to send forth to the Senior Chair and Meet Manager.

§  Suggestion that we use the end time of the prelim session as the recommendation starting point and then allow the meet manager and senior chair determine the start time. 

·         New Business –

o   Junior/Senior Champs – 2 heats of each at finals

§  Motion to have only one heat of Junior champs, and 3 heats of senior champs at the 2012 PVS Junior/Senior Championship meet, second, approved

o   Recommendation – looking at warm up for our Distance opportunities – in many cases there is only 40 min of warm up time and any athlete in the first heat has a hard time getting in a full warm up, rest and change suits (if necessary). It would be good to see a full hour of warm up. For Championship meets would like to see more time, would like to see 1hour 15 min.

§  Motion for PVS Distance meet and Championship evening warm up where distance is the first event to give an hour of warm up (Thursday), seconded and approved.

o   Outstanding Athlete – Proposal to establish a standardized form, have it available for discussion at the January meeting , seconded and approved.

o   Transfer forms  are now online.

·         Date for winter meeting (Wed Jan 4)

·         Adjourn