Minutes were approved at the Fall 2013 CCM.

Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

Overlee Community Center

May 15, 2013



·         Attendance – Bill Marlin, Manga Dalizu, Bob Walker-ASA, Douglas Carring – DC Wave, Tim Husson – PVS, Dave Crocker-RMSC, Derek Young- AAC, Steve Menard-AAC, Emily Menard-PVS, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Carrie Tupper-UMD, Brian Pawlowicz-NCAP, Parker Ramsdell-YORK, Kate Johnson-PAC, Cherlynn Venit-PAC, Art Davis-PVS, Aaron Dean-OCCS, Evan Stiles-AAC, Chris Huott-MSSC, Timothy DeLucia-PGPR, Luke Trafton-SNOW, Mike Clark-CSC, Heather Purk-LMAC, Jim Garner-PVS, John Ertter-PVS, Tom Ugast-NCAP, Paris Jacobs-PVS, Josh Travis-MACH, Elvin Foreman-ERSC, Merari Chollette-PVS, Heather Haddcok-MAKO, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Mike Kraeuter-BWST, Scott Bryant-PVS

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Sr. Chair Bill Marlin at 7:00 pm

·         Approval of January minutes – Motion to approve the Meeting minutes from the January 2013 CCM, seconded and approved.

·         Reports from Board Members:

o   Sr. Chair –

§   Items from Eastern Zone Meeting

·         The Swimming Hall of Fame may be moving from Ft. Lauderdale to Santa Clara; however they are trying to stay in Florida.

·         Tech Planning meeting at the EZ Conference

o   Because of the number of athletes at the Southern Sectional meet, that there are enough athletes in the Zone to support two Short Course Sectional Meets and 1 Long Course Sectional Meet.

o   SC Southern – March 20-24, in Christiansburg – Closed meet

o   SC Northern – March 20-24, in Ithica – Closed meet

o   LC Sectional – March 27-30, most likely in Buffalo (after the Eastern Zone meeting the group in Buffalo indicated they were interested in hosting the meet again.

o   SC Zone meet  will be at Webster College, March 27-29, 2014

o   On even numbered years, the Sectional meets will run the Olympic Distance events on the first day of the meet. On the odd numbered years they will be held on the traditional day (last day of the meet)

o   Zone Meet – AG Team Champions, approved that there will be a 9-10 Team Champ, 11-12 Team Champ, 13-14 Team Champ and 15 & O Team Champ. Those team Champions will also receive the pin, but no banners will be presented.

o   The Athlete Protection course is now active and online. Please send it out to your clubs and athletes. There will now be an athlete code of conduct for the athletes.

§   USA Age Group Development Committee – Bill Marlin reported they are in the process of updating the current documents that outline the progressions for age group development. He will continue to keep the LSC updated this information.

§  The Arena Carbon fiber suits, will be legal up through June 2, after that date all suits must conform to the suits on the FINA list.

§  IMX Update – USA Swimming has agreed to continue funding for the North East IMX meet. It will again be held at the University of Maryland at the end of January. There will also be another IMX meet in Atlanta also in January. So teams will now have a choice as to which meet they want to attend. Both meets are open.

o   Age Group Chair – Manga Dalizu

§  The 400 free Zone cuts have been updated.

o   General Chair – Riley Eaton

§  Reminder to everyone that the PVS Annual House of Delegates Meeting is next Wed. It is the place where club are able to examine our budget and have a voice in how this LSC is run.  All clubs have the same number of votes, everyone has a voice. If you have a concern, idea, comment, questions; HOD is a great place to be and how you can learn more about the LSC. If you have budget questions, this is the place to ask. There are 11,000 plus athletes in PVS. This causes a huge logistical concern for training, competitions, etc. We need club input! We will also be electing our officers for this next cycle (GC, Treasurer, Diversity and Sr. Chair).

§  Safe Sport – Greg and Riley will be attending the Safe Sport conference at the end of June. There will be 40 LSCs represented in Dallas. Part of it is training for our safe sport officers and will be looking at new legislation that is coming out. Greg is also on the National Safe Sport Committee, which helps us continue to be a step above. If you have any questions regarding Safe Sport, please contact Greg.

o   Executive Director – Budget Issues

§  A one page summary of the budget has been handed out, this budget will be presented at HOD next week. It is also posted on the PVS website. We are expecting to end the year with a $73,000 surplus due to increase in registration, meet fees, entry fees, and our Mutual Funds have done well. We also saved money in a number of ways this year (under spent on Swimposium and Zones).

§  Why do we need a surplus of this amount, the board has a target of 75% - 125%of the annual operating budget to have on hand as cash. This year we will be at about 79% reserve.

§  The full budget information is posted, please come to HOD to vote on the Budget

§  All PVS fees have remained the same as this year.

o   Admin Chair – USA Swimming / Eastern Zone Issues

§  The PVS By-laws have been submitted to USA Swimming and there are a few changes to be made before they are accepted.

§  USA Swimming membership dues increase, the $1 increase expires next year. There is a proposal to begin a $2 increase each year for the next 10 years. While it appears to be a lot, it is actually only 4% of our total budget.

§  For athletes on the National Committees, USA S is starting to consider requiring a parent to attend with the athlete.

§  The Breaststroke rule will be going before FINA again. If it passes it will go into effect in September.

§  It was announced that all US Master coaches must be registered with US Masters as of July 1. They can no longer only be USA Swimming registered they must be registered with US Masters.

§  There is a proposal going before the USA S HoD in September to remove the Board of Review from the LSC to the Zone level.

o   Coaches Reps – Emily / Scott – no report submitted.

o   Officials – Tim Husson

§  Second year using OME for our Senior/Junior Champ meets. It is working very well. At the start of the SC Champs, the database was 100% clean. This spring we implemented the National scratch policy and seeding rule. It worked well for it being the first time. Many coaches had a good education on it. Will be doing it again this summer.

§  Come to an Official’s clinic, or send coaches. Even if you don’t, then get the videos from USA Swimming. This is a great resource that is made available to all clubs.

§  All sessions will require a certified Administrative Official effective September 1. The duties are listed in Article 102.14. This person is not required to be a Referee, but is required to be formally trained by the LSC. The Administrative Official may not serve as Deck Referee, Starter, Chief Judge or Stroke & Turn Judge during the session. PVS has started certifying this position and will hold the first clinic next week. PVS requirements to start the certification process are that the person must be at least 21, registered with USA Swimming and a certified Hy-Tek operator for at least one year. This information has already been sent to Club Official Chairs.

o   Strategic Planning – Jim Garner

§  One page handout, required for HOD, the population for VA and MD, has remained steady. PG County is way down in numbers. Fairfax and Montgomery county numbers are similar. Loudoun and Prince William (3rd & 4th  most population swimmer from them) outside of PVS.

o   Diversity / Inclusion – Merari  Chollette

§  As a reminder to everyone, PVS has an outreach program within the Diversity/Inclusion program. There may be a number of kids in your area that want to swim but can’t because they are economically disadvantages. There are opportunities and all clubs may take advantage of the $5 registration fees for these athletes.

§  Merari indicated that she just attended a meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss International Water Safety Day. She would like to see PVS become more active in the water safety programs to help prevent children from drowning.

§  An email will go out for a Diversity summit, to go to Boston for a meeting. Two Athletes will be chosen through an application process. The PVS Diversity budget, will help cover the costs.

o   Nomination Committee – Art Davis

§  A report will be posted once edited.

§  Please come to HOD. We only meet once per year. This is an important time for all members of PVS. There are also elections which are important.

§  Candidates, every position has at least one person running. There can be nominations from the floor.  Boots and Linda will be counting.

§  BOR, there is a proposal to increase the number of BOR members from 9-14 (recommended number) and to increase the number of athletes on the BoR.

·         Election of LC Zones Assistant Coaching Staff – Scott Bryant was elected as the Head Coach for the LC Zone team. Josh Travis has been appointed as the Head Assistant Coach, approved by acclimation.

o   Marye Carter-NCAP, Meghan Thiel-NCAP, Chris Schielgal-ASA, Ethan Gerlach-MSSC, Derek Young-AAC, Matt Pelletier-FISH and one more to be appointed, have been elected at Assistance Coaches, and approved by acclimation.

·         Zones Report – Emily Menard / Derek Young

o   It was a great trip. PVS was second place to Mid-Atlantic, who had great 9-10 year olds. However our little guys swam great too. The swimmers were really well behaved and it was a great trip.

o   This summer’s Zones will be in Richmond.

·         Continuing education report, Elvin Foreman – On April 27-29, Elvin attended a seminar about Coach Owned Clubs and discussed the advantages and disadvantages to owning their own clubs. All three teams that presented were successful, but these teams all owned their own pools. He learned a lot, and is willing to share any information he learned.

·         Establish the 2014 PVS LC Competition Schedule

o   Distance Meet –

§  We do a disservice to our distance athletes in the LC meets/summer. We need to make sure whatever pool this meet goes into for next year is reliable so we can ensure that we are going to be able to offer these events. Yes, it is hard to afford and to find a LC pool for this meet.

§  The past two years, it was at Wilson. In June 2012 it was requested again. Found out just a few weeks ago that the permit was denied. It wasn’t and never has been about the money. It is simply hard to find a LC pool. Through a comedy errors, it was hard to nail down when Fairland was available for this year. We already have a firm commitment for June 2014 for a two day meet.

§  For JO’s if an athletes is already qualified for one of the Distance events, they will be granted the second event at Long Course AG Champs.

§  In looking towards the 2014 Schedule do we want the June LC Distance meet to continue to be a two day format or switch it to a one day format? According to the straw poll, the body would like to continue with the two day format.

·         Motion to accept the proposed dates for the 2014 LC Meets, seconded and approved. See attached calendar for dates

o   There was a concern raised regarding the placements of the LC AG Championship meets and the conflict with summer league meets particularly in Maryland.

·         Last Chance for Sept – Dec. 2013 – See calendar for dates of club meet bids

o   Motion to approve the above club meet bids for September 1-December 31, 2015, seconded and approved.

o   [SDS pointed out that their Swim and Rock meet was accidently left out of the bidding process; the Executive Competition Committee has agreed to add them onto the fall calendar.]

·         First Chance for January – March 2014 – See calendar for dates of club meet bids

o   There are two meets requested to be on the schedule the same weekend as 18 & U Champs. Clubs were asked to look at alternative dates.

o   Tim commented that he is concerned about being able to staff two mini meets the same weekend and being able to staff PVS Junior and Senior Championships.

o   Motion to approve the schedule as proposed for January 1-March 31, 2014, seconded and approved (1 opposed)

·         Old Business – No old business

·         New Business

o   Club development – the current trend is that we are keeping our athletes longer. USA Swimming now has the ability to track the swimmer’s times and will be able to track swimmers as they move through the sport and will be able to identify what clubs they are with and will try to be able to see what these clubs are doing to keep their swimmers. USA-S then plans to share this information with all LSCs so everyone will have better retention rates across the board.

o   It was asked; how do we (officials) know if the Arena suit is illegal? Basically the coaches will have to be the ones to notify the Officials if they notice a suit is out of compliance.

o   Manga –

§  1)  8&U swimming in PVS

§   2) 2nd pool for JO’s – See the sheet from Manga – discussion items for this meeting (brainstorming).

·         Splitting the number of coaches is a concern.

·         Used to do it years ago at the “old JO” meet.

·         There was a concern that the cuts become too soft for the 10 & U, and then they will be shocked when they turn 11-12 and the cuts are that much more difficult.

·         If we continue to grow, we are soon going to be faced with too many swimmers, but not enough time or pools.

·         How would the LSC be split? Maybe do a northern prelim and a southern prelim, then combine for finals?

§   3) PVS Open Meets – see information from Manga – For each meet we are trying to balance number of athletes, splashes and timelines.

·         The Open meets are used to fund the larger Championship meets. The income PVS makes on the Open meets helps to cover the fees for Championship meets. (financial impact)

·         Currently each site of the each meet have the same sanction because it is one meet, just held at different facilities. Is there a way to give each site a separate sanction?

·         Want to put this out there to get ideas flowing.

o   Mike Kraeuter - Championship Meet Scoring – hand out from Mike Kraeuter, will revisit at the fall Competition Committee Meeting.

§  Other LSCs score their Championship meets by small, medium and large teams, to add excitement, especially for the smaller team.

§  Can we get information on the size of teams and how many we have of each team size.

o   Bill – Get college athletes registered now for all LC meets. If you are going to submit for travel, make sure the swimmers are registered and have participated in enough PVS events.

·         Date for fall meeting (Saturday Sept 28 or Wednesday Oct 2)

·         Adjourn