Draft Minutes until approved at the Winter CCM

Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

Overlee Community Center

October 7, 2014


·        Attendance – Mike Clark-CSC, Rachel Tao-NCAP athlete, Callan Heidkamp-FISH, Natalie Ferdinand Taylor-UMAC, Emily Menard-HACC, Adrien Thom-LMAC, Evan Stiles-AAC, Tim Husson-PVS, Greg York-YORK, Aaron Dean-OCCS, Merari Chollette-ERSC, Tom Ugast-PVS, Erik Collins-SNOW, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Tim Kelly-NCAP, Denise Adams-ASA, Olivia Bartholomew-UMAC athlete, Lynne Gerlach-MSSC, Heather Holmes-NCAP, Manga Dalizu-FAST, Heather Haddock-MAKO, Cherlynn Venit-PAC, Kate Johnson-PAC, Jorge Silva-TIBU, Kent Williams-RMSC

·        Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Mark Faherty, Senior Chair.

·        Approval of Spring Meeting Minutes – Motion to accept the Meeting Minutes from the 2015 Spring CCM, second and approved.

·        Tim Husson reported on a few burning issues.

o   Late Entry for OME – At the conclusion of the entry period of 2015 LC Sr. Champs there were issues with coaches want to submit late entries. Historically, Meet Directors have tried to accommodate many of these requests; however with using OME, it has not been possible. A few years ago, USA Swimming came up with a policy to allow a late entries to be allowed when OME is in use. At the 2015 USA Swimming Convention, a proposal was made to have a late entry period and it passed. Tim would like to propose the same for PVS. The Eastern Zone has also accepted this policy.

§  For USA Swimming /Eastern Zone late entries there is an Admin fee of $150 per team and then double the entry fees.

§  Motion to follow the same as USA Swimming/EZ for the PVS Championship meets (that use OME) for late entries; $150 per team Admin fee and then double the entry fee, seconded, approved.

·        Note, one member feels these fees are very high for the smaller teams and those with Outreach Athletes.

o   Interpretation of Kick on Back rule – The interpretation of the freestyle in the IM. During Worlds Ryan Lochte kicked on his back over 10 meters; many thought he should have been DQ’d. The rule states that at least 1/4 of the length of the pool must be of the stroke, each stroke must be swum and freestyle cannot be the same as any of the other strokes. The definition of backstroke is being on your back, so kicking on their back is considered backstroke. FINA has determined that you cannot kick on your back off the freestyle turn.

§  This interpretation brought up a number of concerns from the coaches as swimmers are taught to push off on their back and roll to their stomach.

·        Convention Reports

o   Athletes – no report submitted

o   Coaches – Heather Purk reported:  US Open cuts will be the same as SC Nationals, all other cuts will remain the same as last year. There will be a 4th site for the futures meet. Possibly for 2017, they are considering rotating where each club/zone goes so the swimmer can vary their experience and competition.  

§  In 2017 all 3 Spring Sectionals and Zone meets will all be the same weekend, March 29-April 2.

§  Futures will go up against the USA Open. Last year it was the same at Jr. Nationals. Swimmers will not be permitted to swim in Futures in an event they have a Junior’s cut in; however they will be able to swim different events.

o   Senior Chair– Mark Faherty reports:  

§  The Eastern Zone wanted the wording relaxed regarding the date requirements for summer Super Sectionals, they want more time between SS and Nationals – the proposal was brought forth to change the wording from “shall” to “should” to give us more flexibility; however it was defeated at the USA S HOD.

§  Currently there is no bid for Super Sectionals, the clubs seemed to like Senior Zone meet and the general feeling was that was the Senior Zone meet will be the meet of choice going forward.

§  2016 Long Course AG Zone will be AUG 3-6, in NY, hosted by Metro.

§  The 2016 Senior Zone meet will be Aug 4-7 –  hosted by Star Swimming in Buffalo

§  The Futures meet was awarded to UMD, August 4-7, 2016

§  Paris’s term as the Non-Coach Director has ended the new Non-Coach Director for the Eastern Zone is Mary Turner from Virginia Swimming. Special Thanks to Paris for her 4 years on the EZ and USA-S Board of Directors.

o   Age Group – Steve Menard reports:

§  Frank Busch discussed the culture of the national team; he talked about “selling” the program to your athletes. Kids are growing up in a negative world and need help with navigating, especially with how to deal with social media and the negativity that tends to come with it.

§  Most coaches were in favor of banning high tech suits for Age Group athletes, this is more for the local meets (LSC meet), not including meets like Junior National, etc. There has not been a vote on this yet, it was more an inquiry.

·        This could be done on the LSC level as well. But the thinking is if USA swimming sets the rule everyone will fall under the same rule.

o   Diversity –

§  In June we hosted the EZ Diversity Summit. All LSC in the zones were represented, with at least 2 athletes per zone and 7 staff members, from all over the EZ. The head coach from was from GA. Additionally Some USA Swimming staff, 15 Diversity chairs from the different LSCs. There were clinics, workouts and talks.

§  In 2017 there will be another EZ Diversity Summit – it will likely be in Niagara.

§  At convention there was a lot of great talks, business meetings. The National Diversity Committee will be looking for a new chair. There were lots of issues and ideas discussed. The big one was how to bring in more Outreach members.

§  One goal is to expand on our policies on Outreach. If they are financially unable to participate in our sport, USA Swimming provides a $5 membership. Each LSC can determine what the eligibility is. In PVS we use the free and reduced lunch criteria. But they have to show documentation. This information can be passed on to Sumie and she will mark them as Outreach. For those athletes if they enter PVS meets their entry fees are reimbursed. Email Merari for more information.

o   Officials – See report by Tim Husson above.

o   Safe Sport – Greg York reported:

§  Athletes brought forth a new proposal regarding the suit straps on the female suits. It is now considered to be deck changing if female athletes take their suit straps off while on the deck, even if under a shirt. They must go to the locker room to pull their straps down. As coaches, you need to be aware and remind the kids that this is a deck change. It is a Code of Conduct violation, they can be removed from the meet and it can go to the Board of Review.

§  There were 3 pieces of Legislation brought to the USA S HOD:

·        Bullying is no longer under Safe Sport, it is going back to the club level. It has been found that most issues do need to go to National, they are usually something that the clubs themselves can handle.

·        Gender neutral suits – if they are appropriate they can be worn

·        Voting member for Safe Sport of the LSC Boards has been approved. PVS already does this.  Note that it is anticipated that in the near future there will be a requirement to have a Safe Sport contact on your club. While there is not currently a policy on this, it would be a good idea to have someone on your club that athletes, families and coaches feel safe going to to report any safe sport issues.

·        Safe Sport club criteria: a new program is coming from USA Swimming. Once you club fulfills the requirement, your club will receive a “logo” to put on your website, banner, etc.

·        A fellowship in Safe Sport, they will take 4 athletes as an internship to go out to discuss Safe Sport throughout the country. More information will be sent out.  

·        LCBTQ – great talk, is was mostly the perspective of how the athletes feels. What they didn’t discuss the ramifications. For the transgender athletes, they cannot forced to use a locker room they do not want to go to. Their gender is based upon what they put in SWIMS. Just be aware that we cannot force anyone to use a locker room/bathroom that they do not want to use. In the facility and as a club owner, you need to know what your feelings are and how you are going to deal with it.

·        50% of the discretions in Safe Sport come from texts, emails, etc.

o   It is recommended that as a coach you only send mass emails/texts and copy the parents on all communication. It is too easy for simply messages to be misunderstood. Remind all your coaches about these issues.  

o   All these policies are on the USA Swimming website, read them and feel free to copy them and make them your club’s policies.

·        2014 Outstanding Athlete Voting – The new Outstanding Athlete nomination process and form was a little more difficult to manage than anticipated. Copies of the nominations were made and distributed to the teams in attendance. Additional copies can be emailed out. A ballot will be sent out in about a week and due back October 31.

o   Kent Williams and Terri Marlin will work on updating and simplifying the form for the future.

·        Long Course Senior/Junior Champs – RMSC ran a great meet. Any questions/comment?

o   Many coaches and swimmers do not under the scratch box. There were a number of NS and DFS. We need to continue to educate our coaches on this rule.

o   Some concern that because this is not a destination end of season meet, and there are so many that don’t show and there are empty lanes. A subcommittee will be set up with Tim Kelly and Mark Faherty to discuss this.

o   Tim Husson did suggest making it a morning deadline. This issue will be tabled until January.

·        Long Course Age Group Champs – Any thoughts, concerns?

o   Biggest issues was the timeline. Long 11 & Over and short 10 & U sessions.

o   Steve will have a proposal in January for changes to this meet format and cuts.

·        Travel Reimbursement; set requirements for 2016 –

o   Mark Faherty, Senior Chair recommend that we continue with the same policy as 2015.; Winter and Summer Junior to receive $250, with 4 swim in PVS meets after April 1. Winter/Summer Seniors to receive $450 with 4 swims in PVS meets after April 1, US Open, $250,  4 swims and Olympic Trials at $800 per swimmer and 6 swims in PVS sanctioned meets, in at least 2 from September 1 through the deadline, any Time Trails would count.

o   Motion to approve the travel reimbursement requirements, as proposed and amended, seconded and approved. Juniors & US Open to increase to $350, Senior Nationals at $550 and Olympic Trials at $1000 all with the same swims per year requirement.

§  This is the 3rd year with the same amount, can we discuss increasing the amount to $1000, then add $100 to each (amendment), seconded and approved.

§  There is a budget and we need to keep it in mind

§  If this body agrees and suggests an increase, the Board will consider entertaining this amount

·        2016 SC Zone Head Coach & Assistant Head Coach Elections –

o   Motion to accept Chris Schlegal, as head coach for 2015 SC Zones by acclimation, seconded and approved.

o   Heather Purk and John Aldonas are both interested in being Assistant Head Coaching. Voting took place. There was a tie. It was recommended to make them Co-Assistant Head Coaches.

o   Motion to accept John and Heather as co-assistant head coaches, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to destroy the ballots, seconded and approved.

·        Short Course Junior & Senior Champs format discussion

o   At the conclusion of the 2015 SC Championships, GMU indicated that they will no longer allow PVS to run our meet in the traditional format; Junior and Senior champs prelims together. In the spring it was voted by this body to run Senior Champs in dual course in the morning, junior Champs in dual course mid-day and combined Finals.

§  Manga and Mark worked together to put together timelines of what they predict the meets to be separated out and run in dual course. The sessions times will be short, under 2 hours and in some cases close to an hour.

o   After discussing with other senior coaches, most feel that Senior Champs should be the priority and have the best time/focus. See report from Mark.

§  There was a discussion as to the benefits and drawbacks to the shorter sessions, if both meet prelim sessions are swum in dual course.

§  Many felt if they were dual course, then breaks would be needed to be built in the timelines to allow for additional rest for the athletes.

§  Motion to split both meets into dual course, with set breaks in order to meet a 2:30 session time. With Senior Champ prelim starting at 8:30 am start. Remove time trails from morning and start finals at 5:30, followed by Time Trials, seconded and approved.

·        There were some concerns about moving Time Trial to after finals.  

·        Old Business – no old business

·        New Business

o   Set the 2016-2017 PVS meet schedule –

§  Motion to approve the 16-17 PVS schedule as proposed and amended, seconded and approved.

§  Amendment to move the 2017 LC AG Champs to 20-23, LC JR/SR Champs to July 27-30, seconded and defeated (2 voted)

§  Amendment to move the 2017 LC AG Champs to July 20-23 and LC JR/SR Champs to 13-16, seconded and approved.

·        There was a lot of discussion as to the order of the meets, all the advantages and disadvantages.

o   Motion to move the 2016 LC Age Group Champs from where it currently is to July 21-24, seconded and approved.

·        January Meeting Date – recommend, Wednesday, January 6. Location TBD

·        Special note: UMD will be close all of the summer 2017 (May-August), keep this in mind and think about options for that summer

·        Adjourn motion, approved.