Minutes approved at the Winter CCM in January 2014

Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

University of Maryland

Eppley Recreation Center

September 28, 2013


·         Attendance – Manga Dalizu – PVS, Timothy DeLucia – PGPR, Robert Davis – FAST, Luke Trafton – SNOW, Eriko Mitsuya – FISH, Heather Haddock – MAKO, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Emily Menard – HACC, Kate Johnson – PAC, John Venit – PAC, Dave Crocker – RMSC, Kent Williams – RMSC, Dan Jacobs – MACH, Paris Jacobs – PVS, Carrie Tupper – UMAC, Greg York – YORK, Rob Green – DCPR, Christopher Huott – MSSC, Elvin Foreman – ERSC, Merari Chollette – ERSC, Scott Bryant – LCL, Steve Menard – AAC, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Robbie Robins – NCAP, Rob Washburn – NCAP, Mike Clark – CSC, Mark Murray – FBST, Brian Pawlowicz – NCAP, Kurt Thiel – NCAP, Robert Walker – ASA, Denise Adams – ASA, Jim Garner – PVS, Tim Husson – PVS, Derek Young – AAC, Tom Ugast – NCAP, Rory Lewis – SDS, Brad Bowser - PVS

·         Call to Order – The Fall Competition Committee Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by PVS Age Group Chair, Manga Dalizu

·         Approval of Spring Competition Committee Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve Meeting Minutes from the spring CCM minutes, seconded and approved.

·         Tim Husson, Meet Procedures –

o   4 hour rule – Dan McAllen, USA Swimming Rules and Regulation Chair, recently sent updated wording/interpretation regarding the 4-hour rule. This explanation has been added to the PVS website. Fortunately in PVS we have been doing a good job following this rule. It was also noted that the 4-hour rule does not apply to Open Water events.

o   Rule changes – USA Swimming just sent out all the new rules that were just voted on at the USA Swimming Convention.

§  Backstroke - No rule change, only the words have changed to help with the interpretation of the rule. No other changes were made.

§  Breaststroke and Butterfly - FINA has added the word “separated” to how the stroke is finished. It really is more of an interpretation than an actual change; however all coaches and swimmers need to be aware of this change. By the rule change the hands (on the finish) must be separated. They can be touching, but not overlapping. If the swimmer’s hands are overlapping they will be disqualified.

·         The anticipated change in the breaststroke rule that has been previously been discussed was defeated, so there are no additional changes to the breaststroke.  

§  USA Swimming is not adopting the 31 degree C maximum temperature for Open Water that FINA has approved.  For USA S Open Water Events the maximum is 28 degrees C, but if a meet director want to increase the maximum they can.

o   Positive Check in vs Scratch – For all of our Senior Championship meets, this body had previously voted to follow the National protocol regarding the use of a scratch box vs positive check in. At the 2013 Spring SC Meets this new policy worked very well; however during the 2013 LC Senior Champs it was much more challenging and there were far more no shows and late DFS.  

o   Warm up Policies – As per PVS policies there is no equipment allowed during warm ups at swim meets (kickboards, pull buoy, etc). During Champs there was an issue and the meet referee was unsure how to handle this issue. Tim will make sure all Referees are aware of this policy and no how to address it in the future.

o   400 Events - Currently, the PVS policy says if there are more than 4 heats of a 400 event, then the top 4 heats will swim for the females and males, followed by the rest of the heats. During the SC meet there were five heats and all coaches at the meet agreed not to flight the events. At the LC meets there was some confusion due to the increased number of heats.

§  Tim Husson would like to recommend that if there are less than 6 heats run as usual, if more than 6, flight as per the policy. The Meet Announcement must match the policy. The body will have make a decision if they want to change this policy or not.  

o   Administrative Officials – As of Sept 1, every meet must have an Administrative Official at the meet. All PVS Referees are already certified and additional trainings have begun.

·         Action Items 1 – Manga has asked that all of the following items be voted on in one package, unless there is an item that a member of the committee would like to pull for discussion.

o   It was requested that the proposed 2014-2015 PVS SC Schedule be pulled for discussion. The rest of the items were all voted on in one block.

o   Motion to approve Derek Young as the Head Coach for the 2014 SC Zones Team by acclimation, seconded and approved.

o   Ballots were handed out to vote on the assistant Head Coach, Steve Menard won the vote. Motion to accept Steve Menard as the Assistant Head Coach for the 2014 SC Zone Team, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept the additional Club Meet bids added to the 2013-2014 Meet Schedule for January 1-March 31, 2014, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept the club bid meets added to the 2013-2014 Meet Schedule for April 1-August 31, 2014, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept the selection process for the 2014 SC Zone team as proposed which follows the same policy as in 2013, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept the 2013-2014 Travel Requirements as proposed which follow the same policy as in 2012-2013, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to accept the proposed 2014-2015 PVS SC Meet Schedule, seconded

§  At Convention it was voted on at HOD that the LC Sectional meet must be concluded 8-22 dates prior to the entry due dates for Junior Nationals. This change will affect the meet schedule in the Eastern Zone and therefore in Potomac Valley. There is a concern that now having 4 spring meets will affect the PVS Spring Championship meet Schedule.

§  There were additional concern as to how moving the dates up a week would impact the HS Season in both Virginia and Maryland.

·         It was noted that PVS may be coming to an impasse with how we are able to support both HS and summer league swimming in this area. It was noted that both HS and summer swimming are important feeder programs for PVS and that we have tried for years to compromise and work the PVS schedule so that our athletes can be part of all aspects of swimming in this area. However the tide is changing and the competition schedule is becoming more and more difficult to fit in all of the meets without conflict.

§  At this time it is uncertain exactly what the effects will be on the PVS Schedule the proposed date for the championship dates (March 12-15 for JR/SR Champs and March 19-22 for JOs) so it was suggested that both meets be moved up one week to March 5-8 for JR/SR Champs and March 13-15 for Jos.

§  The first motion to accept the proposed dates was withdrawn.

§  Motion to accept the 2014-2015 SC PVS meet schedule using the alternate dates for the SC Championship meets, seconded and approved. Motion was then approved.

·         Summer Champs Recap

o   Senior Champs-

§  Seeding 400 IM/400 Free – For SC Senior Champs the cuts for the 400 M events were changed in order to help elevate the high entry numbers which worked; however there were still too many heats during the LC Senior Champs meet.  

·         Motion to accept the previous recommendation to use the follow policy in regards to the 400M events at SC and LC Senior Champs; If there are six or less heats to run the in “traditional” order, but if there are 7 or more heats to run the fast 4 heats of females followed by the fastest 4 heats of males, then the remaining heats alternating females and males, seconded and approved.

§  LC Senior Champs – it was noted that there were an unusual large number of Declared False starts and no shows at the last minute/morning of the event.

·         Brian Pawlowicz, LC Senior Champs Meet Director, commented that he would prefer that we go back to positive check in for the Summer LC meets.

·         Previously this body voted to have the PVS SC and LC Senior Championship meets to follow National protocol and run with the scratch box instead of positive check in.

·         There was no indication that a change is necessary to switch away from the National protocol.

o   Junior Champs

§  Check in procedures – For summer 2013 Junior Champs the meet was all positive check in and it worked well. Is this how we want to continue to use it? The body indicated that yes, they preferred to keep Junior Champs as an all positive check in meet.  

o   Age Group Champs – The meet ran well and being at UMD this past year was a much better option than at Fairland. However PVS is still growing. Age Group Chair, Manga Dalizu, reported that he has done some research into splitting the preliminary session into two pool and then to come together for Finals. This would give the 10 & U swimmers more time to rest before finals and would easy the congestion on the pool deck, and could potentially allow PVS to keep the cuts from becoming too selective. The pros and cons of running the meet in this format were noted.

§  Manga has already talked to Oliver at Fairland and he was open to the idea.

§  There was a question asked about the financial impact of renting two pools for prelims. Paris spoke to this and indicated that there have been additional discussions regard the finances and due to the previous entry fee increases that PVS would be able to afford this change without any additional impact on the families.

§  There were concerns regarding coaches having to split between two pools and that some of their athletes would have to be with different coaches for their championship meet. If we are trying to do what is in the best interest of the athletes, how is having coaches spit in the swimmer’s best interest?

§  What about running a timed finals session mid-day and have just the faster cuts Prelim/finals? There wasn’t much support for this idea.

§  In addition to splitting the coaches, there was also a concern on the impact on families with multiple kids in different age group and that they would now be split as well.  

§  It was noted that we keep making our cuts faster and faster and still the swimmers are getting faster. So let’s stick with one meet, one session and keep the cuts faster.

§  Motion to remain with the 14 & U JO’s meet as it and make cuts faster, seconded and approved.

o   LC Senior Champs – Motion to rearrange the event order of the JR/Sr Champs, so that it mirrors the AG Champs. This would make Saturday the short day, so they can avoid conflicts with summer league, seconded and defeated.

§  The reason behind it is to help elevate the stress of summer league conflicts

§  We are still unaware of how the new USA swimming rule regarding Sectionals is going to affect the PVS Championship meets and how this will affect the summer league meets.

§  It was noted that we are PVS/ USA Swimming and our priority is USA Swimming. We know this is going to be a head on collision with summer league and we have tried for years to work with summer schedules so that swimmers are able to do both. However in most parts of the country LSC’s do not plan around summer swimming and maybe it is time that PVS start making PVS a priority. It will be a major culture change for this area.

§  Someone has to drive the ship regarding the cultural change.

§  This major shift in philosophy will also include educating the summer league coaches and parents.

§  Has anyone sat down with the Officials to express our concerns regarding conflicts between summer league and PVS. This would mean going back to the league boards and talking with them. It was indicated that there have been some discussions in the past.

o   Motion to return to scoring Junior and Senior Champs, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to add in the change of the score procedures with small, medium and large teams, Motion to table until the Winter CCM, seconded and approved.

·         Other Old Business – none to report

·         New Business

o   2013 Scholar Athlete Applications due Sept 30

o   Club Portals

§  The use of USA Swimming Club Portals is being pushed more and more by USA Swimming. Athlete membership cards are no longer coming from PVS, they are coming from USA Swimming, we are anticipating there to be a back-log. But into or deck enter a meet, there must be proof that our swimmer is registered. The club portal is an accepted proof of registration. There are multiple was of using the portal for proof of registration.

·         Coaches can pull up your club portal at the meet on your smart phone or tablet.

·         Head coaches can give limited access to the portal so that all of their coaches have access to the roster.

·         Head coaches can save the roster as a pdf report and send to all coaches prior to the meet.

§  In addition Deck Pass is also being pushed out and is becoming more and more vital in how we are doing business. From an active deck pass application athletes, coaches and official’s membership cards will show up and are accepted evidence of a valid membership.  

o   Convention Reports – They will be posted shortly.

§  Safe Sport – Greg York reported that there were several new rules that were passed at USA Swimming regarding Safe Sport. One of the most notable is the one that says it is now against the USA Swimming Code of Conduct for any athlete or club to work with anyone on the USA Swimming banned list. Code of conduct automatically applies to all members. Keep in mind that USA Swimming membership is a privilege not a right. If you discover a family/swimmer is working with one of your swimmers, you can go to that family and let them know they are in violation of the Code of Conduct. Violations can results in one of the following; a slap on the wrist, sanctions against the team/member or removal of team, all violations would go to the National BoR.

§  The only thing we, as PVS, has the power to oversee are PVS sanctioned events and our membership. We have no jurisdiction over the facilities.

§  You can say “this person is banned” it is not slander. It is a fact. However it is not recommended you engage in any further discussion or give any speculation as to why they are banned, etc. The banned list is published for the public to see.  

§  What if the banned individual is coaching summer league? You can inform the family that the coach is on the banned list. But because it is a separate governing body, it would not be a Code of Conduct violations. It is noted that several of the local summer leagues are interested in working with PVS on these matters.

o   Outstanding Athletes – All nominations for the 2012-2013 PVS Outstanding Athletes were distributed, as were ballots. The following swimmers have been awarded 2012-2013 PVS Outstanding Athletes:

§  9 year old boy: Brett Feyerick                     9 year old girl: no nomination

§  10 year old boy: Darius Truong                   10 year old girl: Julie Fan

§  11 year old boy: Anthony Nguyen            11 year old girl: Maddie Donohue

§  12 year old boy: Sanjay Wijeskera            12 year old girl: Sinead Eksteen

§  13 year old boy: Timothy Wu                      13 year old girl: Cassidy Bayer

§  14 year old boy: Sam Pomajevich              14 year old girl: Megan Byrnes

§  15 year old boy: Carsten Vissering            15 year old girl: Katie Ledecky

§  16 year old boy: Andrew Seliskar              16 year old girl: Caroline McTaggart

§  17 year old boy: Paul O’Hara                       17 year old girl: Janet Hu

§  18 year old boy: Jack Conger                       18 year old girl: Catherine Mulquin

§  Open Male: Andrew Gemmell                   Open Female: Kaitlin Pawlowicz

§   Disability – There was one nomination for Disability Athlete of the year; Ben Ertman.  As a body we can accept him because the nomination window is closed.

§   Congrats to all of our Outstanding Athletes!

§  As a note; there was no 9 year old girl and currently there is no PVS policy to add swimmers after the fact.

o   2014 cuts - Senior Champ short course cuts will remain the same, LC cuts will be changed slightly to try to conform to the new rules at GMU. Brad and Bill Marlin will work on getting this out. Manga indicated he would release the 2014 SC JO cuts next week.

§  GMU new rule – When GMU set the schedule they indicted that there was going to be a change in the number of people allowed on deck. Initially this new number was significantly lower than our current number of total people on deck. However GMU has consulted with the Fire Marshal and the numbers of individuals (swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers) allowed on deck is closer to what our numbers are for these meets. So only minimal changes are needed to conform to the rule.

o   As a board, we voted to do away with the Executive Director position, as of Sept 1. There are changes being made to all staff positions and the responsibilities for the board members. The BoD is in the process of reorganizing the duties of the PVS employees.

o   How many teams register they athletes that do not compete in meets in USA Swimming?  Most clubs indicated that they do. This was a question asked to try to more accurately understand our numbers in PVS. Currently we have over 11,000 atheltes registered in PVS, but not necessarily do all these athletes compete and PVS is trying to have a better way of accurately know how many actually compete. Jim Garner, Strategic Planning Chair, indicated that the number of athletes that compete each year is 2/3 to ¾ of our total population.

·         January Meeting. – January 8 (Wednesday)

·         Motion to adjourn.